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May 03, 2017




What kind of idiot are you? In 1997, the Phillipines fought the hedge funds with $70 billions. This was not enough, they lost.

In 1992, George Soros (who _IS_ a real person) won against the fucking Bank Of England! This is the central bank of the UK, in case you don't know.

"I have enough money to not worry about being attacked by hedge funds" are famous last words, nothing more.


@Wayne Brady
"They aren't a conglomerate like GE or Samsung where they will just buy other unrelated businesses."

That is the point. Apple hoard immense amounts of money that could have been invested in productive enterprises to produce peoducts and create jobs. Now it is stuck in short term liquidities that are only useful for speculation.

And tax evasion is not something "Good".



Your post missed the big picture, which is that Apple's marketshare worldwide is going down and down.

Apple sitting on a obscene pile of cash will have as effect the killing of innovation at Apple. Apple, for a while already, has stopped innovating and it is faking the innovation by window shopping. I think that in the future Apple will rely 100% on buying the whole innovation that they need from outside of Apple because it is so much easier to throw money at a problem by out sourcing it than to try to solve it yourself and innovate doing while doing it. Look at Tim Cook who has had flops, like for example the iWatch:

Apple will be here with us for the next 20 years or more BUT Apple will start to look more and more like today's Oracle.


@Wayne Brady
"it's not a BAD thing to have a lot of money."

That is debatable:

Cash-Hoarding Companies Are Hurting the Economic Recovery
Roughly one-third of the world's largest non-financial companies, including Apple, Microsoft and Google, are hoarding $2.8 trillion in unspent cash, preventing much-needed funds from entering the global economy.

Too Much Cash Isn't Good for Apple

@Wayne Brady
"Following tax laws is not tax evasion."

You are right, I should have used the word "avoidance" instead of the word "evasion" as the latter is illegal.

But we should be careful to distinguish "legal actions" from "good" or "moral" actions. A lot of harm can be done and a lot of lives can be ended prematurely while purely acting within the law.

The true costs of tax avoidance
For as long as leaders from low-income countries are excluded from the solution, tax avoidance will inflict costly and sometimes life-threatening consequences on millions of individuals



Excellent finding, regarding this:

Too Much Cash Isn't Good for Apple


And want to know why Apple is not innovating? It is part of a trend:

America has become so anti-innovation – it's economic suicide
The fall of Juicero isn’t just entertaining tech industry stupidity – it’s the sign of a country refusing to break new ground


@Wayne Brady
"Innovation is going on all over the world."

You did not read the article, it seems.


New Tizen phone is out.


If Samsung would sell Z4 here I would buy one without a hesitation. You can guess that from the Google URL that I just added (while not being aware I was going to paste Google URL when I copy a GSM arena URL). Thank you Google and Android, I hate you.

If only Samsung was not being managed by a bunch of idiots they would realize what a pent-up demand there is for Tizen phones globally.


@Wayne Brady
" And rather than retorting with the obvious truth that American companies now control the entirety of the smartphone operating systems and most all of the money being made in smartphones...I "

Innovation follows research, and research follows funds and subsidies. Subsidies are going down in the US and up in Asia. Innovation is going down in the US and up in Asia.

An obsession with high ROI on short notice and hoarding cash is very bad for innovation. As is currently seems to be illustrated by Apple.


Apple's R&D (where the innovation happens) is small for Apple's size. It is small even compared to Microsoft. One could argue that Apple is faking the innovation and not doing it.


@Wayne Brady
Your List

So did MS before, and it wasn't even innovative when they did it all those years ago.

Gul Dukat

@Wayne Brady

"... it's own video chat "

Apple video chat = stealing
Apple lost
"A federal jury in Texas on Friday night ordered Apple to pay more than $302 million in damages for using VirnetX Holding Corp's patented internet security technology without permission in features including its FaceTime video conferencing application.

The verdict came in a new trial in Tyler, Texas that had been ordered by the judge in the case, Robert Schroeder, who last August threw out VirnetX's $625.6 million win over Apple from a previous trial because he said jurors in that case may have been confused."


@Wayne Brady

Incidentally, an iCar would have been innovative, or a self driving car. Many other projects would fall under innovations. But your "own" ARM processor or payment method sounds more like a meto project.

Wayne Borean

Rather than argue, here's Apple's jobs list for hardware*USA&pN=0

And for software*USA&pN=0

For comparison here's Microsoft

And Google

My point is that everyone seems to be hiring engineers, including Apple.



your forgot to show what is the link between company X hiring some engineers at time X and innovation. A company can have long list of jobs available on its website and still not innovate at all. Apple nowadays does fake innovation.


@Waybe Brady
"Rather than argue, here's Apple's jobs list for hardware"

So what is this innovation? Ads are not innovation. The ARM processor was innovation, the A cpu is just a step.


Sorry mixing up Waynes. I should read more carefully.


It's still not innovation.

Current ARM CPUs are just incremental upgrades to an existing design, not much different than the various generations of Intel Core CPUs.

What was innovative is when AMD took the existing x86 design and added 64 bit support to it (an approach later to be copied by ARM as well for their 64 bit architecture) - but that was over 10 years ago. CPUs have gotten faster since then because the hardware got optimized but it's still the same basic design of how instructions get processed - and that applies to both x86 and ARM.

Gul Dukat

"And it's how Apple maintains a huge performance lead with chips that have less cores and runs at slower clock speeds with less RAM than the competition."

Android = real/true multitask = want lot core = 8 core good
Apple = fake multitask = want small core = 2 core good
apple os lame multitask = 8 core no use

you read single core speed, you think apple good
important multi core speed because is true speed

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