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December 28, 2017


Jim Glue

I wonder how his trip to the Google Pixel Store, or the Samsung store went



If you go to the source, you know i left out the unimportant part.

Interest in new iPhones nears historic lows in new Cowen survey

Touted as the “future of the smartphone,” Apple’s iPhone X doesn’t appear to be sparking the kind of interest among consumers that the company’s products once did. A new survey by Wall Street research firm Cowen found that the number of current U.S. iPhone owners planning to buy a new iPhone “was near the lowest levels since conducting our survey.”

“iPhone appeal moderating across the industry,” the firm wrote in a new report. “When asked ‘what kind of cell phone do you think you will get with your next upgrade/purchase,’ the percent of postpaid respondents at AT&T, Sprint and Verizon selecting iPhone moderated vs. last quarter while at the same time just 80.5% of postpaid respondents who already have an iPhone indicated they will get one with their next upgrade/purchase, which was near the lowest levels since conducting our survey and was down from 87.6% last quarter.”

Cowen has been conducting quarterly consumer surveys since 2013. The firm recently completed its latest quarterly survey ahead of the fourth-quarter earnings season, asking roughly 1,100 respondents about their wireless service and phone preferences. The results, according to the firm, paint a clearly concerning picture for smartphone vendor Apple.

Jim Glue

I'll put this right up there with "teens no longer think iPhones are cool"...that was going around....back in the iPhone 4 days.

Does it surprise anyone that the Lincoln Navigator doesn't sell as many units as a Ford Bronco? It's a lot more expensive.

The iPhone X is a new top price tier and is not designed to be Apple's unit leader. In fact, Apple made further strides in having more models, now 8, for sale.

iPhone customers that aren't upgrading to the X...aren't switching to Android. They are buying a different, cheaper iPhone model.

I expect the mix of iPhone X's to get smaller as the year goes by. Those that are most likely willing and able to pay $1000 to $1150 for an iPhone are the early adopters. Once the initial rush is over (probably through the Chinese New Year gift giving season", the mix of the iPhone X will subside.

The iPhone 6s/6s+ pair are seeing decent sales now that Apple has extended the line further down. And this is from results in the US...I imagine we will see a greater mix of the 3 bottom tiers (6s, 6s+, SE) in the rest of the world.

Should be interesting if Apple comes out with the SE 2 and if they keep the SE but at an even lower price point.


“Analyst predicts Apple will retire iPhone X in summer of 2018”
Apparently the hump was not liked.

Abdul Muis


But I heard the hump can be switch offed by settings. And the 2018 will introduced more phone with hump.

Jim Glue

I believe you mean "notch" and no, it cannot be turned off with a setting. There is no screen in the notch area as that's where the front facing camera, faceId camera, speaker and flash reside.

If the iPhone X isn't kept in the lineup, it would not be the first iPhone to only have a year run.

From rumors (including Ming Kuo who's rumor we are talking about), there will be three models in 2018 as well. Maybe they are all nochless? Maybe they are all with a notch but are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11+ and iPhone 11c (the cheaper, non OLED version).

There are differing reports out of China on how well the iPhone X is selling.
I'm sure Apple will give some kind of color (but not individual model unit sales) on their call coming up.

I'm holding pat with my 83M prediction for unit sales. The interesting number will be the ASP. Which is selling more, the iPhone X, or the extended number of cheaper models (6s,6s+ and lower priced SE)

Jim Glue

The HomePod is upon us. I wanted it for father's day last year. Then I thought it was going to be a Christmas present. Now it will be my birthday present.

It's all about the sound. I am expecting a huge upgrade in my personal music listening quality. My best speaker at the moment is a Harmon Kardon Onyx 2, that I spent $250 for a couple years ago. I really enjoy the sound and it's also a beautiful device. If the Homepod isn't a significant upgrade in sound, I'm likely to return it.

Jim Glue

Hit return by accident.

The Homepod is also an "smart speaker" based on Siri instead of Alexa or Google Assistant. I'm hoping to enjoy the integration with Apple Music and Siri. I have no "smart home" lights or thermostats and have no plans to get any. Well, if the speaker is really great, maybe I'll by some smart lightbulbs for the bedroom. For me, the "smart home" aspect isn't what I'm buying this for. It's a nice extra.

The HomePod is a very Apple kind of device. Of course it plays in the market along with Amazon's and Google Home devices. Of course it's WAY more expensive and "totally unsuitable" for many of the uses those others are put too. I can see myself with a set Amazon Dots or Google Home Mini's throughout my house. I doubt I'll even buy a second HomePod due to the price.

