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October 24, 2017


John A

I can add that in Sweden some electronic retailer stores got Nokia phones in stock.
Elgiganten (the biggest in Sweden)
And Webbhallen the smaller one.

And you can of course buy them in place or online to.

Abdul Muis

Nokia 2
4100 maH battery
6000 INR (€ 99)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Winter, luvr, John & Abdul

Thanks!!!! Loving it. Have updated the blog accordingly.

BTW to all, I will be closing 'October' as of Oct 31, and start a new November listing, so we can see the development over time. So if you have anything more to add now, please do today and I'll include it into the first survey

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Tomi, The Vodafone UK web store seems to stock the 3310 and 5.....not sure about the retail shops.


Sorry 3 not 5 for Vodafone UK.

John A

A YouTube video from the Indian event. Beside the phone launch (Nokia 2) they talk about some statistics.
Nokia are now in 80 countries. And India is the market where most new Nokia phones are activated:

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Mart and John

Thank you Mart! Will add to list.

John, haha. THANKS !! So officially it is 80 countries, and we have half of them collected here with details about what level of support per country... very very good catch!

I also added Slovenia, Colombia via Twitter followers.

The 'October' carrier support list is now closed. I will create a new file to add more for November so we can see how it is growing. And into that entry I will add some of my analysis of these early numbers...

Meanwhile, if you can't have China then the country you'd want to have biggest current sales would be.. India. And the news via that video which John found is VERY promising indeed. Remember already at the START of the month of October, Nokia was in 11th ranking in Europe, before all the added carriers we found DURING October. So Nokia's ranking is definitely inside Top 10 for Europe, could be around rank 5 or so. Then India is their best market - I said earlier that in India Nokia could be running neck-to-neck with the iPhone (900,000 quarterly sales level) and the biggest local smartphone brand, Micromax (1M quarterly level). If the Nokia sales are growing, Nokia could be a Top 5 player in India too, by around Christmas-time... VERY VERY good signs.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Comments after the Nokia 2 launch video from India. First. So a new phone global launch by a Finnish company is set .. in India. THAT shows the changing world of mobile; and that shows how well HMD is in tune with the markets where its success is made. (Remembering first HMD launch was in China and other new phones have also been launched there).

Secondly, 2 day battery life for Nokia 2? Nice simple marketing message and powerful promise in the $100-$150 price segment.

Third, the '80 countries' map? WTF? How many 'countries' do they see in the USA? Apparently Alaska has declared its independence already (must be that Sarah Palin thing being next to Russia)... It makes me slightly uncertain about the validity of the 80 countries but it is a nice map (when you exclude the USA) and obviously the 80 country list is 'any availability' including retail without carrier support.

What we have here in our listing is a deeper more detailed study of the carrier support level and it is very likely that the global carrier reach is near to the percentage our survey had out of 46 countries - so using this VERY imprecise estimate, we can expect that very roughly speaking, HMD and Nokia may have carrier support in about 68 countries so far out of the '80 countries' they celebrate.

Some of the countries that were listed in the slide that hit me were for example Iceland, Morocco, etc, countries we have not yet had in our survey, but they also list as their 80 countries several we have listed as 'no carrier support' like USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and China.

PS of the 'India selling best in market' thought. What they say in the video is not quite that good for India, but their activations show among Android phones that India is among their top 3 best markets. Still, VERY good news.

There is a fabulous Divali ad from India that HMD had created (it had been seen by 50 million viewers online). Very nice take on the marketing of phones and it should work well in the market. BUT for India 'good news/bad news' note that Divali gift-giving season is now over, and India HMD/Nokia 'surge' is likely to subside for the Christmas season and while yes the Nokia 2 will help, perhaps India has seen an early 'Nokia Love Return' peak and India may subside lower from its position of Top 3 best HMD markets. Maybe not, would love India to remain one of HMD's strongest markets but there is a good chance that there was a seasonal peak now, and the next quarter India won't be quite as strong, even with this Nokia 2 added to the lineup.

Price point? 99 Euros ie $115 US dollars. VERY tempting price point for a fabulously full-metal body, rich look, and great 5 inch high-def screen, plus 8mp rear cam and 5mp selfie cam. Two day battery life that is the killer marketing message which 'oozes Nokia' brand to the first-time smartphone buyer who switches from an old featurephone.

