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October 06, 2016


Millard Filmore

@Tomi: "Hillary's national polling in the 4-way race ..."

With the Libertarian VP giving up, is it a 3.5 way race now? ;)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Millard

LOL yes, gosh, its conceivable Johnson finishes below Stein in the final count, the way his campaign stumbles from one Aleppo moment to the next..

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Tomi, I have a distinct feeling that you are dying to get to know more about the internals of the Hillary campaign data operation. I wonder whether they will let us know about it after the elections are over.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Winter

Yeah, most def. I do intend to write a blog about what all we have found out, and so far its very little, but its the biggest gun they have, even bigger than Obama as a surrogate. So they will keep all the info secret until the election. BUT I do expect plenty of bragging after the election like in 2012 and to a lesser extent 2008. So somewhere in mid November hopefully, we'll have a pretty decent picture of what all they had.

One interesting tidbit I did pick up, the Hillary campaign has on their website a link to calling scripts for volunteers. I did not follow through on that link, I would expect they need the volunteers first to sign up, but still, with half a million volunteers, its not difficult to imagine Trump 'spies' getting to see those.

But here's the problem. Its USELESS to Trump's side. Its like spies capturing the targeting display of a modern jet fighter. Its USELESS unless you also have the radar. Haha, so the Hillary team is SO confident of their overwhelming superiority on this front, they are putting onto their website the telephoning scripts for volunteers (so if you're a retired teacher, and want to volunteer, they will have the script of what kind of things to talk about - and then the campaign will get you phone numbers of other retired teachers, plus Hillary's various positions on the main issues that voter might be concerned about; separate for the student, separate for the military vet, etc etc etc).

This to me is astonishing, and it is INCREDIBLY powerful because now anyone who is interested in helping, can self-discover those tools - or be sent there by a friend. AND because it uses the targeting power, even brothers in the same family will likely get different scripts because they have different jobs and variances in their backgrounds haha.. Trump has nothing he could hope to do, to this level of precision and its way too late to try to build something now.

Also, as always, I hope you readers of the blog will also help and post links and discover related stuff, as you always do and it greatly helps!

Tomi Ahonen :-)


A data tool is not worth much without the data. Its worse with Big Data tools. They might start bragging* after the elections as they will continue redeveloping and redesigning for 2020. If the GOP try to use it, they will be chasing tail lights. Anyhow, the campaign will keep certain key parts secret.

*Those developing it will also market it to their commercial clients. These are people who work in companies and consultancies. That is where they earn their real money. The bragging is marketing too.


Some thoughts on data provided by 538 and NY Times
Both have two large bumps for Clinton and both show Clinton just started her third bump. NY Times is less conservative than 538 (conservative as in prediction, not as in politics).
NY Times first bump:
Clinton's reached the 75% plateau of her first bump on June 21st and that lasted until July 20th.
538 first bump:
Clinton's reached the 75% plateau of her first bump on June 19th and that lasted until July 12th.
NY Times second bump:
Clinton's reached the 75% plateau of her first bump on August 3rd and that lasted until September 14th.
538 second bump:
Clinton's reached the 75% plateau of her first bump on August 4th and that lasted until August 30th.

So each of her two previous bumps lasted roughly one month. This third bump started on September 30th at NY Times and at October 5th at 538. So if history is considered, then this current bump should end right before the election. Both NY Times and 538 are a bit conservative in their analyses but as we approach the election day, and Trump runs out of time for a comeback, then they will become less conservative. So Clinton should get better odds even if her poll numbers don't improve.

Wayne Borean

Double digits in Michigan.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

Some notes of the campaign and news. Arizona? Two polls out after debate, show Arizona now at +1% for Hillary (one 2%, one even). If Hillary wins in AZ now matter with how thin a margin, the race is over. And we know she has a ground game set up in AZ and keeps spending some money on TV ads in the state. Me, I'd love to see her do a real push for the state, go campaign there and bring her surrogate circus there in full. Oh, and the local Arizona Republican politicians haha, yeah, they hate it when Trump shows up, because they are all then forced to defend Trump's latest statements in all of THEIR press events. (Good!)

