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December 28, 2017


Abdul Muis

Nokia 1 will bring entry-level specs and a price to match. The device is slated to have 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. Luckily, it will also have a microSD card slot for expandable storage. The display is rumored to have a 720p resolution, but we’ve yet to get info on how big it is. When it launches, the Nokia 1 should come in somewhere between €70-€80, which translate to $83-$95.



Very good.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Abdul

Thanks! Yeah, I expect the Nokia 1 will be priced to hit almost exactly $99 (but hoping it will be lower like you were thinking).

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Jim Glue

OK....I am convinced. "Nokia" is rising from the ashes as a quality brand offering good quality at decent prices. They are also delivering on their promise to keep their phones running the latest Android. They are on a growth trajectory that I predict will accelerate.

I remain unconvinced, but hopeful, that they can return to being competitive at the high end. I do not think their first effort was successful.

So...who are Nokia taking sales away from? This will be the story I am most interested in following. I think it will be those that do not have the strong brand. Some from Samsung, but I think Samsung's brand is fairly strong in it's own right. I think Nokia will take most of it's sales away from Huwaie, Xiaomi and the other Chinese as they try to extend their reach outside of China. If HMD/Nokia grows fast enough, they might even help preserve Apple as the number 2 player.

John A

Saw some rumors that we might see a 4G version of Nokia 3310 soon. Still a featurephone but with slightly more functions etc..I think HMD Global (the new Nokia)take sales a lot from LG, HTC and Sony. Some from Samsung also, but they are so big so it would not matter so much for Samsung in the short perspective. Sony make a lot of camera sensors to other brands so I think they keep their mobile division alive for that reason.

But I would not be suprised if LG or HTC will pulling out from the mobile market. 2018 will be a interesting year in the smartphone war.

Abdul Muis


I was wondering how serious is Apple trouble is... Maybe you would shed some words about EU law.
Apple execs could face jail in France for slowing down older iPhones

"As for potential penalties, the law in France holds that the punishment for planned obsolescence is a fine of 300,000 euros, 5% of annual sales, and a maximum prison sentence of two years in prison."

Good statistic

Phonearena visitor 72% Android - 28% iPhone
8.5% (of 72%) android user want to buy iPhone
10% (of 28%) iPhone user want to buy Android

iPhone lost user 1.5% (of 100% smartphone owner)

Phil W

Abdul, I do think that Apple could have avoided the furore if it had told people what it was doing and why and provided a software switch giving an option to disable the feature if desired. But I guess that is not Apple's way.

Abdul Muis


Huawei is currently the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer and it aims to gain the number one spot by 2021. In 2016, Huawei had shipped 139 million phones. According to Hu, by shipping 153 million units of Huawei and Honor branded phone this year, the company’s market share has surpassed 10 percent.

Abdul Muis

Phill W,

iUser don't like to think and want Apple to decide for them..... according to Apple. I really wondering if Tim Cook will serve a jail time in France..... that would be.... Epic.

Abdul Muis


That's mean 30% of iPhone user want to change to android...
And only 12% of Android user want to change to iPhone...

Per "wertigon" Ekström


If those numbers are true, that is indeed another cloud on Apples horizon.

However, it seems to just be an online poll, and as such, not to be taken seriously. As with all online polls.

It would be interesting to see these kind of statistics from a carrier store or something like that, but as always... Be careful with your statistics.


I have to agree with PWE: That poll is to be taken with a grain of salt.

It still warrants the question whether Apple's antics to ensure customer retention are continuing to work or slowly start driving away customers.
The one thing I can say for certain is that the non-Apple users I know are driven further away by all that is happening. Apple is simply doing nothing to grow their customer base in a significant manner.

Abdul Muis

I think the number is good enough.

According to that poll, apple lost 1.5% (in percentage). If you put some error, let say 1% error. Still make sense.

What surprise me is the swing number.
Eventhough the same number of android user defect to apple as apple user defect to android the percentage of non-loyal apple seems higher because apple have less user. This not inline with Jim idea that apple have the highest loyal user.



As a phone geek, you expect everyone else to act like a phone geek. Sorry, they don’t. That site caters to phone geeks, which skews the results badly. Instead let’s look at a different set of numbers.

World’s most admired companies as polled by Fortune

Forbes has Apple at 20th place

Barron’s has Apple in 2nd

Even better Barron’s has a list of Apple’s rankings from other groups back to 2006!

Most Apple AND Android users don’t give a damn what us phone geeks think. They want something that will solve their need (communications hardware) in a useful, and fun way.

So that particular poll is useless, as evidenced by lots of real world polls.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


I'm with Wayne here, Apple has a fiercely loyal customer base that would defend even the iTurd for several generations before finally throwing in the towel. It's almost like a religion at this point. Even Tomi agrees the loyalty base is a thing.

So yes, Apple is a plane out of fuel, but not out of altitude and it can very well still make a nice glide landing. The descent will be slow, it will have ups and downs, but just like a rollercoaster - Peak Apple is a thing, too.

John A

I agree that iPhone users are very loyal. But the recent ”battery gate” had a very negative PR aspect for the company.

From a technical side it seems that we might see fingerprintsensors under glass with some brands in 2018. And Apple have decided that we will use face-ID insted, even if some people dont like that as the only solution. Apple are probably to stubborn to add a fingerprint sensor in the back.

So that decision might switch buyers in a upgrade process go for a Samsung Galaxy S9 instead for the iPhone X. Or the Nokia 9 upcoming flagship in 2018.

Abdul Muis


Sorry for the 'surprising math'.

Let me explain.
Let say apple now have 600 million user, and android 2 billion user.

If apple got 100 million user from android
And android got 80 million user from apple.
Apple win 20 million new user.

But we could say 80 out of 600 (13%) of apple user defect to android while ONLY 100 out of 2000 (5%) android user defect to apple.

I know this is a bad way to read stats.
But it could means that current survey that think apple user more loyal perhaps need a rethink



You are missing the point. The survey you quoted is incredibly flawed, and cannot be relied on as a guide to what the average smart phone user will do.

Remember we are talking the AVERAGE user. We aren’t average. We know about phone the strengths and weaknesses of the various manufacturers. Joe and Jane Average don’t have a clue, and don’t think like we do.


To Abdul,

Even if you realise that this switcher survey is less than useless you are still trying to invent numbers in order to celebrate yet another imagined deficit in the iPhone strategy. Possibly for the same reason that you'd like to see Tim cook in jail?

Try and be a bit more objective. You are missing the elephant in the room. There is a massive price differential between iPhone owners and Android powered smartphone owners. There are probably a billion or even more Android users who won't be switching to iPhones any time soon, whether they want to or not, simply because they can't afford one. On the other hand ALL iPhone users could switch to Android if they wanted to. That changes the maths considerably.

If you are really interested in this check out Ericsson's Mobility Report from a couple of years ago. (Spoiler: roughly 5% iOS to Android switchers. 4% the other way.

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