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August 17, 2016



But Breitbart is already bussy backpedalling any suggestion of an amnesty for illegal immigrants.


What if Trump won't accept defeat?
[“What I worry about is that they’re looking past November at forming a different party—that they’ve used the GOP as a vehicle to build this following and that then they just go and build something new,” said Katie Packer, Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager in 2012 and the leader of an anti-Trump super PAC.
“That’s damaging because some of these people who like Trump should be Republicans. My hope is that if he loses big, anyone who’s not a racist nationalist says ‘Never again’ and the racist nationalists just retreat to their basements where they belong. But my fear is that Bannon and Trump uniting could be about them looking to do something long-term that would ensure this fringe element remains.”]


Gee, religious extremisim in government coupled with fiscal policies for the richest and against the 99% have negative consequences for the population. Whodathunkit?

Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds


Tim Kaine's home state kinda stands out like a beacon amongst the impoverished red states.


We know the GOP is the party to keep people poor.

It is fairly easy to get people worked up over fake threats (transgender bathroom use). But it is even easier to get them to believe the even poorer are out there to get them.

And making sure education is bad. A fool and his money are easily parted.



Thank you for that link. (In a few places, outside the title, the author uses "stupid" when "ignorant" would be more correct). I was unaware of some of the attacks on education revealed in that article.

Modern Republicans have waged war on HEW (Dept. of Health, Education, Welfare), which spun off the Dept of Education and became HHS (Health and Human Services), since at least the Reagan era. (See previous comment on Reagan and missiles). Looks like they've been ramping up the war at state and local levels.


The problem is much larger than "just" the GOP

It is global:

Wayne Borean

I have very little debt. But what debt I do have is the best debt, the very best debt.


Yet another demographic shift the GOP is failing to grasp:

The rise of irreligion is the GOP’s real demographic crisis


A new link between Trump and white supremacy:

Sexism, meet racism: Trump’s Angela Merkel comments expose the collision of misogyny and white supremacy

Funny how Americans claim German crime rising “to levels that no one thought would they would ever see.” Given how low German crime rates are compared to US ones.

Wayne Borean


I can remember the shocked look on a guy's face about fifteen years back when I told him that the American educational system was a disaster, and that I avoided hiring recently graduated American engineers because they were useless. You'd have thought I killed his puppy.

Haven't been in the USA for about ten years, suspect that things have gotten worse,

Millard Filmore

Since Tomi is from Finland ...

"... Finland has a history of producing the highest global test scores in the Western world, as well as a trophy case full of other recent No. 1 global rankings, including most literate nation...."

"... As one Chinese student-teacher studying in Finland marvelled to me, "In Chinese schools, you feel like you're in the military. Here, you feel like you're part of a really nice family." She is trying to figure out how she can stay in Finland permanently...."

Millard Filmore

Mr Trump made a $100,000 contribution to charity when he made his visit to Louisiana. As with all Trump financial activity, there is a twist. *Sigh* 3 more months of stuff like this.

"... after he claimed that he had made a $100,000 donation but reporters couldn’t track it down, he’s now admitting the donation went to a local anti-gay hate group."

Eduardo M

A larger perspective on why US politics is so fouled up

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

Ok. Now for weird Trump. This is YET another level of "I can't believe he is this dumb".

This really REALLY really REALLY really REALLY makes on sense whatsoever. REALLY. Seriously. Makes. No. Sense.

Trump has 2 scheduled events in battleground states - THAT HE JUST CANCELLED. One in Nevada, the other in Colorado. And get this. He is STILL GOING to Colorado - for a fund-raiser there. He will SPEND the MONEY and TIME to go to the West. He flies to Colorado. He had a public speaking event booked there in addition to the fund-raiser. Since he's advertised it, and he had his supporters booking tickets - this is SHEER UTTER TOTAL madness. Its a BATTLEGROUND state. And he IS THERE ALREADY. But he won't show up to do the rally.




I can understand that Trump cancelled the Oregon event. That was stupid. Oregon is not plausible to flip from solidly blue to red. He has no chance in Oregon. So that seemed like Trump was coming to his senses, and the Campaign is starting to behave in a rational way. So Oregon event cancelled. Good. Smart politics. Trump has 77 days left. You don't waste 1% of the remaining time to go to Oregon and talk to the tree-huggers there. Its safe Democratic country, leave it alone. Fight in the battleground states.

