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July 20, 2018



Here is more info regarding treason in US!


It seems Trump lives under the illusion that if the President does it, it cannot be a crime. And it it is, he can pardon himself.



Trump lives in a alternative reality which he tries to impose on everybody else.
Facts do not matter to Trump and his supporters.


About how to play Trump:

And here are some counter opinions:

Trump kicking Russia where it really hurts: Oil and gas


I was looking for this one:

"Trump’s critics see him as a thug who will damage the country and the world through aggression. That could happen. But he’s far more likely to usher in bad things by being a lapdog when we need a watchdog. "

And how Putin will use it:


I hope you're right


It seems the idea of Trump being broke is gaining traction:

A man who depends on you for his financial lifeblood is a man more willing to give in around governmental and policy areas.

Now that Robert Mueller has, according to some reports, acquired access to Trump’s business records, all this may be coming out, which may explain why Trump seems so obsessed with, and frightened by, Mueller’s and the FBI’s “witch hunt.”

If Mueller exposes financial fragility on Trump’s part, it may tip the first domino that then causes the entire Trump empire to collapse.

It’d be interesting to see if the Chinese, for example, would then claw back the billion dollars they just pledged to Trump’s Indonesian property, or his daughter’s hundred-million-dollar Chinese trademarks, which coincidentally preceded by days Trump’s decision to let ZTE resume selling spy-able phones to U.S. citizens.



I’ve heard a lot of folks speculate about Trump’s mental capacity and language skills. So far on that front what we have is conjecture. It is quite possible he is declining cognitively, he is getting old, and that is one of the problems us older folks face. But we don’t know for certain.

It is the same with claims he is a sociopathic narcissist. I know a fair bit about sociopathy from the inside — I test out as borderline myself. Trump doesn’t act like a sociopath from my knowledge. He could quite easily be a narcissist, but there is a simpler explanation.

Donald Trump’s family were members of the church pastored by Norman Vincent Peale who wrote The Power of Positive Thinking, I read the book a long time ago, and it was all about wishful thinking. Trump appears to engage in wishful thinking all of the time, so he may have internalized Peale’s teachings. If he did, he would appear to be a narcissist because Peale’s system seems to teach narcissism.

None of that really matters. Mueller has a lot of evidence that hasn’t been made public yet, and since neither Trump, nor any of his people are trained spies with gear to help them avoid leaving paper and electronic tracks, just about everything they’ve done will be in Mueller’s possession.


DailyKos has joined the chorus



At this point it isn’t the chorus, it’s the full orchestra.


FIGJAM old pal! Where have you been?

Now I’m going to get nasty. What facts did Tomi mistate or lie about? Come on, you can say it.

I’ll even ask Tomi to be nice to you. He knows that I’m using my real Twitter account to post, he knows mine and my wife’s email addresses, he knows my Facebook address, and if he wants he can get my mobile number in seconds.

So he knows there is a real person on this account. We aren’t so sure about your account...


Sorry - I forgot to mention - the world is full of useful idiots - are you listening Tomi.


"(communist ex CIA chief) "

When an American uses the word "communist" we know he is clueless and does not know what he is talking about.


Have you already been able to move to Belarus? You were writing about it earlier.

I found this story about moving to Belarus (for Russians) that paint a rather bleak picture of moving there:

But if you can get yourself a good job, or have money yourself, it must be quite a cheap place to live.



ROFLMAO. You called it. When an American calls someone a Communist they are totally nutzoid.

Had one call Justin Trudeau a Communist. Damned near fell out of my chair laughing. Proved he was a Special Snowflake that very second.


I think problem bigger than money.
For money, say bankrupt, its over.
No need to betray country.
And you not go jail

I think Trump kill a human
Got recorded by Russian mob
He cant surrender.
If he stop/quit.
The video will be released.

Chris Vail

You know that Pence was chosen by Manafort, right? So first we may see Pence resign due to revelations during Manafort's trials.



Heh. I have a lot of accounts. My dogs, my Siamese cat, my Cthulhu Mythos satire account...

Yeah. But the only one that serious stuff gets posted by is this one. The dog and cat accounts are for pet pictures, and my Cthulhu satire account mostly exists to make war on the Daleks on Twitter.

Yes, I get banned. Mostly for calling Conservatives what they are — Special Snowflakes. They can give it out, but the dumb fucks can’t take it.

I’ve always wanted to tour Eastern Europe. A Polish guy I know went through Belarus about ten years back. Looks like a nice place.


Alright! Tomi is alive!


I wonder why they do not investigate the tens of millions of dollars that Russia has thrown to Republicans through the NRA? All this should bring the NRA down and get some good old jail time for those NRA leaders.

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