Missouri. One poll that RCP doesn't recognize has Hillary up by 1% in MO. A state that went for Romney by 9%. I'd say thats a big, no HUUUUGE ouch there. She's not even TRYING to win in Missouri. Ok, maybe poll sample is too small, maybe methodology not sound enough, but we don't have any other numbers from Missouri either.

I'd love to see a Georgia poll, it must be just about 1% also.

Then endorsements. Haha, now a group of 30 former Republican members of Congress have joined in a 'never Trump' un-endorsement. The Atlantic, a magazine of 150 year history has only 3 times made a Presidential endorsement (Abe Lincoln, LB Johnson, and now:) Hillary. And haha, Rudy Giuliani's daughter is for Hillary. I said there will be a clear female edge to those Hillary Republicans.

Also, there was a story (I did not click to the link, I only read the headline) that apparently in some Republican families women are 'secretly' voting for Hillary for fear or, or out of respect to the views of their husbands (and possibly also sons). We may see an element of unmeasured female erosion in Trump's support that turns out to be even bigger among Republicans than what is measured. Can you imagine such a woman speaking on the phone - say a retired woman, on a phone poll, when the husband is in the house. She'd probably say she'll vote for Trump knowing in her heart that she will not. We may see the actual effect when we compared the last polls just before election day, for their 'cross tabs' details and then compare those to the Exit Poll of the election. I betcha the actual turnout female vote by registered Republicans is slightly even more for Hillary, than suggested by the last polling.

In racism news, another of Trump's Hitler Jugend sons has done a radio interview with a neo-Nazi radio show (ie Alt-Right radio show). Surprise-surprise.

Obama's favorability is hitting all-time high levels in various polls. CNN/Orc just measured their highest popularity for Obama of his second term. Obama's popularity is helped on BOTH sides by the unpopular rivals to succeed him. This bodes well for Obama's legacy, even many who 'hated' him during his term, will gradually come to say he was ok (especially as he's out of office and Hillary is in). I think Obama will end up on the Supreme Court but one of my Twitter friends said no, Obama wants to become the new baseball commissioner (I had no idea). If that IS the case, he really might not even want the job and obviously Hillary would never push the idea if Obama told her privately, no, he doesn't want it.

Me? I think every bone in Obama's body sings: Supreme Court. At the historic time when the Court balance tips after 4 decades of ever more destructive conservative decisions (I mean this, that if one side holds on too long to the Court, they undo any 'balancing' benefits and push their own agenda, its irrespective of which party they are supporting) and its high time to correct those over-reaches. It would be a magnificent time to be a liberal-leaning Justice, getting to be on the majority of those Court cases that will eb recited for decades after your death. The next 5 years or so, maybe 10, SCOTUS will make rulings that not only will stand (because their time has come, or because the previous court made stupid rulings that need to be undone) but will be very impactful to the nation and those decisions will be read, and re-read, and recited again and again.

After so long of dealing with knuckleheads who won't listen to reason, Obama would love to be surrounded by 8 people who are, at least often, willing to listen to reason and to go with the facts, or to with the argument, EVEN when it goes against their political leaning as we see frequently in SCOTUS decisions. He would be a master on the inside, helping convert positions... but yeah, if he's done with politics and dreams of being the commissioner of Major League Baseball, then go ahead, he has certainly earned the right to retire and do exactly as he pleases. Build houses for the poor or do ugly paintings haha, to compare Jimmy Carter and W Bush.

On the local races, I do find it odd that I don't see a long line of 'this Congressman is with Trump' type of attack ads by Democrats. I wonder if that is a strategic decision to hold back and hit them late with it. Maybe they calculate that Trump's support is not 'bad enough' to do that. I would think its the perfect vehicle, force every Republican rival to 'defend' Trump in the way that Tim Kaine did against Mike Pence in the VP debate, and then have that candidate come out to be either in favor of Trump (damage himself/herself with moderates) or be against Trump (damage himself/herself with GOP base voters). To me this is a perfect 'wedge' issue that should be used.