Thanks John for finding the link. There is a long musical presentation in the start, if you're watching the video, you may want to skip the song, but the presentation itself is very 'marketing' and promotional as a product launch often is - but has a lot of info and signals VERY strongly the ethos of this new HMD/Nokia which to me, sounds like 'exactly the way I would hope they do it' haha. They LOVE the Nokia brand the way some of the readers of this blog also do. Well worth seeing the video.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Instead of looking at the people who are selling Nokia phones look at the phones that Nokia are selling if you want to know about its future prospect. This is the situation here in India:

Nokia 2- 1gb ram 8gb internal memory with Snapdragon 212. The only hope is the store persons - if they can convince some non tech savvy customers.

Nokia 3- Takes more than 3hrs 15mins to charge it's 2600mah battery. Again the hope is the sales person at the store!

Nokia 5- Not bad but it has to compete with Moto g5 plus and Redmi note 4 with Snapdragon 625.

Nokia 6- It has to compete with Moto g5s and Mi A1(Android one) both of which have dual cameras and Snapdragon 625.

Add to the above, the strange problem of hmd global of the huge gap between announcement and launch and between launch and availability. Too little, too late - always.

This is the picture of the budget segment of Nokia in India. Here, in India, the budget offerings make or break the prospect of a smartphone brand. For example Xiaomi toppled Samsung in the budget segment in last quarter and is now well on the way to become the largest selling smartphone brand in India.

Btw, in India the role of career support is zero, because 99.99 % phones are sold unlocked.

Jim Glue

I'm thrilled to see HMD/Nokia back in the game and playing according to Tomi's version of "how to do business in mobile". It really was a shame that we didn't get to see the Symbian->Qt->Meego strategy play out.

I think their first flagship wasn't what a Nokia fan would have been hoping for....but we are in the very early innings of the HMD/Nokia/Foxconn assault on the market.

It will be interesting if Nokia Brand and higher quality will beat out price/specs of the competition. So far, Nokia's appear to be priced at a small (nothing like the iPhone) price premium to their direct competition. That should be a sellable combination if they make good on the quality and OS updates.

I doubt we will be given the numbers, but I'd really like to see the Pixel II, Essential Phone and Nokia 8 comparisons. Samsung's Galaxy S/Note and Apple's iPhones are secure atop the premium segment for now. HTC, Sony, LG, Lenovo appear unable to make any real dent. Time will tell if any of the three new high profile launches will fare any better.

Of the three, I think Google will sell the most, then Nokia and I wonder if Essential will be selling phones a year from now.

Phil W

@ Jim, interesting isn't it? Essential is trying the route that some people advocated HMD should have taken, ie target the premium sector first. I always thought that HMDs approach was the better one as the Essential phone is going directly up against the market leaders in the premium division - Apple And Samsung. Good luck with that! The problem is that it has to get established fast and there is no safety net.

HMD on the other hand have an easier (but not easy) job in the budget area as some of the best competitors there are restricted in global reach (I'm thinking Xiaomi here). If it succeeds in the mid tier, as it moves it's top end offerings more and more towards a true premium phone it can afford more time for those to succeed. A solid mid tier and budget performance is the safety net.

The Pixel phones have a different dynamic as they have Google behind them.

It is interesting to watch it all unfold. Adds a bit of spice to the rather staid battle at the top!

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi gang

Ok here we go. I have done my math homework and I have a revised forecast. I'm now reasonably confident HMD has sold about 3.4 million smartphones in the just-ended Q3 (vs 2.5M before). I am also confident that their sales levels will grow quite drastically for Xmas and will end up doing 5.7M for the (current) Christmas Q4 quarter (vs 3.5M I had before). If these numbers are reasonably close, then HMD would have passed 10M sales in its first 12 months of Nokia sales.

I ALSO have a REGIONAL breakdown, and I've isolated the 5 largest national markets by Nokia smartphone unit sales, etc. Enjoy.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Jim Glue

Hi Phil,

Yes, I do believe this is an interesting part of the market. Some big names are at play...well, Andy Rubin is a Android luminary more than a "big name".

