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October 13, 2017


Abdul Muis

Etisalat offering Nokia phone for postpaid/contract (and also prepaid) customer.

Joe Fish

Hi Tomi,
I have noticed that the Nokia models are not promoted as heavily in Switzerland as in other countries, not even by the carriers. I guess this would not have a big impact in Appleland (Switzerland).
This should also apply to the USA (United States of Apple Users) :-)

I suppose that the mobile phone manufacturers offer carriers some support for the introduction of new mobile phone models.
If the budget is not unlimited, HMD will limit itself to the countries and their carriers where the probability of success is highest.

Jim Glue

Hi Tomi,

No doubt carrier support would be great. But Amazon is a HUGE national retailer and their Prime program makes the cost of the Nokia 6 $179...unlocked.

US Carriers don't sell unlocked phones and they are really terrible about unlocking phones even after you finish your contract.

So a Nokia phone, unlocked, with OS updates (if they come), sold at a competitive price by the nation's largest online retailer...not a bad way to get into the US market.

The only drawback for me is that I'm on a CDMA Carrier and the Nokia 6 is GSM only.


You’ll love this one!
Mikrobitti (Finnish magazine) compared 18 smartphones from 300€ price point. (Unfortunately only in their printed version.)

Winner is Nokia 5 which is rated better than iPhone SE!
Nokia rated better than contemporary iPhone - I don’t think this has happened since N9?


In Portugal, at least two carriers (NOS, Vodafone) are selling several Nokia (8,5,3,3330,150). The carrier MEO still does not show Nokia in their site.


“How did the MB screw up the "test" this time?”

Maybe they didn’t have their LongAAPL1997 glasses on? You know, they might actually see other options worth the buck.
But thanks for telling you’re from Finland, we don’t need to call you stupid American anymore.

Jim Glue

Hi Long,

What does it gain to debate who likes what most? It will always be the case the reviewers will have their own list of what they value more...just like individual customers do.

If you care a lot about removable batteries, and multi-day battery life, don't care about thinness or mind plastic, and really need multiple sim support and memory expansion - you are going to choose one of the Android phones that has those features. And you would be making the smart choice to do so based on what you are looking for.

What I find fault with are those who can't understand or give credit to there being real, valid reasons for choosing an iPhone. They really believe that price is everything...well...everything according to their set of priorities.

If you value:
- after sales support
- excellent warranty and optional extended
- online and in person support options
- resale value
- security
+ not having your data sold to advertisers
+ instant access to security updates
+ all manner of security built into the OS
+ secure enclave for your biometric data
- 5 years or so of updates to the OS available the day each is released
- the best, safest, easiest, most mature and targeted first app ecosystem
- Apple specific services: iTunes, iMessage, Facetime, iCloud
- whole device backup
- extended ecosystem covering personal computer, tablet, Watch and tv
- ease of use
- performance
- leading edge AR
- color perfect screen

If these are the things you value most, you will want an iPhone. I'm not saying that anyone should value these things most...I'm saying a nice niche of people both value these things and have the money to pay for iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple Watches etc.

And those who can't afford new...many tens of millions are happy to buy used.

All told, 650 Million and counting have REASONABLY chosen the iPhone because of what they are looking for in a smartphone. Not because "the iPhone is the best!". Nothing is "the best" for everyone.


Just to add my 2 cents: here in Bulgaria all 3 major operators are selling Nokia smartphones and 3310 and one of them is showing big banner on their website saying "Nokia is back"... And a quick chat with a friend that owns computer/phones shop confirmed that demand exceeds supply ("Everybody asks for Nokia but I can't find any!")

Jim Glue

Hi Long,

There are thick, plastic Android phones that have more than one day of battery life. And yes, battery packs have obviated the need for user replaceable batteries for daily use. However, it's still much more expensive to have a battery replaced in an iphone than merely buying a new battery for any phone that has user replaceable batteries. All batteries go bad eventually.

My lists were not exhaustive for either choice, but representative of the point. There are reasons a person may have that makes one phone "the best" for their needs. It may well be than an Android phone is "the best" for a given phone reviewer based on what they look for in a phone.

