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July 20, 2018



wooden nickle

Setan Yahoooo

Tomi, I wonder how much jerusalem pay trump?

Setan Yahoooo

Need to add....

Briliant essay by Tomi. Agree Russia story, wonder if Israel pay Trump?

Tomi T Ahonen

Thanks Dave, I'll correct it... :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Setan

Israel is a really weird one. Netanyahu pulled a surprise victory at the last moment in his re-election. He always had a hard time with Obama. Trump has gone out of his way to show he is Israel's best friend. And then the US Embassy to Jerusalem. I do think that is mostly just Trump's personal geo-political position (one of few that he has formed) and obviously he pretty much torpedoed any chance of a lasting peace for the long conflict, during Trump's term. I don't think Israel kind of 'needs' to bribe Trump for what he's been doing. Trump was talking this type of stuff right from the start of his campaign.

Now this Syria deal with Putin? That is also weird. I do think Putin is in a hurry to get out of Syria so Putin is willing to do some concessions maybe into Israel's direction (of course Assad is Putin's puppet so Assad does not need to be consulted). But lets see what they brew up about that

Tomi Ahonen :-)

steve epstein

Only one error of fact.
Putin was only a colonel for metro area in East Germany.
Wikipedia has him in Dresden.

Because the Electoral College results were accepted in Congress, the 'stolen' election will stand most likely, even if there is a SC case.
so no DT no Pence, it goes to whoever the Speaker is at that time, then Senate Pro Temp, whoever that is at the time, then down the cabinet. Sec State is next. So Pompeo.

Setan Yahoooo

Toi, Blaxk mail by jews on media?

Setan Yahoooo

Trump blackmailed by jews owned media?

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Steve

Thanks. I'll go correct that

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Tomi, glad you are back, even if it is for just this post.

A typo:
"Expect the end of Trump to come early in 2017"


Michelle Goldberg agrees with you -


I do not think it will play out like you describe.

Moer likely, Trump will be declared insane, Alzheimer or something like that. His illness was demonstrated in Helsinki. Putin did not blackmail Trump, that would be suicidal. It is much easier. Trump is mentally ill, he can be easily manipulated. As you have written yourself, Trump will parrot whom he spoke last. So, after the summit, he parroted Putin. Back home he made a u-turn again saying what he was told then.

Trump is mentally ill, no doubt, but that is irrelevant. He will be declared mentally ill if that is seen as the best way to proceed. His underlings will be accused of having concocted this treason, and they might, or might not, be convicted. Manafort is toast, as are some of the other vermin around Trump. They do not have many friends left anyway. But Trump was legally voted in and has a huge supporter base. Locking up Trump would do more damage to the US political system than Putin could have ever hoped in his wildest acid trip. Self destruction is not a viable road to justice.

So, Trump will at best be proclaimed mentally unfit, and even that would have horrible effects on the political landscape. But that would bring in Pence as president. There are reasons to believe that might be much worse than having Trump. Maybe, just maybe, this might be the crisis that gets the GOP grow up and get its act together. Or, maybe, this wil in the end be the crisis that will break up the GOP.

There are problems with your theory. Mostly, no one expected Trump to win. So any conspiracy theory that starts from that premisses is debunked from the start. I believe I once posted a link about Russian diplomats panicking about the fact that Trump won.

If you are right, and I rather wait for the evidence, the real Putin conspiracy was to derail the election and delegitimize Hilary as a president. Just as the Russians have tried to do in many other countries. That they were caught up in a perfect storm, where decades of political civil war exploded in a populist revolt is just an accident. If you keep all the economic growth for the top percentiles for decades, leaving the bottom half work more hours for less money, at some point a revolt will start. Had it not happend in 2016, it would have happened in 2020 or 2024. That is, of course 20/20 hindsight. But it happened in the UK with Brexit, in Poland with a Catholic coup d'etat, and in Hungary with Orban a few years ago. It might still happen in Austria and Italy.

Do you know what could solve this crisis in one stroke? A fraction of the GOP could break off and switch to the Democrats. A functioning Senate and House could reign in Trump and make an end to this charade.


You place so many exclusions - areas not to be commented on - that a open and honest debate is not possible on this site.


"As she can rather easily fulfill all her campaign promises she will also have the easiest re-election anyone had since Reagan. That election 2020 will see her approaching Reagan re-election numbers and might see her winning 49 states like Nixon and Reagan did in their re-elections."


You might research the U.S. definition of treason. Otherwise not a bad piece.


I knew that Trump was either a Russian asset or a dupe when he fired Comey, and said on TV that it was to “get rid of this Russia thing”.

Trump’s preacher when he was a kid was Norman Vincent Peale, author of “The Power of Positive Thinking” a book that is all about how if you wish for things to be true and act like they are true, they will be true. That’s consistent with Trump’s actions that I’ve heard of since before he became 45.

When Trump is ousted, Pence will be too. Pence is damaged goods now. So is Ryan, who is also up to his ears in NRA money. That leaves Orrin Hatch, the Senate Pro Tem who appears to be a patriot. At least if it happens before the election. There are rumours that Hatch has been getting Presidential level Intel briefings for the last year.

I can’t see Mueller waiting till after the mid-terms. While the Justice Department can’t meddle in politics, they can and do act on criminal cases, which this is,


Now, as to the comments

Nickle is the correct spelling in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and New Zealand. Americans can’t handle complex spelling so they changed it. Damned rebels.

Trump isn’t insane by medical standards. That doesn’t mean he isn’t delusional, many of us are.

Hillary won’t run again. She knows how grueling being president is, and she’s now four years older.

Good to see you MAGA! Glad to see proof of my point about most of us being delusional appeared in a comment.

One last thought — while Trump is president and the executive authority in the USA, the other Five Eyes partners know exactly what is going on (they share sigint). Two of the others are NATO members which means several of the NATO allies are in the loop. Some of the intel on Putin’s actions is known to have come from France and Germany, and others may have also helped, which means portions of the EU are also informed.

So when news that Queen Elizabeth may have trolled Trump hit Twitter I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair.

Tomi T Ahonen

Great comments everybody

Winter, good stuff! Wayne, you too!

(am super-busy on a hot Twitter, will return later here, keep the discussion going)

Tomi Ahonen :-)


"Trump isn’t insane by medical standards."

Debatable. He a narcissist, which is in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM):

More worrying, his linguistic capabilities have deteriorated considerably over time, indicating an also deteriorating cognitive functioning:


Wecome back Tomi!

I agree with your post except the treason part. As far as I know one can be charged with treason in US only and only if he or she helps a country that is having officialy a war with US. Unfortunately US is not officially at war with Russia. But I am sure that there plenty of other chsrges to be brought against Trump for helping Russia.

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