Maybe there is a big 'Jedi mind trick' element to it, like maybe the Democrats fear that if Trump is attacked too early, he (or the Congressperson) has time to strike back, especially with 2 more TV debates to go. Maybe there is a concerted effort to how, and WHEN to do it. I hope this is the case. The Hillary Campaign seems to run everything very very well tested and timed, and truly know what they're doing. But I really would like to see those types of attack ads to try to take down Senators, Members of the House and local goverment like Governors etc. And that in turn then to put pressure on Trump to wage his personal vendetta wars against his own party again, haha.

On demograhics, Trump polling in some polls now at 5% with blacks, lower than Romney and a new Latin Vote poll has Trump down to 15% with Hispanic vote (Romney got to 27%). Trump cannot win the election if he scores AS BADLY as Romney with women, blacks and Hispanics. Trump is instead recording far worse numbers with all three demograhics which means.. landslide loss.

In Florida, Governor Scott (a Reptilian) (ok, a Republican-Reptilian) is saying he will not extend voter registration dates to compensate for the hurricane. Some on the extreme right wing conspiracy edge think the Gubernment is falsifying Florida storm data to create artificial fear of global warming haha. The Cuba Castro connection is anecdotally damaging Trump in the only state with a significantly large REPUBLICAN Hispanic voter slice (The Cuban-ancestry Hispanics around Miami) and reporting says that the new Hispanics that came to Florida recently, from Puerto Rico are strongly for Hillary. All this as the Hillary campaign has only started its Hispanic outreach and Spanish-language ads, while Trump has seen two Hispanic outreach managers quit on him and about half of Florida's elected Republican Hispanics are against Trump, with Ana Navarro on CNN running a one-woman Trump-wrecking ball all by herself. Oh, and Trump has not bothered do do any Spanish-language ads, not radio, not TV.

The NRA is back with a big TV ad buy for Trump with 6.5 million dollars. As before, it includes the futile ad spend in Virginia but they are also advertising in half a dozen real battleground states. With this ad buy added to Trump's 'Ivanka' ads for women, and the little he has in his SuperPACs, Trump is close to even this week in total TV ad spend to Hillary. But because Hillary and her SuperPAC bought TV time far in advance, they still will have a larger number of total TV ads on the air, but not by a big margin, not even 1.5 to 1.

Meanwhile Hillary has run several good new video ads on YouTube (testing possible TV ads to run) one which I think I mentioned but is funny and hits hard, is that Pence doesn't seem to know his running mate Trump and at the debate was stunned at Trump's positions. I do expect a version of that to run in the Industrial states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

There are stories already looking at the November 9 aftermath for the eventual Trump loss, like HuffPo did a piece on what role will Mike Pence play vs Ted Cruz in the race for the soul of the Republican party and to be the front-runner for 2020.

By the way, I think I've figured out one TV ad format and its exact timing. Those ads where Trump praises Hillary (and Bill) - their optimal timing is immediately after the third debate. This second debate will be Trump's worst. He is not just bad at one-on-one debating and in a long 90 minute debate session (that Hillary excels at), Trump is not suited to take questions from the audience without arguing WITH them, the audience members like he did with that woman at the Commander-in-Chief forum about suicide rates, or Trump did just now at an event in Nevada where Trump argued WITH A NEVADA VOTER - about what is the correct pronounciation of THEIR STATE NAME.

The bullying and interrupting and correcting that Trump does - is annoying enough when its aimed at other candidates, and makes Trump far worse off, when he does it against debate moderators (to independent voters, while Republican voters now love this) but when Trump attacks audience members - voters - he will come off as insensitive and ignorant. And Hillary will be prepared for it, she will bait Trump to go into territories he should avoid - and most of all, whenever Trump argues with an audience member, Hillary will be there to be the sane sympathetic adult in the room to collect the points after Trump. It will be Trump's worst debate.

