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August 11, 2016



Don't forget Julian Assange. During the Democratic Convention, he told that he had more documents to be released, and he hates both the DNC and RNC, but especially Hillary Clinton.

What Julian Assange’s War on Hillary Clinton Says About WikiLeaks


Really good explanation about how Trump's brain works. I still think that Trump is ADDICTED to two things equally, which are (1) mob's adulation, and (2) money. Both of them feed to his huge ego. Here in this post the addiction of Trump for mob's adulation part is over emphasized compared to his addiction to making money. I think that in case of Trump both of these are roughly half and half. Trump is addicted to mob's adulation but he wants its also to make a profit out of it (or at least to have it for free). It is exactly like in case of televangelist, who is doing it for money and his ego. So Trump is actually a "teleTrumpist".

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi grouch & paul

grouch - thanks yeah. Wikileaks clearly is playing favorites but its a grudge Assange has had with Hillary for a longer while.

paul - LOL love that TeleTrumpist. Yes. Very apt term. And agree, he also has that weird desire to be a 'wise guy' and to also be a 'player' on the international stage (hence any lunatic abroad who says they like Trump gets his instant full love back from Assad to Putin to Kim Jong Un)

Obviously this study into Trump and 'his cult' which he took over without building it (what else is new) and which he is now ruthlessly exploiting, is a work in progress (the study of haha) and this is a small contribution to that, but yeah, its starting to make more sense. If we examine Trump's past 14 months, and consider it as an attempt by Trump to win over those who came into his rallies, rather than to lead them - THEN his behavior makes far more sense. Also he really gets that 'deer lost in the headlights' look in his eyes whenever he is asked anything he should know. He hasn't yet heard what his mob wishes, so he does't know what to say. I think he has a record of flipping to 3 contradictory positions in one interview of less than an hour, and 2 more in two days for 5 different positions until he found the one that he is 'supposed' to have haha..

Tomi Ahonen :-)



If you haven't yet seen the Democracy Now show for 2016-08-10, check it out. It reinforces a lot of your conclusions about the Donald and may give you even more insight to his character. It's scary (maybe even macabre) and hilarious.
(Video and transcript are at the link).

"The Making of Donald Trump": David Cay Johnston on Trump's Ties to the Mob & Drug Traffickers

[A sample, regarding Donald cutting off health care from his grandnephew]

"And that’s an essential element to understanding Donald Trump. You don’t exist, Amy, I don’t exist, as a person. That’s why he talks about women the way he does, in these degrading terms. Donald doesn’t see other people as people. He sees them as things to be used. And put the life of a child in jeopardy for more money? Donald thinks nothing is wrong with that. That’s—of course you would do that, if you’re Donald. If you wouldn’t do it, what’s wrong with you? That would be Donald’s attitude."


More hypocrisy...

Disgraced ex-congressman sits behind Trump at rally

"Donald Trump on Wednesday again slammed Hillary Clinton and her campaign for allowing the father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen to sit in the stands behind her at a recent rally.
But sitting behind Trump was ex-congressman Mark Foley, who resigned in disgrace in 2006 after sending sexually explicit messages to underage teenage boys."


"The best test of is someone a Trump supporter is simply this: do you believe Obama was born in Kenya."

This is just part of the Nativist ideology (white supremacists). A "black" president cannot be a "true" American. In the end, it does not really matter that he was born in Hawaii, he is black and therefore an African. You cannot convince them Obama was born in the USA, because all blacks are "aliens".

When you look at Trump's followers, you see the birth of Apartheid in South Africa reenacted:

Apartheid was the response of poor white "laborers" to competition from non-whites in the labor market. And Apartheid is what they call for at Trump's rallies.


"The right wing media will want to assign blame and they will not accept it on themselves. They both will conclude that Trump ran a suicidally stupid campaign - the total full fault is with Trump. He will be vilified like nobody has in modern times."

You are not thinking like a Tea-party member. Obviously, it has all been Hillaries fault. The Clintons have conspired to let Trump win the nomination. This could all have been prevented if a True Conservative™/American™ had been contesting.

It clearly was Hillary's devious scheming that destroyed their party. Just like she started the Obama birther movement (they really claim that).


Trump's other polling headache

Trhmp does not get the lkkely voters bump.


And this how these cults work.

Why facts don't matter to Trump's supporters


No comment:

Donald Trump: I meant that Obama founded ISIS, literally


Since the DNC had their elbow on the scales from the start of the primaries, to anoint their chosen one, they've lost the respect of many progressives.

I think 18% is a little high. I think more like 2-3% while legitimizing the Libertarian or Green party is a more likely scenario.

Either way, living in Canada, I've switched my support to Vermin Supreme!

