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September 25, 2017


Phil W

And most of the people I know who own Iphones behave in exactly the same way as the cheap Android owners. The idea that just because someone buys an Iphone, he or she is of more value than someone who buys an Android phone is frankly laughable. It's just as laughable as the claim that people buy Androids because they can't afford Iphones, but I see both of these myths being perpetuated by people on this blog.

Abdul Muis

@Phil W

Agree with you. I understand apple strategy. They keep creating fashion statement marketing to make iPhone seems have more value, and Android just a cheap product.

But I'm surprised that a guy like baron95/wayne brady/jim glue/james glu/longaapl that can spew smart words believe in apple propaganda. It seems to me that Tomi's blog is so important, that they have to make sure we're brainwashed by their propaganda

Phil W

And while I'm here, why do the same people keep turning the conversation away from the original topic. Every thread on here usually ends up being dragged by the usual suspects back to a discussion about the Iphone. This thread was about Samsung folding displays, not about Android or Iphone security updates?!!!

On that topic I think Tomi is spot on, I'm not sure it will catch on as it doesn't really have a killer app that I can see.

Phil W

I'm reminded a bit about the fad for 3D TVs in the UK a while ago. The BBC even did some trial broadcasts, but in the end it wasn't something most people really needed and it died. Just because you can do this or that feature doesn't mean that it is a good idea to do it.

Jim Glue

I'll try to type slower to assist with your ability to understand.

iPhone owners have higher EVERYTHING on average and as a combined group for all financial metrics. iPhone owners ON AVERAGE buy more using their iPhones than the average Android user buys with their Android phone. iPhone owners as a whole buy more products using their phone than all of the Android owners buy using theirs.

Ads served to iPhone users bring in more revenue than Ads served to Android users. That doesn't mean every iPhone user see's adds. Just that if you are advertising, the most money is made targeting iPhone users. (globally aggregated, of course individual markets vary).

Take a look at the Apple Watch vs the combined Android smartwatches. The difference in sales isn't the difference in the quality or pricing of the watches. It's the difference in the Apple customer base vs. Android's. Having billions more users doesn't mean there are MORE of them willing to spend $200 on up for a Watch. Meanwhile, 30 million or so Apple Watches have sold at $350 and more.

"What about the Chinese game market". Yes, so far we have one type of app in one region of the world where currently there is a small aggregate lead in sales to Android vs. iOS. It is nothing like the kinds of lead that Android has in unit sales in that same region. Means that the AVERAGE iPhone user is spending more on games than the Average Android user in China. The totals are so close that game developers will support both. If the revenue advantage were anything close to the unit market share advantage THEN developers would drop support of the iPhone.

When you think of the free business to consumer apps (your banking app, movie ticket app, restaurant app, etc.) - support for platforms is about who THAT BUSINESS's customers use. It doesn't matter to Chase bank if 99% of the world were using Android if 30% of their best and most profitable customers are using iPhones. It's probably more like 70% but I'm just making up numbers for illustration.

Now - here's the proof. Android has had complete unit market share dominance for years. None of the predictions of what developers will do that are based on global unit market share have come true. They haven't come true because developers follow the money. Advertisers follow the money. Mobile commerce is target at the money. Everybody is going after the money. And the money is on BOTH platforms and it's heavily skewed to iOS despite the global unit market share.


@Abdul Muis
"But I'm surprised that a guy like baron95/wayne brady/jim glue/james glu/longaapl that can spew smart words believe in apple propaganda."

S/he once or twice wrote that s/he had stocks or options (maybe gone long) in Apple. There might indeed be a financial stake in Apple.

Jim Glue

I have no investments in Apple.

And Android flagship owner's behavior is similar to iPhone user behavior. There just is not an 85/15 split when you are talking about the expensive phones. Apple's share of the premium market is very healthy and growing.

The "magic" isn't so much about what is better or worse about the iPhone. The value is in the customer base.

You all believe this. That's why you'll say things like this new Apple product sucks but it will sell well because Apple customers are sheep. What you think is an insult is a powerful market position.

Apple has THE BEST early adopter community of anybody. Take a look at the Apple Watch sales. If the Apple Watch is a flop, what do you describe the various Android smart watches? Here's a market that Android manufacturers beat Apple to the punch by a couple years. Don't you remember? Don't you remember how bad that was supposed to be for Apple? Don't you remember how bad it was supposed to be for Apple that ONLY iPhone users would be able to buy Apple Watches?