By contrast, the third debate (if he doesn't cancel) will seem better because Trump will be closer to what we saw in the first debate, except, by then, Trump WILL have some debate coaching and some of that coaching will have actually penetrated his microbrain.

Anyway, in the third debate Trump HAS to attack Hillary with everything he's got. To do everything, Bengazi, emails, Clinton Foundation, Monica Lewinski, Whitewater, a bizarre murder conspiracy, everything. So Trump will be at his most hostile ever, to anyone of his rivals, and take it all out on Hillary. And she'll be prepared and no doubt give as good as she takes, with probably far more damaging rebuttals on current and real and far more serious scandals. BUT the TV ad..

BUT the TV ad.

The devastating final rebuttal that Hillary will run, will probably be set up in the debate, where Hillary, right at the end, asks Trump - but you praised Bill Clinton for being the best recent President we had, better than either of the Bushes. And his natural instinct - especially at the end of a hostile debate where Trump is hit by everything from his business failures to his lies to his Russia connections to his poor judgment and temperament to his offensive behavior and not apologizing - so at the end of the debate, Trump cannot but resort to his base instinct - just deny. So he will deny that he liked Bill Clinton.

And THEN Hillary will ask, but Donald, you approved of how I was as the Secretary of State (which he will deny) and then - killer - Donald, you said I'd make a great President (to which he'll say 'wrong' or 'I never said that'). NOW Hillary HAS the TV ad already cut, waiting for those clips to be edited in. Her debate baiting will be fine-tuned to get Trump explicitly to DENY having said he likes/admires the Clintons and deny that he said Hillary was great as Secy of State and would make great POTUS.

NOW the TV ad, after the 3rd debate, will be Trump denying and then video showing he said it. And the voice-over will say something like 'Trump only says he doesn't approve of Hillary because Trump is running against her, in reality he admires the work she's done'

The 'Trump endorses Hillary' TV ad alone is powerful and will move numbers. It becomes DEVASTATING if Trump now denies it. We've seen Hillary is fully capable of making Trump say stupid stuff on live TV (and Tim Kaine too with Mike Pence, so its the debate TECHNIQUE and discipline that achieves that, not just a talented gifted debater).

I would think, that TV ad may be the most powerful TV ad ever run, and will be remembered as the TV ad that destroyed Trump even though he was in reality destroyed a month earlier in a debate. But we KNOW the Hillary campaign knows how to do this TYPE of ad, and we also know those statements exist and are incredibly powerful.

Why not do it earlier? Because then Trump could use the next TV debate to undo the damage, to do damage-control. But the third debate is the last TV program to get over 20 million viewers by either side (will get probably over 70 million) so no matter where Trump goes next to speak, once those Hillary TV ads start to run, Trump will have no way to respond. That timing and TV ad format, that I am certain is in the works - and they've budgeted a monster TV ad buy for it, which is why they are still hustling for more cash and are sitting on a huge cash pile in the bank, but have booked tons of TV ad time in advance. This may be the most powerful TV ad ever made. Its coming. It will be online within hours of the TV debate ending and on air, within probably 48 hours of the debate.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

I forgot three more things. A study of Trump voters has uncovered another aspect. They tend to be voters who never moved away from their original hometown of birth. The ones who stayed behind. Were never accepted to college (lesser educated) and yeah, stay in the same little town their whole lives. What total difference from those who go and travel the world, live or study or work abroad; who move to the big city; who even just go to college in another college town before coming 'back home' to that town of birth. Yeah, it makes perfect sense. The core Trump voter is someone who is anchored in his/her home town and never lived elsewhere. Of course these kinds of voters are easily scared to fear the hellscapes of the inner cities with thousands of murders where gangs of Mexican rapists and black gangsters and Muslim terrorists and transvestites roam the streets and kill and drain the blood of good Christians and eat their children.

