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October 20, 2016



The best outcome for Hillary would have been stoking the fire of war between Trump and the GOP. Ideally, to the point where Trump calls upon his supporters to not vote for down ticket Republicans.

Could anything be used to stoke that fire. Say, the admission that Trump does not think the voters should decide who becomes president?


Just a quote:

Shortly after the debate wrapped, though, Kellyanne Conway——his campaign manager and clean-up crew—clarified his stance on CNN.
“Donald Trump will accept the results of the election,” she said, “because he will win the election.”

Donald Trump: I Might Not Accept Election Results
Refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power, the GOP nominee floated the possibility at the final presidential debate that the race is ‘rigged’ and he won’t concede if he loses.


A local PBS station is airing "Ball of Confusion: The 1968 Election". At some point during this unending election process, I mentioned to my two adult children that I was scared that the Dumpster and his trumpanzees might take us to 1968. Naturally, they were both confused and I tried to explain it. (You had to live through it to understand how horrific that time was). That documentary does a pretty good job of showing the craziness. I don't know if it's available online.



Trump on business? He's gonna do for the country what he did for casinos?

I think Hillary missed an opportunity there as Wallace wanted to rush along.



Re: "stoking the fire"

The elections in battleground states are nearly all run by Republicans. Accepting Trump's claim that the election is rigged means all wins by Republicans are illegitimate wins. The GOP probably doesn't like that idea.

That's pretty good stoking. :D


I think it was smart of Hillary. Trump knows how to talk business, even if he is pretty bad at doing it. Better to get him on a subject he blunders in.



I have to admit that tv special effects are getting much better. It was actually hard to see the strings attached to Donald.


Hey, another one from The Atlantic. The "Petulant Child" (love the title, Tomi) wants to be a "tin-pot dictator":

The Most Irresponsible Thing Ever Said in a Presidential Debate

"Trump’s refusal to endorse a core principle of American democracy, on stage during a general-election debate with much of the country watching, might be the weirdest, and most disturbing, moment yet in a campaign marked by breathtaking violations of protocol and decorum. Faced with accusations from his critics on both the left and the right that he is a wannabe tin-pot dictator, Trump rose to the occasion, determinedly confirming the attack. It was perhaps the most irresponsible thing ever said during a general-election debate."


Just at at his face

He didn't seem to enjoy the evening. This is the face of a sad moron.



That might as well have the caption, "I love Mussolini."

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

First, note that I added an ADDENDUM to the above, if you read the early version. The addendum is at the bottom. A way to summarize the debate in 8 words.

Second. CNN had a real poll. They found 52% say Hillary won, 39% say Trump won. Not bad guess by me, in how I thought it would be judged haha...

(now going back to reading the various reviews and comments)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Cassander Troy

Trump is not a businessman, he just plays one on TV. That is what he is hiding in his tax returns. Most of the building with his name on them are no longer his. His assets are shrinking, and all the cashflow comes from his brand, the successful businessman that he plays on TV.


Obviously, the Trump brand will be totally destroyed after the elections when all the Republicans will be blaming Trump for losing big time (and scamming them for money in the same time).

I am already looking forward to the year 2017 to see how many more of Trump's businesses will go bankrupt.



Re: "suspense" being "devastating"

Donald Trump Confirms At Third Debate He Is A Domestic Insurrectionist

"Whatever reason Trump has, his stance is fitting. Putin is waging a global campaign to discredit the very idea of democracy. Trump has joined his cause. The debate culminated in Trump refusing to pledge that he would accept the outcome of the election – a statement of disloyalty to the American system of government without precedent since 1860, when Southern Democrats vowed to leave the union if the Republican party prevailed."


It is obviously all a Clinton conspiracy

Commentary: There are way too many coincidences in the race for the White House

Hey, here is a corespondent that deplores the campaign tactics of the Clintons against the Republican nominee. Nothing about the fact that it was ALL his own words that were used against him.

From the same newspaper:
Column: Donald Trump just lost his last chance to turn this election around

"In the second debate, Trump rewrote a potentially favorable narrative for himself by interjecting that, if he were president, Clinton would be in jail for the way she mishandled sensitive email when she was secretary of state.
I would call it unbelievable that he made an even more tin-eared assault on American political traditions in the third debate, but nothing is unbelievable when it comes to Donald Trump.
"That’s horrifying," Clinton said as, backstage, her campaign team was no doubt spraining their wrists giving one another emphatic high-fives.
Trump’s last chance to turn his fortunes around vanished in a misguided flurry of opacity, arrogance and vanity.
How fitting. How inevitable. How relieving."


Does anyone happen to have a copy of the Official Rules of Rigging? I lost mine and can't remember if it takes 2 dead cats to equal 1 dead voter or if it's a 1 to 1 ratio.

(I have to dig through the pets because the local cemetary is owned by a Republican. Naturally, all those stiffs will vote GOP).


Gee, thanks Winter. You posted that Chicago Tribune link, knowing full well it would lead to other, more sinister links there. Now I gotta worry about them crazy Canucks!

Commentary: Canadians tell America it's great. How dare they?

"The threat became apparent earlier this week when a Toronto-based creative agency called The Garden launched an unprovoked cyberkindness attack on innocent American internet users.

Using the phrase "Tell America it's great," this shadowy Canuck company encouraged Canadians to get on social media and help cheer up Americans who might be feeling beaten down by the brutal 2016 presidential campaign."

[Reminds me of another time, back in my youth, when a Canadian jumped in to give us a much-needed lift:


Oh, background to above:


Another debate coach grades the candidates:

Debate coach: Trump's strategy mistakes too serious to overcome

No surprise here:
Overall grades
Clinton: A-
Trump: F

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