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October 09, 2016


Dave Barnes

I love these analyses and predictions.
I am so pumped to watch the impending car crash this evening.


Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 3h

So many self-righteous hypocrites. Watch their poll numbers - and elections - go down!


What a delicious schadenfreude


a 90 minute long dumpster fire, car crash and touchdown dance

Millard Filmore

Some notable op-eds from our favorite VP candidate, Mr. Pence including this sample:

- "Pence wrote that Clinton must resign or be impeached." (- "Mike, have you met Donald?")

- “Republicans, from George Washington to George W. Bush just have better ideas.”

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

Attempting to read the tea-leaves before the debate (2 and half hours to go). Trump flew to St Lewis and didn't tell his press pool until they were already on the way. Nice move. BUT he flew there already. Would be a costly 'head fake' to then not show up and debate (but Trump not showing up would be haha, at least a big news item).

Trump has his family 'all' present and Kellyanne Conway has come back from the witness protection program. She sent a Tweet with a picture of her smiling in the limo with Trump. So she's in St Louis.

Well. I'd say... we heard Trump was interviewing for a new Campaign boss and suddenly Conway was pulled off the TV talk shows. It could have been the timing to fire her. And as that happened the sex tape mess got nasty. I'd guess whoever was coming in for the job decided, no, am not taking this turkey - and Trump decided to give Conway a new chance (and/or she threatened to resign and he was forced to give her a raise - and pay it in advance).

Conway on the trip with Trump means she is one of the voices Trump is listening to last - we know he always changes his mind based on who got to speak to him last - and as Rudy Giuliani was sent to do Sunday talk shows, I think its safe to say Giuliani is not the last man talking. Chris Christie should be the top (possibly only) debate coach currently advising Trump - who will be urging a sane strategy. Conway is CLEARLY the 'lets act sane' Campaign Boss who got Trump to Teleprompters and to try the Mexican gamble and the black outreach.

And with all his family in attendance, and I'm sure at least Ivanka and Melania have said to not go attack Bill, the Bill Clinton stuff won't come out early in the debate. I am guessing these 'tea leaves' tell us that Trump intends to try to play nice. That said, Hillary will be needling Trump all the way to try to push him off his balance. Trump may lose his control and start to attack Hillary on Bill ANYWAY but probably would only come towards the end.

(oh, pro tip - never signal in advance what your attack will be - look how Hillary did Miss Universe last time, drop the bomb towards the end of the debate with no advance hints of warning)

Oh one thing we do know. CNN has broadcast that the first question will be about Trump's sex tape and bizarrely - it will first go to Hillary. Thats a dumb way to use that question! Its about Trump give the question to Trump. If I was Hillary, especially knowing this, I'd have a really short response - totally unacceptable behavior to assault women or to brag about it, but I think its appropriate for Donald to answer, not for me to defend or attack him on it. (Bizarre time waste too, why is a Trump fault used to steal Hillary's time). But yeah both sides know the sex tape question is coming. I do hope the moderators have the sense to not go into asking Hillary about Bill or any sexual impropriety questions, and to direct Trump's problems at Trump.

One more just quibble. Hillary got the first question last time (meaning Trump got to speak last on the first debate). Why is Hillary AGAIN getting the first question. Don't the debate commission people rotate these things? But yeah, me being pedantic about these technical issues haha.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Millard Filmore

"Why is Hillary AGAIN getting the first question."

How well did Trump do getting the last word in for the first debate? Maybe Hillary asked for this ;)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Millard

Actually I found out since posting that, that it was a coin-toss. Still, with 3 debates, you'd think they do one coin toss for all 3 and then do opposites, so whoever gets first question in first debate, gets 2nd question in 2nd and 1st question in last.. But rather, its apparently a coin toss for each debate. Ok, I think thats stupid but I think many things are stupid :-)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Millard Filmore

I am watching the debate now. Trump is sniffeling. I wonder why ... stress?

He is rambling.

Millard Filmore

Donald says we are letting Syrians in by the thousands and we know nothing about them. Sheesh! These refugees are vetted up the wazoo. Hillary missed a good zinger: "We know more about the refugees than we know about Trump."

Millard Filmore

@FIGJAM says: "the San Bernardino muslim jihad murderer was vetted by FIVE different government agencies"

Well, that sure has a truthy feel to it, so with about 2 minutes on Google I found that Farook was not a Syrian refugee. As an American born person, would you please explain which FIVE government agencies are responsible for letting him into the country?

"Farook was an American-born U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent"

Millard Filmore

@FIGJAM: Tashfeen was not a refugee. Did she get the same depth of vetting as the ones coming out of Syria?

I appreciate your concern for our safety. Since you (we) are MUCH more likely to die from a drunk driver than a crazy Muslim, we should outlaw alcohol, right?

Since you (we) are MUCH more likely to die from gun violence here in the USA than a crazy Muslim, we should have very strict gun control, right? Maybe outlaw them entirely!

What should we do with the rabid crazy Christians? There are plenty of them scattered around the country.

Millard Filmore

@FIGJAM: We went through a period much worse than you describe, 100 years ago more or less. Google up "lynching" and even in Europe you should get some high ranking links describing what went on. These activities were carried out by good pious Christians, not Muslims.

Are you advocating that barbed wire fenced be constructed on the border, with machine gun towers, and shooting anyone desperate enough to attempt a crossing? Maybe the time has come to close your eyes and turn your back. Things will get much worse than they are now.

There are more than 7 billion souls on this planet and still more are coming. If global warming does not do us in, the humans will.

Millard Filmore

@FIGJAM: "I am advocating for the right of white Westerners to have a home"

Interesting thought. What happens to white residents that do not like the life you have selected for them? How far will you go to suppress or evict them? What happens to the current non-white residents?

Will your leader be allowed to decide that your homeland should include an area not currently under his control?

Should all us white people in the USA return to Europe so that the original residents of North America can have their homeland back?


Millard Filmore:

We should give the continent back to the mammoths. (My history is a wee fuzzy, but I think they were here before the Mongol hordes crossed over from Asia). Any of these deplorable white aryan mixed-breed mutts who can't show at least 51% mammoth DNA should be deported, extremely deported, the best deported.

Back to Trump the Dumpster; I find it curious that Native Americans lost a continent to (mostly) European invaders and yet they can't manage to lose enough to bankrupt casinos. Guess it takes yuuuuge business acumen to do that.

Millard Filmore

@grouch: Yep, it takes a white man to lose by the metric tonne.


Was it you who pointed us to wonkette? I find the level of snark there strangely soothing after enduring Dumpster's noise.

Found there tonight:

"Donald Trump says that if elected he will appoint a special prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton despite multiple investigations showing she committed no crimes. If he's willing to do that to her, what will he do to you if you disagree with him?"

Millard Filmore

More Trump news, all Trump all the time. Mr Trump tried to seat Bill Clinton’s accusers in an elevated family box, to see if Mr Clinton would shake hands. Classy guy that Trump. The Commission on Presidential Debates said "no can do".

At the bottom of the democraticunderground article there is this:

"According to Robert Costa, Trump is now demanding the head of the debate commission step down before the next one. Looks like we have his excuse to pull out of No.3."

Millard Filmore

@grouch: yes, must have been a long while ago. That place is a real hoot!



I concur!

The elections are lost for Trump!

Wayne Borean

I guess the food that the Indians gave the Puritans wasn't welfare.

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