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October 10, 2016



the 'you should be in jail' line with the special prosecutor line is pure banana republic posing.

Any Rep or Senator that is a lawyer should condemn it tomorrow.
Not disavowing it, will be an ad avalanche against them.

Dave Barnes

The [very few] audience questions were pathetic.
The moderators were annoying.
Hills "won" 52/48, but who the fuck cares?
I was hoping for substantial questions that would pin the candidates.

The moderators should be taken out back and shot.
The "real" people asking questions should be taken out back and shot.


So Trump totally lost control and went into the sewer. He just looked desperate with those personal attacks. At times Trump looked like he was at his own rallies.

Isceald Glede

Hi Dave Barnes

Voters can be very disappointing. Taking them out back and shooting them may not be the most effective strategy. Plenty won't notice. Last time I heard gun shots, it was people hunting rabbits. (I met them while walking the dog. They were friendly and went out of their way to help me feel safe. If I had known in advance where they were I would have picked a different route to avoid scaring away the rabbits). If you take people of my town hall and shoot them, my first reaction would be someone is hunting ducks / rabbits again. If I heard that people had been shot, my first reaction would be "pictures or it didn't happen". Let's assume you legalised shooting people for asking pathetic questions at a debate, you take them out front to shoot them and that videos are available on you-tube to prove it is actually happening. What sort of reactions should you expect:

1) Watch the football / ballroom dancing / reality TV and not notice.
2) Assume it cannot be happening because they would never allow that and the videos must be faked.
3) Stay away from debates. Do not volunteer to be a moderator.
4) Stay in bed and post rants on the internet.
5) Buy a gun and not bother to learn how to shoot.
6) Flee the country.
7) Join the local firing squad.
8) Become the person who decides which questions are pathetic.

Perhaps someone somewhere would take an interest in government, research what is happening and how it can be done better, go to a debate armed with a list of difficult questions and not get selected to ask any of them.

Try writing to your MP/congress critter. Keep a copy of the letter you send and the response you get. You will get a response. Expect to be fobbed off with disinformation, so research your letter carefully, provide supporting evidence and include graphs. (People see words as biased, but graphs are more impersonal and have a remote chance of helping someone consider the possibility of changing their mind.) Keep trying. At worst, you collect a pile of evidence that your local politician is determined to ignore all evidence against his policy. At best, you convince your politician to do something sane.

The key to getting voters to become less pathetic is education. Education requires patience, not a big stick. Voters who can research an issue, spot which candidate is lying the most, ask important questions and vote accordingly can make a real difference and traditionally they are the first up against the wall when the revolution comes.


Trump was frustrated from the beginning. Not quite unhinged, but paranoid and occasionally babbling. He felt picked on: "It's nice to -- one on three."


'He Grabbed Me:' Woman Alleges Trump Groped Her Exactly as Described on Tape

Tomi T Ahonen

Hey P

I deleted your comment. I don't mind opposing views but pls don't use language like that. If you want to engage with is, then please don't use profanities.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Reclusive mega-donor fueling Donald Trump's White House hopes
Hedge fund boss Robert Mercer helped attack Trump before backing him

"But Mercer’s greatest influence on Trump may not be via his cash but, rather, through key operatives who have leaped from the Mercers’ organization to lead Trump’s: campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, campaign CEO Steve Bannon and deputy campaign manager David Bossie."

"Together with his wife, Diana, Robert Mercer directly contributed roughly $23 million to federal candidates and political committees during the 2016 election cycle through the end of August. That made the couple the top individual donors on the Republican side, according to federal campaign contribution data tracked by the Center for Responsive Politics.

"Of that, Robert Mercer gave $15.5 million to Make America Number 1 and $2.5 million to the John Bolton super PAC. Robert and Diana Mercer together gave about $1.3 million to the Republican National Committee."

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

First instant polls out (ignoring obviously fake online popularity contests where you can vote multiple times that are gamed by Putin's army of cyberbots)

CNN/Orc poll says Hillary won by 57% to 34%
YouGov polls says Hillary won by 47% to 42%

Then the Latin Votes poll of just hispanic voters gave it to Hillary at 92% to 8% (thats a big ouch)

The Politico poll of experts had a partisan split but gave the total result to Hillary. 75% of Republicans felt Trump won (ie 25% said he lost) but 90% of Democrats felt Hillary won (ie 10% felt she lost).

Interesting take on it on some comments. The base Republicans feel that Trump did well enough, that they think the bleeding now stops of the deserters from the sinking SS Trumpitania.

I think thats wishful thinking. There are now a TON of press stories rushing to get out and at least half a dozen separate sexual misconduct related stories already brewing. Howard Stern says he has much more bad language by Trump. The Producer of the Apprentice says they have far worse from Trump. And now at least one woman has come out already saying she was groped exactly like Trump describes on the tape. These things will be a MONSTER nasty story for Trump this week - and more Republicans will decide they can't take that stain and will un-endorse.