Ergo, Apple will not sell anything like the number of units of the competitors who have options that start at $29 (on sale, $49 normally).

Apple will sell millions of HomePods...far more than Google will sell of "Google Max" and far more than Sonos will sell it's Alexa enabled speakers. And Apple will have a handsomely profitable business. End of pt 2

Per "wertigon" Ekström


We have that data already:

I say your numbers are plausible but at the upper end of the spectrum, I'd personally expect a slight bump from last Q4 e.g. around 78M or so. That spells a real conundrum for Apple if this is indeed the case, because the valleys are getting deeper for them percentage-wise...

Will 2018 be the year the shiny armor will finally start to crack?

Per "wertigon" Ekström

Sorry, I meant to say 80M, I misremembered last years numbers to 76M not 78M.


To Jim Glue

"Apple shipped 29 million iPhone Xs in Q4 2017. This made it the world’s best-shipping smartphone model over the holiday season."

My take: In the two months that the X was on sale it probably sold more than all Huawei phones.

PS. Your 83 million figure for Q4 iPhones would mean 221.5M for the year. Taking into account the 53 vs 52 week year, that is nearly 5% growth. There is a 'danger' that iPhone might NOT lose smartphone market share in 2017.

Jim Glue

Pt 3 on the Homepod.

The three contenders (sorry Cortana) for home assistant are Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Amazon productized Alexa with the Echo and is off to a great start. However, the whole purpose of an Echo is to drive Amazon purchases. Amazon is not a global service.

Google got serious this year with their Home, Home Mini and Home Max products...particularly the mini. I think it's only a matter of time before Google takes the market from Amazon. Globally for sure. Google's desire is to sell targeted advertising. The jury is still out on just how Google is going to make money with Google Home. Maybe they team up with Walmart. Google also has Android handsets and I believe that the device in your pocket will eventually be preferred over scattering devices around your home. Google is well suited here. I think the market is so early that I wouldn't put too much stock in Amazon's early lead and many many partners.

I don't think the Homepod by itself will make any dent in the home automation market. Apple has the security side as it's strong suit. Apple doesn't need to sell your information to advertisers nor sell you products from Amazon. For Apple, the tie in to Apple Music and the iPhone are enough. Apple put out HomeKit years ago but was hobbled in adoption by requiring an Apple designed chip. That hurdle has been removed. I think the iPhone and Apple Watch will be more than enough for Apple to compete for Home automation and will own the high end on the strength of being the most secure.

For Amazon and Google, the value in making home assistant devices is in the advertising and sales transaction volumes. They have already placed the low end so low that there's nothing to be made selling the devices themselves. Cheap prices and excellent AI - I think these two will continue to own the mass market. Don't know how much of an ongoing market it will be. Not sure this isn't mostly a fad.

Apple, as always, has approached this market with a device they can sell at a profit. They picked music as their differentiator. There is already a high end speaker industry and Apple is about to blow up the size of that market and own it. Google and Amazon have nothing to fear from the HomePod...but Bose and Sonos do.

For Apple, the Homepod is a money making device that makes it's ecosystem that much more sticky. It's an extension of their Apple Music business.

The Homepod will add to Apple's home automation offerings, but I believe the iPhone itself is the main end point for that.

There is a good chance that all three will do well (sorry Cortana) for their own business needs. The race, if any, is if Google can overtake Amazon's head start. We can already declare the HomePod the loser in the same way "we" always do. Losing all the way to the bank.


@Jim G

We talking phone here, why you keep talking homepod? No one here caring siri vs cortana vs alexa.


Huawei sells much phone. iPhone 1 type can't beat all huawei


Hump no problem. Problem is android too good now.

Abdul Muis

There has been a change in leadership in the smartphone market in India – Xiaomi is now on top with a 27% share. This means it toppled Samsung, which shipped 25% of smartphones in India during the final quarter of 2017.

In concrete numbers, Xiaomi shipped 8.2 million units while Samsung managed 7.3 million. That represents a solid 17% year on year growth for Samsung, but it wasn’t enough (the market in general grew 6%).

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

Taiwan stats Q4. Yes, not exactly largest Asian market (20M) people but as far as I have seen, the first market to give a market share count for Nokia HMD smartphones for Q4 domestically. Nokia HMD ranked 7th and market share 3.2%. This is a very good sign and congrats Nokia HMD. Article link:

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen


I just posted the Taiwan item onto blog as a new article entry. You guys may want to move the smartphone ongoing discussion now up to that topic... cheers :-)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

To all in this thread

Counterpoint has given a Q4 number globally for Nokia HMD smartphones at 4.15M units and 1.0% market share globally. I have posted a new blog article about that.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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