LOL yeah. I lived for 3 years in Western Pennsylvania in a small college town of Clarion (then population 5,000 people; when college was in session the town's population literally doubled). I have dealt with people exactly like these and can understand their type of thinking. And how quickly even a little bit of exposure to the outside world - even just visiting other nearby states (my debate team members and our long rides to the debate tournaments at other college towns) would help broaden their minds - and how VASTLY more 'cosmopolitan' were those Clarion University students who happened to come from say Pittsburgh - still quite a provincial city... But yeah, I get it. Those who have never lived outside their little town, they would be Trumpsters.

Now, in other funny news, haha, I forget which state this was in, I think it was a Southern state could be Georgia or South Carolina, but the wife of the local state GOP party leader, has forbidden him from putting up a Trump sign on their lawn. Haha. Thats what women do in their families haha. Trump is forcing a gender divide inside families. A GOP party boss, is 'whipped' by her wife so badly, he can't put up a Trump sign on their lawn. Good for her! There was a poll that said that 7% of Americans had lost friendships due to Trump. I'm sure the fights are bigger inside families and the real number will end up being bigger overall than 7%.

LOL and NFL football players (American 'football' which looks a bit like rugby, not what they call 'soccer' and we the rest of the world call football). Someone took a straw poll of an NFL football team's support. Almost all blacks were for Hillary. All whites were for Trump. Haha. Don't want to get into that argument about politics right now in that team... (So what is the typical footballer stereotype? A mental midget who got his college scholarship because of his athletic skill and majored in 'basket weaving studies' haha. Yeah, the dumbest college graduates - the athletes - if you're white, you're all for Trump. If you're black, even if you're dumb and black, most blacks know a racist when the see one)

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Arizona is a much better target for Clinton when compared to Georgia. The reason is California being so blue and so close to Arizona. The campaign can significantly boost the ground game in Arizona by hauling Californians on bus to Arizona. Georgia does not have a big blue neighbor. So Clinton can't do this trick there. Whatever resources she has in Florida they are badly needed there. Same for North Carolina and Virginia. Nevada has already regular shuttle bus trips from Los Angeles to Nevada. In the end, I think Arizona will remain red at least for this election cycle (as I expect the race to tighten again right before the election).

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Bloomberg has a great analysis of the past 10 weeks in TV ads aired, by week. It shows a big jump in TV ads by Hillary's side for September and that bizarre hole in Trump ads that produced a void in part of September. In rough terms both sides do more negative than positive ads But Hillary and her supporter groups do far more TV ads than Trump and his supporting groups. The analysis & some good charts are here

Of the past 4 weeks, month of September, Hillary's dide has averaged about 18 million dollars in TV ads per week, about 4 million in positive ads about her, and 14 million in attack ads about Trump. On the other side, Trump and his team has run about 8 million dollars in TV ads, which break about 6 million attacks on Hillary and 2 million supporting Trump. In negative ads, Hillary's advantage running about 2.5 to 1; in supportive positive ads Hillary's advantage about 2 to 1.

The ads are more negative in tone in battleground states, because current understanding is that negative ads work more powerfully than positive ones, and the article suggests in a close race a successful TV ad campaign if sustained, can deliver as much as 2% of the final election outcome ie swing a slighly behind-campaign to end up slightly-winning.

Separately let me point out that I'm surprised we still haven't gotten our 'Bossie surprise'. Is it the Trump campaign's intention to wait until after the last debate to do that or is there perhaps a feeling it won't work or Trump (or his kids) don't want to run whatever Bossie has cooked up.

Talking about disruptors to the race, Assange clearly loves his moment in the sun and probably has over-sold his Wikileaks remaining email 'scandals' so he teases and doesn't release to drive up his own visibility.

From the Democrats' side, early voting is going on (Robbie Mook was saying early votes are up in North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa and Florida versus votes at the same point in time in 2012) so the more they can 'bank' votes now, before any last-minute smears come from the Trump campaign - especially as they KNOW their voters, the better it is for Hillary's outcome. Meanwhile Trump's Get-out-the-vote work will have at least slightly, and may even be significantly harmful side-effects - of also bringing to polls those secret anti-Trump votes of say wives and kids of Trump supporters. Because they can't target precisely and don't know their voters, when they activate voters, they will also reach Democrats and if there is a 'secret female anti-Trump vote' - then that will be activated also the more they push early votes of Trump 'supporters'.

