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August 17, 2016


Millard Filmore

@Winter: possibly the Breitbart wing of the Republican party don't care about winning. Building a large(ish) white power party can be rewarding all by itself.



>>"I was thinking for a good name for Trump-Breibart-Drudge-KKK party."

>The All New Know Nothing Party. Or the New Native American party.

Sorry, but this way to long name. For me Nuts Party sounds so much better and it is shorter.


By now, the Trumpist can only win with a civil war. So maybe that is what they are aiming at?

The racist right has a history of trying to start civil wars. Think Charles Manson.

Millard Filmore

@paul: Monty Python had the best name 45 years ago (good god, am i that old?) "The Silly Party", with the Very Silly Party getting a good run of votes.


The enigma of the Trump supporters.

A massive new study debunks a widespread theory for Donald Trump's success

It is not the economic circumstances of the supporters, maybe that of their children.

Among all the negatives, there is a telling quote:
"Among those who are similar in terms of income, education and other factors, those who view Trump favorably are more likely to be found in white enclaves — racially isolated Zip codes where the amount of diversity is lower than in surrounding areas."

The one question not raised is racism. But we know Trumpism correlates with birtherism. What I read from this study is that Trump mobilizes the racist vote, pure and simple.


"For me Nuts Party sounds so much better and it is shorter."

Fun aside, we know what the name will be: The (New) American Party.

That was the official name of the Know Nothing movement.



"The Silly party" sounds too cute!


To continue with Trump's appeal to the racist vote:

Sharpton trashes Trump's message for black voters

[“I think that he’s trying to appeal to white voters that he’s not racist,” Sharpton said, citing a poll in which voters questioned his temperament and whether he’s a racist. “I think that he’s trying to modify his image to whites and particularly independents because if he was really trying to go after black voters, he would have went into Milwaukee or went anywhere. He has not gone to any black audience.”]

So, as racist will never admit they are racists, Trump is showing them they are not racists. It is the Democrats that are racists (Catriona tried to tell that story here before). When older white men are telling non-whites who are the racists and women who are discriminating them, you know what is afoot.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Oh, another fact-proof conspiracy theory (as in, no matter what facts you throw at the theory it always gets shrugged off as lies from the illuminati).

Is that the best you got?

Wayne Borean

And Catriona can't understand why we don't see the truth when she tells it to us.

Wayne Borean

@Paul and @Millard

Of course some wag would be calling it the Silly Putty the same day...

Wayne Borean

Skip the first section, the second is about this election cycle.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

So Trump is now doing scripted speeches off Teleprompter. Third day in a row. The new media team has Trump on a leash. Trump also hasn't done explosive Twitter damage to his campaign. Looks like Trump 5.0 Pivot is holding.

Very remarkable, truly, very remarkable moment in North Carolina, Trump expressed regret that some of his words have caused pain. Ok. Thats a start. Its not yet at 'apology' which I don't expect until the Trump 7.0 pivot and when these campaign bosses are fired and the next batch hired, around October. But yeah. At least Trump has read a pre-written part of a speech he would never in his normal voice say. He expressed regret. Now he should be asked in every interview what those regrets were - and why he kept saying them for so many days/weeks/months. Plus to catch him on every one he isn't willing to commit to haha. If Mexicans are NOT rapists and murderers, then why the wall? If Muslims are not all evil, why a global ban on Muslims, etc..

But yeah. Trump seems to have stopped making things WORSE for himself. Now if the new management team is successful, Trump should honestly pivot - towards the CENTER and try to win some, not only make things worse for himself. It will be far too little and far too late, but this is the first step into a semi-sane campaign.

All that is good, because he is destined to lose by huge colossal landslide. If Trump is now willing to make this pivot (and actually run those ads in the states his campaign is talking about) that means is is 'trying' to win, haha, rather than trying to exit the race.

I do hope hope hope he takes the bait and gambles on debating Hillary - of course I expect him not to - but it would be truly a great TV spectacle. Trump, no matter how hard he would try to brush-up on governing, will be utterly outclassed in the debate and Hillary will get the rebuttals to point out his mistakes, and also if Hillary and her team are smart, they will lay traps in Hillary's first responses, that should invite Trump to walk into devastatingly ludicrous positions in HIS responses. Lastly on Roger Ailes. I forgot that he was involved with Daddy Bush's campaign and helped that debate prep. Daddy Bush tried to avoid debating Bill Clinton outright haha. So Trump who isn't eager to debate, has now also a debate coach who has tried this skipping-a-debate gambit before.

BUT being behind by 7 points and polls tilting ever worse against Trump, he HAS to do something and the debates are his strongest gambit left.

Plus expect those TV ads to be despicably nasty attacking Hillary. They should be the most disgusting TV ads ever seen.

Talking about disgusting. Putin is assembling tens of thousands of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. I warned we'd see a Putin move in the summer or autumn months. This is unfortunately that time and its looking ominous.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Anarchist group installs nude Donald Trump statues in US cities

The anarchist group INDECLINE erected the statue, titled The Emperor Has No Balls, overnight Thursday.

The NYPD watched over the dismantling. One officer told the Guardian it was unattended property and had to be taken down.

“NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small,” a parks department spokesperson told Gothamist.



Minor correction. RCP currently has Clinton with an average lead of 5.8, not 7 percentage points. That holding true for the 2 way, 3 way, and 4 way races.


@Wayne Borean

>Of course some wag would be calling it the Silly Putty the same day...

Even better is Nutsy Party.


A nice twist in Clinton's emailgate:

Hillary Clinton Told FBI Colin Powell Advised Her to Use Private Email

Colin Powel was proud about the way his private email system improved communications within the department.


Supervisor tries to save naked Trump statue in SF’s Castro

An overweight naked man in San Francisco’s Castro district? How is that unusual?

“Well,” said Linda Calderone, standing at the corner of Market and Castro and regarding the sight, “it isn’t Pride Week, and there’s no sock.”


The reaction in other cities was immediate. The New York figure was yanked down by city workers in a little over two hours. In Cleveland, it lasted only 20 minutes, to the immense disappointment of sculptor Joshua “Ginger” Monroe.


On Thursday night, Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the Castro on the Board of Supervisors, tweeted that the statue was to be removed overnight, but that he was “working to save him so SF can be reminded of his ridiculousness thru election.”


Crunk Kykd

Manafort quits. Says his Russian ties were a distraction. Trump is now full-on Breitbart (the new Fox News).

Millard Filmore

@Crunk Kykd: "Manafort quits. Says his Russian ties were a distraction."

With all the revelations about his activities in Ukraine, perhaps he will decide that now is a great time to retire in Russia.

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