Speaking of best phones in the should be quite a frenzy when the iPhoneX is released. I'm thinking of preordering the minute I can just in case I get lucky and get a first day delivery. Then I can flip it for a couple hundred extra is supply is as tight as rumored.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Take a look at

This thing cost me $300, have not experienced any lag whatsoever for my apps, and lasts a week in standby mode, 3 days if I let it run full, 10 days if in ultra battery saving mode. Such a feat would be pretty hard for Apple to beat, especially in the price segment... :)

Wayne Borean

In Canada none of the carriers seem to carry Nokia, but Amazon does.


In Germany, T-Mobile sells the Nokia 3 and 8:

O2 sells the 5, 6 and 8:

Phil W

Just as a note, my Nokia 5 has just received the October security update along with an OS update from 7.1.1 to 7.1.2.

At the moment HMD are keeping their promises on updates.


”And yes I do speak 8 languages including Finnish.”

And conveniently have been reading Mikrobitti since 2008.
It’s okay - you never said you wouldn’t be a Finn, everybody just assumed you were American since you’re a long term Apple investor. No harm done. Actually, it may be you will be treated better from now on since you’re intelligent Finn, instead of stupid American. ;-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Guys guys!

Lets keep the discussion civil here. I've deleted a few of the most hostile comments.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Abdul, Pedro, Vlad, Huber & Paul & Joe Fish

I really REALLY appreciate your comments, thank you so much!!

I updated the list - it is already 17 countries. VERY good info, thanks! I added your names to the contributors of course, and I posted the update also to my followers on Twitter.

Paul - I appreciate also the discovery of the Mikrobitti magazine review, that is also a great first review/comparison even if at the 'home field' advantage of Mikrobitti in Finland. If Nokia could not beat the iPhone SE in its home country, then things would look dire. That is no guarantee a 'neutral' country would find the same, but it IS a necessary first step haha.. Yes, I really liked discovering that, thanks Paul!

Joe - Great additional info, thank you very much! I am not yet attempting to do a 'quality' level of the marketing support haha, but that kind of detail (how strong is the support) is as important as purely the 'quantitative' level of support (how many carriers).

All readers, please do keep info coming in. I hope to find many more countries to add to the list, don't worry if your country is large or small. Also if you find more info than is already posted, please give that in (say you notice a new carrier has added Nokia support in addition to the ones mentioned for your country in the listing).

I think I will do a separate posting about the early availability and carrier support of Nokia smartphones via HMD, based on YOUR input. There is now so much data, it does warrant its own blog article :-)

I really REALLY appreciate this effort by you guys! There is NO other source on the planet that lists international availability of Nokia smartphones, far less by carriers per country! This is truly ground-breaking research.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Engadget has a pretty good article on the rise of Huawei to number 3 (understanding its long history from 1987 making telecoms infrastructure first, before handsets).

They note that Huawei made it to number 3 without the US market. One of the first 'sensible' articles written about global handset competition by a US source but truly 'getting it' about the far larger international market. The article has its problems, as invariably suc articles would, but overall, its a VAST improvement over most nonsense we get from American writers. Slowly, very slowly, even Americans are waking up to the reality of the handset world. And as to Nokia HMD opportunities, this article would also join in the general view, that the US market presence is not a 'vital need' for HMD, rather an optional extra...

Tomi Ahonen :-)


"And conveniently have been reading Mikrobitti since 2008"

Actually not conveniently. I read several magazines reviews from different sides of the world through when I first time noticed the bias that comes from the marketing dollars. Magazines wants to keep around 1000 Android OEMs happy so they have to be creative. MB and other Finnish magazines where interesting because they are biased towards Nokia. They also successfully make bad products look good on paper.


Horace sums the season perfectly.

"According to my Apple finance news there is absolutely no demand for the iPhones which cannot be produced in any sufficient quantities."

Tomi T Ahonen

FYI all

I have asked my Twitter followers to also provide anything they find of Nokia HMD Android smartphone marketing support in their home countries. I'll post here anything that they may add...

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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