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October 24, 2017


Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Elo

Thank you!!! Will update Dk for us...

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Telia in Norway sells all Android models from Nokia in their webshop, the third carrier ICE has zero Nokia models.
Here is the link:

Knut Yrvin

Now also the other major carrier Telia is selling Nokia HMD smartphones in Norway. With the biggest operator Telenor with 53 percent market share and Telia with 20 percent, this gives new Nokia phones access to the operator who "governs" 73 percent of the market:



HI Tomi Nokia phones in Chile!. View, and

Joe Fish

Hi Tomi,
Nokia smartphones aren't available in Brazil at all. it seems, that a market launch is still pending there


The fourth and last mobile carrier in France, Free Mobile, is going to be a hard sell. Its whole marketing strategy is about simple barebones contracts with clear prices and without the usual maze of mandatory options and cross-subsidies that no one understands and end up costing several times the advertised price. I does offer a few subsidised phones for people who really want them but that's a half hearted effort¹ — it much prefers its customers buying their own sim-free phone on Amazon or another electronics shop. I don't see it bothering with anything except high-volume phone models.

(Not counting MVNOs as full mobile carriers, they don't own any radio infra nor any frequency bloc)



LongAAPL, stop FUDing.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Ola, Knut Yrvin, Rino, Joe Fish & nim

Excellent info, thank you VERY much. I will update our listing.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Tester. Without the updates they have nothing to differentiate them from the other OEMs. The Nokia still has good name though. Even Microsoft did not manage to destroy it completely. So they will probably end in the top ten in volume. They will take market share from these "new" comers. The question is do they make it so that it is financially successful. Nokia has connections with every single operator in the world. Apple did not have that luxury. Actually all the operators were hostile for Apple in the beginning. Now they know that they can make more money from the Apple products so they are happy.


Taiwan: Exclusive sale on FET(Far EasTone Telecom)


Nobody noticed, but one iPhone killer just dropped prices with 200$...

Google's Pixel phone is having problems.

Waiting time for iPhone (se)X is over 6 weeks.


And in the other news...

“Apple Inc quashed any concern of muted demand for its iPhone X on Friday, saying pre-orders for the 10th anniversary phone were ‘off the charts,'” Reuters reports.

“Pre-orders for the much-anticipated 10th anniversary phone started from 12.01 am PT (0701 GMT) on Friday,” Reuters reports. “‘We can see from the initial response, customer demand is off the charts,’ an Apple spokeswoman told Reuters. ‘We’re working hard to get this revolutionary new product into the hands of every customer who wants one, as quickly as possible.'”

“The company’s website showed delivery times pushed out to five to six weeks for the phone, compared to an initial plan of November 3,” Reuters reports. “Shares of Apple were up [$5.28, or +3.35%, to $162.69 in early afternoon] trading in New York.”


"pre-orders for the 10th anniversary phone were ‘off the charts"

There is no quantitative information, hence that statement does not mean anything. The budgeted / forecasted sales for the iPhone X might have been initially set very low deliberately, for all we know.

"Google's Pixel phone is having problems."

Contra Jim Glue, I always stated that Essential and Pixel were utterly irrelevant distractions with infinitesimal market shares -- that is not where the real action is in smartphones. The severe quality issues affecting recent Pixel models and the fact that the Essential quickly appeared to be overpriced for its indifferent feature set prove my point.

"Without the updates they have nothing to differentiate them from the other OEMs. The Nokia still has good name though."

I always felt the same as well: me-too products, possibly more robustly engineered, but no USP, and the somewhat faded Nokia brand is by itself not enough.

That is the situation at present. HMD will have to come up with a real USP in 2018. There are already rumoured Nokia 2 and 9, so let us see what the guys in Espoo will bring us.

Phil W

I think you are missing the point. The quality finish with a household brand name with timely updates IS the USP for most of these phones. People like me who are buying the Nokia 5 and 6 are those who are mostly concerned with how the phone looks not about how the phone compares on Geek bench. As long as they work adequately and access the internet/email/whatsapp/facebook that's OK, we don't care about processor speeds or lack of. I do care about the camera and of course the camera is not going to be top notch, but it seems to be good enough.


"with timely updates"

Ah, there is the crux.

It is a central point of HMD offering, but it is just a promise -- and I am not even sure how strong it is.

Did HMD contractually _commit_ to support its devices for 1, 2, n years with updates _and_ upgrades?

If not, then everything hangs on the confidence that customers ascribe to the Nokia brand. If HMD does not follow with sustained deeds, then the strength HMD derives from the reputation of the old Nokia may evaporate irretrievably.

For that matter, the USP of Nexus devices were "pure Android without bloatware, and long-term OS support". The first term has been partly cancelled by the poor hardware quality of some models, while the second term has proven to be much less impressive than expected (as far as I know, no single Nexus device has been supported for as long as every iPhone model, for instance).

So colour me sceptical for the time being about that specific point. Hence, HMD USP remains unimpressive. But these are early times for HMD; I have not written them off yet.

Oh, and personally I do not care how a device looks. All smartphone resemble each other, especially since they mostly end up in protective cases anyway...


Are HMD Nokia phones already available on more carriers than Lumia ever was?

Phil W

Well I have had the September security updates and October updates as promised and the OS bump from 7.1.1 to 7.1.2 since buying my Nokia 5. The Nokia 8 was not given the 7.1.2 update as it is already starting the Oreo upgrade, albeit in Beta at the moment. HMD have also promised that all current Nokia models will get the as yet unnamed version 9 of the Android OS when it is available. As the Vanilla Android installed software and timely updates have been a majour part of HMD's selling point, I nam prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt at the moment.

As for not caring what it looks like, OK that may be how you look at it, but most people don't think about the case when they are buyin the phone, so how it looks is important.

Don't forget that when Apple released the technically inferior original Iphone, it went on to succeed precisely because it looked gorgeous, ran smoothly and had an OS that promised regular updates. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.

Phil W

Forgot to add the other selling point for the original Iphone was the household trusted brand name - Apple. Not different from the trusted brand name - Nokia.

James Glu

It never matters what Apple says, those who wish to disbelieve will always claim that Apple is manufacturing scarcity on purpose. But seriously, Apple would not say that preorders were off the charts unless they were fantastic. Those types of lies would be easily exposed.

Just wait till next Friday and you’ll see long lines across the globe as people excitedly attempt to the MUCH IN DEMAND iPhone X. Much in demand despite the $200 increase in price.

Meanwhile the Easential Phone, from Andy Rubin the Father of Android,has permanently dropped $200 in price in a desperate bid to spur sales.

And nobody is supposed to want iPhones anyway due to the non-exploding-this-time Samsung Note 8.

Wonder if HMD will drop the price of the Nokia 8 or just hope nobody notices the lack of sales.

Abdul Muis

@James Glu.

Seeing how Tim manage apple, and he's proud feeling of being able to manage stock to the minimum level. I believe Tim trying to play safe.

He didn't think that the high priced iphone X will sell a lot after the initial demand, therefore, he choose to produce it not too much.

Or perhaps... iPhone X is a rush job. After seeing Xiaomi Mi Mix, sharp aquos, and galaxy S8/S8+. Apple realize that their offering is lame, and rushing to produce the iphone X.

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