And there is that weird rumor that Mike Pence may drop off the ticket. That would be odd. Oh, and Politico reports that Paul Ryan was considering to un-endorse Trump. He is probably very close to the brink and Trump needs to now be on his best behavior.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


"And there is that weird rumor that Mike Pence may drop off the ticket."

Here is the link:

Mike Pence is reportedly leaving Trump campaign, because America’s stepdad is fucking done



'Proud to stand with you' Mike Pence QUASHES quitting rumours and endorses Trump


The Second Debate Probably Didn’t Help Trump, And He Needed Help

Wayne Borean

Rather long winded, but they come to the conclusion that Conservatism is about fear.


Clinton pulled back on a kill shot for a reason: Keep Trump on the ticket


Paul Ryan Says He Will No Longer Defend Donald Trump


Looks like this blog has sufficiently high enough outreach for all the trolls to come crawling out now... Here I was thinking this was just a small circle of smartphones/US elections freaks gathering, but in either case this is getting ridiculous haha.

I wonder how Hillary will approach Russia given they are openly interfering against her campaign this, god I hope she won't follow in Obama's footsteps in this incredibly naive approach of all talk and actually understand that russians only respect the logic of FORCE and POWER. Remains to be seen...

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

DEVASTATING. NBC/Wall Street Journal ran a 2-day poll Saturday and Sunday, before the debate, so it ONLY measured the sex tape. And its a collapse. 4-way poll has Hillary at 46%, Trump at ... 35% ... Johnson at 9% and Stein at 2%. To understand how hopeless it is, the 2-way poll has Hillary at 52% and Trump down to 38%. He is now collapsing. This is before the debate, and as the sex tape alone will continue to hurt him. Before all the other dirt that is now getting into view.

There is an emergency meeting with the GOP to consider how to handle the Trump collapse and already Paul Ryan has said he will not associate himself in any way with Trump. He is considering withdrawing his endorsement. The party is expected to release all down-ticket politicians to play Trump however they want without any penalty from the party (previously Reince Priebus had threatened that anyone who splits with Trump will face severe sanctions in their next election)

So in the 4-way election Trump has fallen to 35%. His ceiling is now collapsing. There will definitely be some floor that he won't fall through (the 'real Deplorables') but that might be below 30%. Trump will lose AT LEAST another point just for the debate, maybe 2 (but he's likely to be lower because of the continuing damage from the sex tape).

Also note, Trump has essentially challenged all the US press to go find someone who verifies Trump did actually sexually assault some woman in the way as he said on the tape. By Anderson Cooper pressing Trump on it (it took Anderson FOUR times to ask the question until Trump said he has not sexually assaulted any woman) now Trump is on record promising he's been a nice boy - and we know fully well he hasn't been. It will come out soon and he will look like not just a sexual predator, but a lying sexual predator. The Republicans will not stand by a sex pervert. He is history. And gosh, that support is collapsing fast. I thought he'd be around 38% but 35% already?

And a related note. Rasmussen's daily tracking poll - R is the very pro-Republicans pollster - shows on its 5-day rolling daily poll a fall of 6 points in one day (it only had one day measured since the sex tape story broke). Six points in ONE DAY. Trump is so dead. Now the end-game gets even more interesting. Remember, Trump has no internal polling to tell him how bad it was. And now he'll want to fight back - and fight with whom? Not Hillary - Trump will feel the REPUBLICANS are stabbing him in the back, and he will strike at THEM. We may very well see Mike Pence dropping officially from the ticket and other bizarre developments.

Stay tuned. I don't know if I dare even to go to sleep now haha as the developmnets are coming so fast

Tomi Ahonen :-)


"Rather, we should turn them into partners and allies."


- Shot down MH17 airliner and the lies about it

- Helps with Chemical attacks in Syria

- Bombs a UN food aid convoy

- Hacks computers of candidates in the US elections

With such alies, you do not need enemies anymore.


Thr biggest enemy of Hillary could become complacency in her voters.

Hillary Clinton's Lead Grew to 11 Points After Lewd Video, Before Debate, in WSJ Poll

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

Yea. Now its civil war. Ryan has released the party from any obligations to Trump. Remember he already stopped any work by the party on behalf of Trump on Saturday. And Trump doesn't like this, he's now making threats at his end.

Get the popcorn and whisky chasers.. this may go nuclear - and do so in a matter of minutes not days..

(oh and Hillary has released first TV ad with Trump's words. Its a FAR tuned-down version of the YouTube ad we saw on the weekend, but it includes a clip from the debate)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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