I think Rubin wants to build an Apple type company and that's why they are starting with a premium priced product. I'm not SURE it's a riskier strategy given Rubin's starting point and desired outcome. He's not aiming for a market share type victory. He seems to want to create a Sony/Apple style company with "cool products" differentiated by software and services.

Nokia will of course sell more units than either Google or Essential when considering their full line. But how much money are they actually making per phone? One would think Foxconn should have deep enough pockets to stay in the game....I'm not so sure how deeply capitalized HMD is. Then again, HMD probably isn't burning through all that much cash just designing phones. Fun to watch.

Google is, of course Google. They have "more money than God" and can do whatever they want for as long as they want. And what they want is to be able to create a true iPhone like product filled with custom Google hardware and software and services that are all tuned to work together like Apple does.

They don't need to sell great numbers of the pixel. They have Samsung and many many more seeding Google's money making services to billions of customers. I think the Pixel is just a gambit to "not fail to Apple"...not letting Apple achieve some breakthrough that can't be matched by an Android manufacturer. Or better yet, for Google to MAKE such a breakthrough.

Once again...we have different business models at play that need to be understood independently of just market share.


Well, all the talk about Apple. And what happened ... oops they did it again....
Record sales. Record year. Record Apple x. Record watch. Best ever phone in sales is the Iphone 8 and services is a blast

Now iPhone is just 55% of sales, from 80%.

All other business growing like crazy and some lunatics declared the iPhone X as a rush job when in reality it’s been on the works for years ..

Bye bye Nokia .. just sell and loose money ... zero chance selling at high prices

People are buying more iPhones than ever at the highest possible prices .. all Apple haters proven wrong proven 10 years in a row

Phil W


Q3 (Oct) 2015 48.05m
Q3 (Oct)2016 45.51m
Q3 (Oct)2017 46.7m

I appreciate that revenues have gone up due to Apple raising the ASP, but the numbers look pretty flat to me.

Jim Glue

Hi Phil - if you put 2014 and 2013 on your list, you will see that 2015 was an outlier. The 40% jump in sales in 2015 was not an indication that iPhones had gotten that much more popular...but that large screen iPhones had a pent up demand and brought forward upgraders early.

This year's Q3 being growth is a nice feat given that the 8/8+ were already eclipsed by the iPhone X which didn't go on sale until today.

We did have some answers to questions asked on this board recently:

1. Apple is back to growth in China
- share gains yoy for the qtr
- increase rate of switchers
2. iPhones unit sales grew full year
3. iPhone 7 was NOT outselling either the 8 or 8+
4. The long lines are back as people around the world line up to get the iPhone X
5. 33 years into it's life cycle, Macs sold more than they ever have
- shows how Apple can grow in a mature market by taking share from other players
6. iPads are back to growth
7. Apple Watch 3 sales are up 50% over year ago comparisons
- Apple Watch is the unit market share leader by a country mile in smart watches
8. Apple is expecting it's biggest qtr ever coming up
- even though the qtr is 1 week shorter than last year
- even though iPhone X supply is allegedly constrained more than any time before
9. Apple store growth in users is growing much faster than unit sales
- this isn't just more money for Apple, but for developers and everyone else
10. 95% brand loyalty for iPhone.
- sometimes users will hold onto their iPhones longer, but when they buy their next phone, it's an iPhone

All the "full year" numbers were up for all of Apple's product lines. This wasn't a singular "good quarter".

Abdul Muis

Nokia 2
South Africa Vodacom... ZAR 1,699 (US$ 117)
Nokia Rusia Online store.... RUB 7,990(US$ 135 or € 117)

Phil W

Just had the November Security Patch downloaded and installed on my Nokia 5, so HMD still honouring their promises to date.

Jim Glue

They missed their promise on Oreo on the Nokia 8...and have yet to deliver it on any of their phones. We are already past the "quickly update" and are into "are they any better at this than Samsung.

Phil W

Not so fast, they promised Oreo before Christmas and they have completed the beta programme for the Nokia 8. They announced the roll out was imminent for the 8 and that the others would be shortly afterwards, so as far as I can see they are on target.

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