But back to the TV ads, there is a clear ramp-up of the anti-Trump TV ad campaign that started after the Olympics and currently half of all TV ads shown are anti-Trump. The other half divides into anti-Hillary, pro-Hillary and pro-Trump ads. But half of all TV ads shown about the Presidential race are anti-Trump. That can't help him haha...

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

Onto big data... Geekwire has a fresh article about Teddy Goff the Chief Digital Officer of the Hillary team, where they print a lot of words saying VERY little about the actual digital inside stuff we'd want to know. But.. top line item. The single most communication important tool for Hillary 2016 (as it was for Obama 2012 and Obama 2008) is..

SMS text messaging (duh!) we knew that. For fund-raising its still email (duh). Of course they use voice calls, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat etc but the top tool is and continues to be.. SMS. They are not looking to play apps games haha. Smart. They know tech and mobile. They've measured it, they know how it works.

He DOES discuss very very obliquely, about their Big Data operation. It IS an evolution of Narwhal Obama's 2012 machine. It has all voters in it, and all voters are scored and he mentions 3 scoring criteria: candidate preference score, persuadability score, and first bit of new news for us but this is so obvious, yes, the preferred means of CONTACT scoring. Don't call a person who wants to be reached via Twitter haha. Very smart.

He does talk about Trump's Twitter addiction, saying they hope Trump continues to do his 3AM Tweets - those invariably turn out better for Hillary than Trump - and a valid point, not every retweet is good publicity for a campaign. Trump is definitely teaching the social media world a valuable lesson in his 2016 run that you have to watch the TONE of what you say in social media and the raw count of retweets can hide that those are against you or even ridiculing you.

But yeah, here is the article

Not much more in it. But we know the system they are running is Narwhal but up-gunned updated and more potent even than 2012. And the rough principle of the system is the same. Expect performance to be at least as good, likely even better than 2012 (in those states where it is deployed).

But gotta luv the guy when the top tech he still loves is.. SMS.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


At 538:
Where Clinton Is Setting Up Field Offices — And Where Trump Isn't


David Letterman pulls no punches, says Trump is a 'damaged person' and should 'be shunned'

[References article in NYT].


How Donald Trump Supporters Attack Journalists
By Kurt Eichenwald


If you read no other story about the basket of deplorables, read Eichenwald's.

"This is not an unavoidable consequence of a contentious political campaign. This is exceptional, a circumstance brought about by the gutter rants of Donald Trump and his refusal to condemn the racists, neo-Nazis and other deplorables who support him. That our country has reached this point, where the line between modern American political supporters and Hitler’s brownshirts is becoming thinner by the day, is unacceptable. That GOP candidates have stood by and allowed this ugliness to flourish without aggressively condemning their candidate for what he has set loose, simply because they are seeking re-election or fear losing their jobs at the mid-terms, will stain the Republican Party for decades."


"That GOP candidates have stood by and allowed this ugliness to flourish without aggressively condemning their candidate for what he has set loose, simply because they are seeking re-election or fear losing their jobs at the mid-terms, will stain the Republican Party for decades."

I remember that we discussed Trump the wrecking ball destroying the GOP a year ago. But I do not know whether I realized then how thorough he would salt the fields and poison the wells of the Republican party. And US politics in general.


Trump's women outreach strategy has been revealed:
"Grab them by the pussy"

Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005


Hillary's team have all the attack ad's schedule already sorted out and then this gold vein appears out of nowhere.

It must be a tough job.


Early Book Praising Hitler May Have Been Written by Hitler

Where have we seen this before? This seems very familiar... Ah, yes, I think it was John Miller (or was it John Barron?) bragging about Trump's handsomeness. But what was the motive? The clue is in this quote from the article: "This suggests that Hitler had designs on taking power earlier than many historians have previously thought and manipulated public opinion to get there."
So similarly we can conclude that Trump's strategy of attracting women's votes had started much earlier...

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