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

BTW I had another epiphany. Trump's personal communication style is an amalgamation of two fictional characters, both from Trump's early rise to fame, the 1980s, and intense parodies, funny only because they were so incredibly unbelievable. If you watched the comedy show Saturday Night Live those years, you'll remember these two iconic characters.

When Trump speaks ie 'active' commmunication, not answering, but speaking, he is doing his version of Tommy Flanagan, the SNL Pathological Liar played by Jon Lovitz. Here is a taster:

And then when Trump is asked questions, he abandons the Tommy Flanagan character; he turns instead into Nathan Thurm, the sleaziest attorney on SNL, played by Martin Short. Here is a taster:

Haha, combine those two FICTIONAL characters, from TV of course - and now you see where Trump discovered his unique style of speaking. And then while we are at it. What about Paul Manafort. He has to be the good old Baghdad Bob ie Comical Ali, the Propaganda Minister for Saddam Hussein's Iraq, who was cheerfully promising that Iraq will win the mother of all battles while American tanks literally rolled in the background of his TV interviews. Paul has gotten a facelift so he can't smile anymore haha, so he's not as cheerful as Comical Ali.

So yeah, only someone who fashions his own speaking style based on Tommy Flanagan and Nathan Thurm, would love his Campaign boss to be another pathological liar, Comical Ali ie Baghdad Bob

Tomi Ahonen :-)


@deadonthefloor As a fellow Canadian citizen and proud subject of Her Majesty the Queen, I am just curious: who is Vermin Supreme? Stephen Harper? He seems to be a very nice guy when compared to Trump.


Hi Tomi
The first link is not available in the US. This is the message from YouTube:
The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Perhaps you meant this?

I think Trump is trying to act and speak like the cartoon character in this video (skip to 5:30):


Sorry, this is even better (skip to 2:30):

Wayne Borean

LOL. Another Canadian citizen, and someone who is damned glad not to be a citizen of the People's Republic of Amerikastan.

I'm of the opinion that this election will be a blow out of historic proportions. The limiting factor will be Trump's 'locked in' percentage of the electorate.

Take for example the White Supremacist part of the vote. While in theory Trump should have this part of the electorate locked in because no one else has addressed it, in fact it is less than solid because the various parts of the Supremacist grouping have other interests, like Israel. Trump may drive certain segments of the Supremacist vote away, and certain segments of other groups.

As a result it is impossible to state what Trump's base is. It is unlikely that Trump himself knows what his base is.

While at on time I assumed that Trump had to have done certain basic planning, I am now coming around to the opinion that he did NO PLANNING. This sounds incredibly stupid and unlikely, but it does match the situation as we see it.


Herr Drumpf ALWAYS in a carnivorous fact free environment. Facts r only useful if it works his hurt narrative.
Trumps hurt locker is in his head.
The applause is his heroin
Adulation is what got hitler, mussolini,stalin, mao hooked onto the crowd.
Ego/pride is the devils favorite pleasure........

Millard Filmore

Breaking News! The polls are skewed! But one place has done the work to put that right.

"That site is, and — according to their unskewing of the polls — Donald Trump is actually WINNING by 0.6 percent!"

"all the polls are “skewed” to make it look like he is not winning, in order to discourage his voters, and to also make it look less suspicious when they rig the election to make Clinton win even though Trump will actually get 100% of all the votes."



I still think the white supremacists are going to vote in great numbers for Her Drumpf. The reason is that Trump's support of Israel is mostly low key and hatred of blacks and Latinos and Muslims and immigrants in general is a much more important issue to them today than the Jewish issue.

Regarding Trump's campaign being all over the place and lacking any kind of plan, this is due to Trump's extremely lazy nature. I think Trump is the laziest presidential candidate ever. I've mentioned Trump's extreme laziness before but in a different context. Tomi says that Trump is a fast learner. In a way yes, it's true but on a very superficial level. There is a dichotomy between analysis and synthesis. Analysis is specializing on a narrow slice and going deep within that slice. Analysis is learning a subject in a profound manner. On the other hand synthesis is learning of a lot of subjects but neither of them profoundly. Synthesis is like an overview of a vast array of subjects and it is superficial. And I think Trump is a synthesis guy. He can talk about a lot of stuff, but if you go in detail, you lost him. He is a fast learner but on a very superficial level.
I am sorry if my explanation is not very scientific and the technical terms may have been misused, I used to be a professor of psychology many years ago in Romania, but I switched to software development when I moved to Canada, so my stuff is quite rusty and English being only my second language didn't help either.


"And I think Trump is a synthesis guy. He can talk about a lot of stuff, but if you go in detail, you lost him. He is a fast learner but on a very superficial level."

Trump is a chameleon. He can absorb his environment to be able to dominate the stage. This is a feat you also hear performed by psychopaths. That is what makes them "charming". They know what to say to be liked. But below the surface, there is nothing like understanding or feeling, it is just words that have an effect.

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