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November 01, 2017



I'm a little bit disappointed with Italy. It was a real Nokia-country and now very little support is visible from e.g. carrier side.


Oh great, another Android phone.
Not an N95/N950. No one big feature. No keyboard or stylus (like the Samsung tablet w/ case I'm typing on).
No alternate - Ovi reborn, alternative maps, security, privacy, etc.
Just Google's bitch like all the others.
Nokia might recover and become a profitable second or third tier maker.

I wish they had a Jolla phone. I wish they would have a phone where I could get rid of the Google crapware I don't want. I wish they had a secure phone like silent circle or others where I could use hard switches to turn off microphones, GPS, etc.

But as I said in my opening, "Just another Android phone".

GM and Ford started a big decline with "badge engineering". The Cadillac Cimarron was 2x the cost of the Chevrolet X car. It merely featured as standard Chevy options like power windows. But it wasn't different. The Taurus/Sable? Thunderbird/Cougar (except the rear window).

All the horrors of Android - no guarantee of faster security patches or something useful - but with a bunch of superficial additions. Badge engineering.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


I hear what you're saying, but looking at it from a realistic viewpoint, there just isn't room for a second mass market OS platform in the market (iOS is niche).

I agree Android is not the best of the bunch, personally I'd have liked to see Ubuntu succeed there. But it is what the market has chosen, and every year it becomes twice as hard as the year before to uproot Android.

Or, like this. You can bitch and moan all you want about AC current being the prevailing standard over DC current in your wall socket, but at the end of the day, you want that cheap energy that electricity provides, you can either start building your own DC power grid and convince both electrical manufacturers and end users to switch, or keep sticking with AC.

At this point it's next to impossible to run a DC power grid - better to run a converter for the few times you really need DC.

John A

I think so far this is a solid start for HMD Global. I expect to see a international version of the Nokia 7 who is launched in China in time.
And in early 2018 a Nokia 9 with some kind of Zeiss supercamera and bezeless design. A unit ready to take on iPhone X and the best Samsung got.

2018 will be interesting then Nokia will have a full portfolio of the devices from the very low end to expensive flagships. And the carrier support will probably have increased to.

But we will see how it goes.



Wrong. There is plenty of space for another OS, as long as it retains some compatibility with IOS and Android.

Your analogy of AC and DC current is flawed. There are solid engineering reasons for AC winning out.



Thanks for the update. The numbers do look good. Even better is that the numbers are high enough that the line should be profitable.

Antonio Lazo de la Vega

Hi Tomi, you can add Peru as a country where HMD has carrier support (just few days ago). In Peru, we have four carriers and two of them have started selling the new Nokia phones. Here is the list of carriers (including market share of 2017 first quarter):

- Movistar 43.03% (offers Nokia 3 -
- Claro 32.64%
- Entel 13.52% (offers Nokia 5 -
- Bitel 10.8%

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Sorry, but no. There are no place anymore for any other mainstream OS than Android in Mobile.

Look at the PC - that only has a single mainstream OS. Windows. There is MacOS and Linux boxes, but neither are mainstream there, and both are held floating on different merits.

Heck, Linux, even with plenty of Windows compatibility through wine, have yet to break through to mainstream.

As for my analogy of AC over DC, it works perfectly for showcasing the problems of switching your infrastructure. Another analogy that works is that of railroad tracks. Once the tracks are laid, it will be very costly and of little benefit to anyone to replace the rail to a more standardised version - even if those rails would allow you to buy your rail cars at half the price...

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Canalys has graced us with a rare Top 5 list too for Q3. Same order of the brands and near identical numbers as IDC & SA. Canalys counted total market as 373.5 million units

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Olivier Guyot

Tomi, when do you make a book about Nokia mobile phone dramatic fall (and re-birth) ?
Have you read this recent one: ?

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Antonio

GRACIAS !!! I'll update the list with Peru !!

