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May 23, 2018



”Fortnite requitements and supported phones are listed.”

Fortnite: Battle Royale on iOS works with iPhone 6S that was introduced September 9,2015 thanks to the Apple A9 SOC and Metal 2. Let that sink in. Epic Games has hundreds of millions of iPhones ready for their games since 2015. That is 4 years and nearly a billion iPhones sold. Now start quessing will Epic make more money out of Android or iPhones? And if you like games. Should you buy a Android device or buy an iPhone that has the power to run these games?

Per "wertigon" Ekström


So... Your point being, Fortnite should better run on the shittiest of the shittiest $200 mobile device released in 2015?

Fortnite devs seems to have released on iOS first because that's like what... 8 models currently supported? A much easier target to hit than Androids thousands of phones.

Meanwhile Android is in beta because it's a much harder target to reach. Not surprising, no. Then again, Fortnite doesn't quite lend itself well for touch play IMO, but who am I to argue...


No, you must be mistaken. I’ve read it here myself that Android fragmentation is not an issue since a smart programmer can easily design the SW so that it scales well on all of the devices.



Yes, a good programmer can easily design the software to scale well. A good programmer can even make it so that they use mostly the same code for both versions. Game logic does not need to be platform dependent.
What may cost time is the testing. And with so many devices out there, that will take longer.

But we are long past the time when you couldn't take essential features for granted in Android devices.
I think the main issue is that it is bad practice to run two versions of a program through QA at once because it may spread the QA resources too thin. Better do one first and get that done, and once that part is finished, do the second version.


So hitting the Android target must be very expensive because you have to do the work at least twice to cover those thousands of models and crappy 200 dollar Amdroid phones are useless. Oh I forgot. Android programmers work twice as hard and you have to pay only half of the wage.

BTW you can get used iPhone 6S for 200 dollars with one years warranty.

Per "wertigon" Ekström

And btw... Why are we discussing Fortnite?

Games are a stronghold of Apple, since their model fits the app store very very well. Of course they will have iOS first strategy.

How many Utility apps go iOS first today though? That's a MUCH more interesting question.


Utility apps? All of them.


BTW Per, 2015 you and tester said that iPhone is too expensive and it is better to buy a crappy 200 dollar Android phone than expensive 600 dollar iPhone that is still very usable today. I have one and I test the iOS 12 beta with it and it works like charm.


“Games are a stronghold of Apple”

That is the first time I’ve heard that one =D

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Utility apps... Doesn't do iOS first, except in the markets where iOS has a truly significant share. Take India, where iOS has a mere 2% of the market - if that, even. Are the Indian app developers making most money on iOS or Android in India?

And with games, I of course mean "gamer" titles like Fortnite, not casual titles like Farm Heroes Saga which, more often than not, choose to go Android first these days. As do Utility apps.

And no, I never said a $200 phone would be as good or better than a $600 phone. What I did say that increasingly, a $400 phone covers all the basic needs of the average smartphone user (like mine), and as time goes on, the iPhone will find it increasingly difficult to motivate plowing down $600 for a 3 year old smartphone that might get the axe in the next update.



Define what you mean with utility apps.

And yes. Time after time uncle Fester and you tell me and others that any Android phone is better than iPhone. Starting from India 50€. Android is so open and so cheap that Apple can’t keep up. And not iOS has 1,3 Billion devises in use. Double digit growth.


And Bigs will fly before YOU understand what the Total Cost of Ownership really means.


🤪 Damn the Outi correcto


🐷 flying around like The Witch The Trump.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


No, what we are trying to tell you is that... The Android ecosystem won, and from now on the effects of that will increasingly put the pressure on Apple.

Apple is like a person chain-smoking cigarettes. Will Apple end up with terminal lung cancer, given current behaviour? Maybe. A big probability that yes, they will.

Is this guaranteed? No.

Does Apples behaviour mean cigarettes does not cause lung cancer, since Apple does not get lung cancer? No,that is faulty logic.

Jim Glu

Wait wait wait. Android win the unit market share battle, it was uncontested by Apple seeing as Apple doesn’t serve the price points where the vast majority of Android sales occur.

But “the ecosystem”? Apple has won that by a landslide. More third party products are available for Apple phones. More money is made by developers on iPhones. More business, sales etc. is transacted on iPhones. More music is sold and listened to on iPhones. iPhone has spawned a far more successful set of complimentary products: iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods. iPhones have lifted the sales of Macs. There is nothing like the seamless integration of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

There has been zero pressure by “the Android ecosystem” on iOS. iOS is STILL where global companies release their mobile software first.

And rather than closing the gap...iOS is extending its lead.

But yes...Android is king of the world’s poorest smartphone owners.


“Apple offers quite a few drawbacks compared to Windows”

Only nobody’s uses Windows anymore. macOS is UNIX and there is nothing you can’t do with it.


No, what we are trying to tell you is that... The Android ecosystem won“

No it did not. Just for you information Apples ecosystem is winning double digits all the time every quarter and in millions and billions. Android has crashed and burned. Enjoy this moment of market share because it is soon gone. You can actually mark this day in to your calendar that this guy in the internet said so.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Who uses Windows today? Pretty much everyone. To think anything else is living in denial.

And no, the Android ecosystem already trumps the iOS ecosystem in both reach and total App revenue, according to the latest App Annie numbers.

Or are you saying App Annie doesn't count anymore?

Jim Glu

You will have to provide a link, Per. Not that I haven't been expecting Android to eventually pass by iOS...with 5 times the install base, they should have long long ago.

Even so...the revenue difference isn't dwarfing iOS the way unit count does. And App Annie doesn't count non-app store all the corporate revenue where the app is free but clients pay another way. iOS completely dominates Android in the corporate space.

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