But Nevada? Thats a battleground state. Its very little polled but Trump is close in the polls that have been taken there. Its a FAR LESS lost cause than say Pennsylvania or Florida - states that Trump has to win. Nevada, if you have an event booked there, you go there. And especially, if you're right next door in Colorado. If you've already flown West to Colorado, then Nevada makes sense - ON THE SAME TRIP.

And that Colorado. That is sheer INSANITY. A battleground states. Yes Trump is far behind in Colorado, but its no worse than New Hampshire or Virginia. Trump SCHEDULED a rally. He FLIES into the state anyway. He HOLDS a private event there for fund-raising. Now he CANCELS the public event? Will this 'help' him win Colorado. No. He is a moron.

Ok. One possibility is, that Trump is REALLY exhausted, possibly ill. That he is cancelling all he can, right now. And then, yeah, he probably would be MORE damaged if he cancelled the fund-raiser than the public rally. But still, this is not good in any way.

Now, an interesting angle. His AUDIENCE size has shrunk. Katy Tur who has been assigned to report on Trump has mentioned it now for a while that Trump's rally audience sizes have started to shrink. He's no longer filling the big auditoriums. The people who arrive, are as rambunctious as ever, but there are LESS of them present. This may be part of the reasoning for Trump. He may have gotten the message from his media professionals, that he is 'over exposed' and needs to 'limit the availability' of Trump the celebrity, to get full rooms - plus book smaller auditoriums.

That MIGHT make sense for a 'celebrity' like an untalented lip-synching pop star who wants to have the audience love. It makes ZERO sense for a 'politician' who has no ground game. Who is behind so badly in the money race, his TV ad spend is one SIXTH the size of his rival, and who 'needs' the rallies to drive up his political support. Then you do not CANCEL or dimish that one asset you have.

Donald J Trump: Political Genius

Now in other news. Trump has been up to more nasty tricks with his funds. He jacked up his rent of Trump Tower to his campaign. The rent was jacked up 5x over its previous rate. So Trump is now pocketing a profit of 135,000 dollars every month in extra money, padded over his rent to Trump Tower. This started after March, I think in April or May but the latest financial disclosure revealed it. It would be 1.6 million dollars in annual profit added to Trump's pockets, but if we count it as April-to-October, as 7 months, its still nearly a million dollars ($945,000) of profit. PROFIT. He had already paid the REAL rent out of the previous sum, that was what his campaign actual costs to ru from Trump Tower and even that no doubt has some margin of a profit in it. Yeah. This rental gambit alone earns Trump a million dollars of profit. But these stories keep coming out by the 'evil lying media' haha. It may cause some Trump supporters to worry. What is going on with his campaign? Its a money-scam...

Tomi Ahonen :-)


I have heard from several people who went to Trump's rallies that they were not so happy (even that they fully support Trump) about the prices charged for car parking places at rallies. Anyway, Trump is trying to squeeze every dollar out of his followers.

Now after reading the media it looks to me that obviously Trump is busy with something else the presidential elections. Almost whole Trump's energy and time go into his pet project that is the Trump TV (e.g. Breibart, Ailes, trashing Fox News, bashing the 'lying media', etc.). I expect to see more and more often the Trump TV mentioned in the media from now on. The only question is if the Trump TV will be launched before the voting takes place or afterwards.


Basically, Trump has realized that the "cult without a leader" of which he ended up being the willing-full leader, needs a voice that will be Trump TV.


So, it is not only me who things the same.

Here's What Donald Trump Plans to Do If He Loses the Election

Millard Filmore

The lawyer for President Nixon explains the legalities involved in the current phase of the Republican's witch hunt.

"Endless efforts by congressional Republicans to foil or foul up Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency have hit a new low.

The members of Congress involved cannot be sued for defamation, since they are protected by the “Speech and Debate Clause” of the Constitution. But the fact that they are not merely smearing the former secretary of state but are trying to send her to jail on phony charges of perjury and lying to Congress is beyond the pale of dirty politics."


If the Republicans cannot win, they will take down the nation with the.

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