Meanwhile in the Bangkok Post article about Thailand market shares, we learn that all Thail operators are now supporting Nokia brand. I will also move Thailand now to the supported category. (here is link to BP article)

Enjoy (I'll be doing Top 10 shortly)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Ok first national ranking out which includes Nokia in smartphones. My Twitter follower Franklin Nwachineke aka @franklinnwa just posted a link to fresh Counterpoint national stats. The first country which shows a Nokia HMD smartphone ranking is Vietnam and the ranking by Counterpoint is 4th. Very good for HMD Nokia. (Their ranking in all phones is even higher when dumbphones are included in Vietnam)

In terms of similar markets, similar penetration levels, similar affluence, similar cultures, similar region and similar distribution, you could based on Vietnam expect that HMD and Nokia smartphones are doing well also in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines and quite possibly be inside the Top 10 in most of those four countries and possibly inside the Top 5 in one of them too.

Here link to the story

Looking like VERY good Christmas news for HMD Nokia and their fans...

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

PS on Vietnam

I missed this until second reading. The Counterpoint data is for Q3 !!! not current Q4 as I was expecting. So Nokia HMD has breached Top 5 in Vietnam already in the quarter ending September and is clearly on a rapid rise. Vietnam smartphone numbers via Counterpoint Q3 are:

1 Samsung 43%
2 Oppo 22%
3 Vivo 5%
4 Nokia HMD 5%
5 Itel 4%

If that was Q3, it is a pretty safe bet Nokia HMD is past Vivo to number 3 for the December quarter in Vietnam (but far below Oppo and Sammy)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi all

From same Counterpoint and Q3

Via Twitter and my follower Zoltan Lutor @zlutor a few days ago, Counterpoint gave rankings for Nokia HMD when featurephones are included for a few regions/countries:

Counterpoint's Neil Shah @neiltwitz confirmed these are valid:

Nokia HMD smart & featurephones combined are ranked for Q3:
1 in Middle East
3 in UK
3 in Indonesia
4 in Russia
5 in India
8 Globally

Nice but that is obviously powered by the featurephones like 3310

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

Finnish operators do a monthly press release of what are their top-selling handset models around the first of the month. For sales in the month of November, Nokia HMD has now appeared on the top lists of 2 of the 3 operators. At DNA the first model has joined the Top 10 (Nokia 6 ranked 9th) with a second phone (Nokia 8) in at the bottom of Top 15. At Elisa there is one Nokia model at the bottom of Top 15 (Nokia 6). Over at Telia aka Sonera, they only publish a Top 10 and no Nokia there yet.

Using the rankings, it is a highly likely national ranking that Samsung is number 1 in Finland, Apple 2, Huawei 3, OnePlus 4 and Nokia 5 among smartphones. Note that this is based only on operator-store sales, there is a healthy large independent store market also in Finland and that is likely more driven by popular models that have suitable pricing deals per retail channel.

But for Finland, heading into Christmas, Nokia seems to be barely inside the Top 5. Not at all bad, but Finland is likely one of Nokia HMD's best markets in any case, so this will not be the 'pattern' for the rest of the world, but could be a pattern for what is happening in countries that are particularly Nokia-friendly. Here are the links:



Telia (Sonera)

(am scouring the world for more Nokia HMD numbers for you...)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

Wow. Stipe at Nokia Mob has just done some analysis out of fresh IDC numbers and gets us a total of all HMD Nokia phones sold (smart & dumbphones combined) for Q3. He gets the number at 20.8M vs 14.4M in Q2. No doubt part, probably the majority of the growth is dumbphones but even so - gosh, this gives VERY good room for serious growth in smartphones. Enjoy. I'll do my analysis of their analysis in a new blog for us to ponder (for some reason can't post the link here, Typepad is again acting weird)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Ok new Nokia numbers are up via IDC. Enjoy

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Well, the new Nokias are definitely available in Ecuador from the carrier Movistar, I think it's the only one that offer them here so far.

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