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August 17, 2016


Dickon Hood

Worth noting that, assuming the filtering bot @RealRealDonaldTrump is correct, Trump hasn't actually tweeted anything in two days now: it's all been his campaign handlers.

(See for details of the account).

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Dickon

(welcome to the blog). Yeah I don't follow his TW feed (nor Hillary's) but I am regularly exposed to his more notorious Tweets by all those that I do follow. And we haven't seen any 'Trumpian' Tweets for about yeah, two days or so.

The Manafort end stories I've seen so far, suggest Trump decided over the weekend and had that Breitbart guy already at his offices at the weekend. And as the 3 people he brought in (I guess one was a woman) are all media people, the one thing they WOULD understand is media discipline. And how incredibly damaging Trump's Tweets have been. So at least initially, we can expect some time of Trump playing nice with his newest handlers. But that won't last long.

Also it seems all 3 who were brought in are real right wing nutters and conspiracy theory and white supremacy fans. So yeah. Donald J Trump: Political Genius. What you need for the general election is to pivot - but to pivot TOWARDS THE MIDDLE. Trump is now apparently going to pivot to the EXTREME right.

And Hillary should expect really nasty Swift-boat style hit jobs. And probably Breitbart will become the official propaganda outlet for Trump, not just the apparent one its been up to now, haha.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


It really looks that actually is more of a "pivoting" towards TrumpTV project (following Breibart-Drudge direction) by bringing even more media people in. Only Matt Drudge is still missing from Trump's team now. A catastrophic defeat of Trump probably would mean also the end of TrumpTV dream so there might still be a chance of an early exit by Trump just to allow him to start his TrumpTV project and keep it long enough alive before selling it.


This could be the birth of a nativist party around Trump TV and the ultra right media outlets.

I do not expect Fox News to be incoroprated. They would rather have the whole right as a more lucrative audience. But Ailes is not so much synonymous with Fox anymore.


Trump as Samson and the GOP as the Philistines:

Wayne Borean

Thought I'd heard of everything! Someone started a site called "Vote Trump Get Dumped" to encourage women to cut off their husbands and boyfriends who are Trump fans. I don't mean cut off like what happens to Bobbit, I mean cut off as in Lysistrata.

The site has died, but the Wayback Machine has it.


"Vote Trump get dumped"

It is classical, literally:


Not that Trump voters would know the connection.


Bloomberg has a piece about the new campaign manager and it ain't pretty.

"This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America"


" ain't pretty."

We witness the birth of a new, nativist party.

This is not, anymore, about winning the elections for the Republican party on any level. The people that came aboard will try to found a new fascist party to the image of the French Front National, or Putin's party vehicle, if you like.

Study: 65% Of White Americans Would Love A Trumpist Third Party

Trump might be a narcissist that cannot stay on message. The new people running the campaign know what they want and will use Trump to get it.

This will be the KKK in new dress.

And know what? The Democrats will help them do it. Because a split GOP will be out of power for decades.


"Because a split GOP will be out of power for decades."
That is assuming the Democratic Party stays in one piece. But what if the Bernie bros split too? Then I am not so sure, it could be that the new KKK may win the elections.


How about this little piece of dirt on Trump.

As soon as Chris Crispy Cream became NJ governor, out of an estimated 30 million which Trump's casinos owed in taxes, Trump managed to settle for 5 million. He only paid 5 million! So 25 million was forgiven. I guess Trump being such a great negotiator is why he got such a sweet deal.


As you don't seem to follow the other threads I'm telling here that you have been right about the schedule of new Nokia smartphones: they're going to start shipping Q4 THIS YEAR!!!!

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Everybody

The Nationalist Trumpist party makes sense but likely more as an organic evolution than a strict plan for now. Also it would be far more on the minds of the new boys than Trump's intention or plan. If Trump figures out that using this run to set up a third party that will lose every election as long as Trump is alive, he won't want that for himself. And regardless of how much Trump hated being managed by Manafort, Trump did 'hear' the reason he has to pivot and he cannot win by only playing to the base.

Now, on the prospects. First off, there is another sheriff also in town. And after November, Ted Cruz will have a far mightier standing with Tea Partiers than Trump. And Trumpian Nationalistic party is of course a different competing entity to the Tea Party.

Secondly, those who would want a 'Trumpian' party include all who are White Supremacists and racists but not all Trumpists feel that way. A modern and 'moderate' evolution of the KKK would get part of Trump's current support, but would repel part of it.

What will SEVERELY damage that project is how badly Trump will lose - because EVERYBODY (outside of possibly this Trump TV vehicle) will abandon Trump and BLAME Trump. That includes Fox and Breitbart. The GOP will want a skapegoat. The various right wing elements from religious to Tea Party to gun rights to Nazis will want a skapegoat. They will have lost not just the White House and Senate, but a carefully constructed Gerrymandered and essentially invincible House majority. And to add insult to injury, the Supreme Court flips. EVERYTHING that the right wing holds dear will be under attack by Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the new voice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, where Chief Justice Roberts will seem to have surrendered to the girls.

There is no way Trump survives the hostility. It will start well before election day and it will be total harmony. He will be the designated skapegoat and MANY of his closest will do a Judas on him before election day.

That wipes the chances of the TV network and destroys the idea of a Trumpian Party. What MAY emerge regardless, is a nationalist third party, something of a unified KKK, Nazi, White Supremacist party with new elements from the right wing of the GOP. But if Trump is not there to be the unifying original 'leader' and the Trump TV network to sustain it, this idea won't survive the destruction that comes with Trump in November. Not because by late October EVERY obvious MISTAKE will be catalogued by the right wing media - including Trump's strongest supporters from Hannity to Coulter to Breitbart.

The rats will essentially all desert this sad angry bitter old man. Most will do so before election day. It will be truly pathetic. And he will lash out against everyone making it an ever worse spectacle in the last weeks.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen


Thanks. I'll be there... GREAT news !!!

Tomi Ahonen :-)



That is great news regarding Nokia!


I was thinking for a good name for Trump-Breibart-Drudge-KKK party. Nuts party?
Tea party & Nuts party!



I guess Nuts Party Mix name makes more sense. Because they got so many kinds of nuts:
sweet nuts (the Chris Crispy Creme type)
salty nuts (the crying-after-the-election type)
spicy-hot nuts (the Melania and Ivanka type)
white nuts (the KKK type)
orange nuts (the Cheetos type)
tiny nuts (Trump's own two beautiful nuts)


"I was thinking for a good name for Trump-Breibart-Drudge-KKK party."

The All New Know Nothing Party. Or the New Native American party.

Yes, there really was an Native American Party that excluded native Americans and was also known as the Know Nothing movement.

Millard Filmore

A series of tweets at the link below speculates on exactly what direction Bannon (Breitbart) will point Trump.

Bannon has convinced Trump that rest of campaign needs to be bare-knuckles brawl, w/ full-bore populism/movement politics

Huge rallies. Gloves off. Brutal fights with Clinton. Heavy emphasis on nationalism and populism. That's the Bannon strategy.

What I hear: Bannon's calculation is that Trump can still win but only if he is truly seen as "change," as "the total outsider" (that is the link, not cut off)

Wayne Borean

Washington Post is beating up on Trump


I cannot see how Bannon can believe there are enough voters who think that Paul Ryan is too liberal to win the elections. Else he is lying to Trump and knows they will lose this way.

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