What happened? With JUST it's own customer base Apple completely destroyed the competition. 4 Android users for every iPhone user. What, 2 billion more customers in total? And there wasn't enough Android owners who were the type of customer to add a smartwatch to their Android phone. Nothing compared to what Apple has generated with the Apple Watch.

How is that? Is the Apple watch so great? Not so according to the folks here. Just a bunch of stupid iSheep who will buy any crap that has an Apple logo.

Well, true or not. Those same iSheep spend more money on EVERYTHING. It is why they are coveted and targeted and supported and courted.

Joe Fish

I also do not understand the benefits for consumers.
I don't see any use cases for a foldable screen at the moment. For Samsung, this is primarily a further proof of its innovative strength. This is easy to sell and confirms to Samsung customers that they own mobile devices of a very innovative brand.
A real benefit would arise if the screen could be folded several times and a device the size of a 5-inch smartphone could be unfolded to the size of a 13-inch tablet.
As a consumer, I could then carry the folded device like a smartphone and would have the screen area of a good tablet when using it.

Jack Beef


iPhone X = Next year
iPhone X = The Osborne Effect

Jane Pork


3310 have 3G radio new.

HMD’s revived Nokia 3310 classic mobile gets 3G

Jill Duck


Rumor = Pixel 2 = e-sim like apple

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Sorry, but you still doesn't get it.

You are looking at things anecdotally, from USA/Western world, where quite some Apple customers have the same mindset you do. But that's not the entire world, far from it in fact!

I can promise you this. The United States will be the last market where iPhones fall. Meanwhile, they are already failing in developing countries like India, and are on the way down in places like China. This coming quarter will make that apparent.

Wait until February, then all will be crystal clear... :)

Abdul Muis

Android users rejoice! Linux kernel LTS releases are now good for 6 years
Linux kernel lifecycle tripled to match the realities of hardware development.

A major change in the maintenance lifecycle of Linux kernels is coming. During a Linaro Connect 2017 presentation on Android's Project Treble, Googler Iliyan Malchev announced that Linux LTS (Long Term Support) kernels were switching from a two-year lifecycle to a whopping six years of support.

A six-year support window will give Google, SoC Vendors, and OEMs plenty of time to develop a device and get it to market, while still leaving about four years for end-user ownership. Google currently provides two years of major OS updates on its phones and three years of security updates, but if it wanted to extend that, an announcement like this would seem like an important first step.

Today, it's on Google to maintain dead kernels that it is still supporting. The 2016 Google Pixel shipped with Linux kernel 3.18, which was first released in 2014 and hit end-of-life in January 2017. By contrast, the current kernel LTS release is 4.9, and the latest available kernel is 4.12. With its three-year update promise, Google is on the hook for updates until October 2019. Maintaining a dead kernel for that long sounds like a huge burden.

Abdul Muis

Ohhh nooo
Ohhh nooo

Apple Investigating Reports of iPhone 8 Plus 'Splitting Open'

Two incidents of the iPhone 8 Plus casing splitting have been reported so far, but it is unclear why this is happening.

Rush job?
Declining quality?

john F..

Android authoritiy

Ouch .....

As Apple cements it’s lead over the rest it is inevitable that in the near future more advantageous phones will deliver a far ahead experience and combined with the tragic fate of android users using 2 year old OS ...
You can guess the rest

Isceald Glede

I agree with Michael about a 8:9 device that unfolds to 16:9. I will also add a 32:9 device that unfolds to 16:9 and a 7:3 that unfolds (diagonally) to 16:9.


@john F.

The iPhone 8's A11 Bionic chip couldn't hold up in a speed test against the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Actually, in real life Apple's phones v8 are slower than galaxy Note 8 because iPhones suck big time at RAM management.



"Somewhat funny is that Samsung makes more money out of iPhones than it´s own flagship models."

You might belive dat = Cogratulaton.
You want us belive dat = HaHaHaHaHa.

You ned to go University = Smart.
Seling componet = big income + smal provit.
Seling pone = big income + big provit.

You very fool.

john F.

Remember last year?

Apple dropping the headphone jack? Insults flew all over, apple this .. apple that ... android would never do that.

Another domino has fallen in the march toward a post-headphone jack world. Today Google became the latest company to drop the once ubiquitous port from its phones, The move was “absolutely” a driving factor in the company’s decisions to launch its own AirPod competitor


Today it finally happened - I have now seen the first carrier promotion of new Nokia phones.
Greetings from Finland.

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