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July 25, 2016



@Eduardo M

There is a distinct possibility that Trump told those Republicans leaders that he has no intention to blow up NATO or NAFTA or TPP or anything like that. Maybe he just told them that he will promise all that stuff in order to get the votes from the suckers who believe him. And then, after winning the election, he would just forget about all that idiotic stuff he promised.



I don't suggest that there is any large number of moles or trolls there, only that there are likely to be some who are attending only for the purpose of agitation.

Finally, on PBS, Amy Walters(?) pointed out that democracy is messy. Sanders supporters are passionate. I hope we don't see security dragging people out without good reason.

Mark Shields said, "[Tim Kaine] is relentlessy normal." 'Bout spit my coffee out at that.

Millard Filmore

@cornelius: "There is a distinct possibility that Trump told those Republicans leaders ..."

Trump has been on both sides of every issue that has come up. He will actually do one or the other, so someone will get stiffed.

Eduardo M


That's possible. But it assumes that Trump is smart enough to realize those ideas are crazy, and I see no indication of that. And even if he said it, the Republican leaders would have to believe he is telling the truth, and in particular that all the stories about his being Putin's man are false, which seems to me rather unlikely.

Remember, most of those leaders hate and mistrust Trump, and endorsed him only with great reluctance, and I am guessing that they did so in hope that once he got the nomination, he would become more sane in his statements to the public. Instead he is getting even more irrational, at least on foreign affairs, so I am guessing many of them are wondering if they should withdraw their endorsements.

Eduardo M

Let me add another point I just thought of. Trump wants to protect American industry by putting high tariffs on imports. When it was pointed out this would violate WTO rules, he said he would take the country out of the WTO.

That matters because the Republican party is greatly dependent on rich donors, and taking the US out of the WTO would be a total financial disaster for them. I imagine they are in a panic over Trump's statement, and are putting a great deal of pressure on the party leadership.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi gang..

What did I say (in the comments in the previous thread)... Senator Al Franken has finally dared to put his comedy talents to use... that was the first time as a Senator. About time. Haha... Not bad call, eh? But this was the time for him to do it, if he ever was going to dare to do it. The Trump U part was ok funny, the ending was even funnier in urging parents not to care about family but rather work for the election.. a perfectly constructed typical Al Franken joke. I think we'll occasionally from now on see this side of Senator Franken and I am sure it will endear him back home in Minnesota as well, helping him to a long career in the Senate

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Dave Barnes

Cory Booker ranking?

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

And Cory Booker... that coulda been the keynote. Not just a far better speech than anything from the Republicans, its one of the best speeches of ANY convention. Very inpirational, very VERY well written. Delivered a bit too fast, he's still young. But it was funny to see how it drew Bill Clinton to the edge of his seat.. a great speaker really knows another great speech and he was into it haha..

Yeah. I think all the big speakers will have raised their game. Can't wait to see Michelle and Warren.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen


Best so far. But by the end of today, am guessing he's down to number 3... :-)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Wow... that was FLOTUS. The First Lady speech for all to remember forever. So far best of the Convention. What I did not expect was how strongly she argued for Hillary and attacked Trump. Wow. So powerful, emotional, inspirational.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Elizabeth Warren - strong speech but I'll put Cory ahead of her. I think her delivery was off by the booing that she received several times. She did suffer following the emotion of Michelle. But also as a speech, it wasn't quite in Cory's class. So my grading - Michelle best, Cory second & Warren third. Now we get Bernie. I don't have high hopes haha but Bernie might surprise us.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

And Bernie... very good from Bernie. Yes out of these four speakers Bernie was .. fourth, but still a good speech. He had like Cory and Warren, some audience hostility but he mostly won them over and finished strong. I think this speech goes far into helping unite the party. The very end, nice to go fully Hillary endorsement. Compare this to Ted Cruz and his speech haha..

Tomi Ahonen :-)

crun kykd

The contrast between speaker talent between RNC and DNC is stark. It also helps that the raw content the Dems are selling is better too.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

So Day 1 Recap of Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. Haha, quite a different day from the Republicans in Cleveland. But similar to GOP, the Democrats also started with controversy right off the bat, and pretty nasty one at that. The Wikileaks story which caused the resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party. But that anger then resulted in the sore wounds opening relating to the rifts with Bernie supporters. The Convention became significantly more angry and split than it would have been otherwise. Well played by team Trump or should we say, Team Putin.

The early hours had a lot of boos and hostility and all sorts of visual protests with signs, some people with tape over their mouths, and so forth. But also speakers were told to speak through the protesting and they did. I think the first breakthrough was the 11 year old immigrant girl and her mom. She touched the crowd and made an emotional connection to the 'never Hillary' crowd, and started to break down that protest. The wheel-chair bound woman added to that message, and then the following speeches slowly took away more of the anger.

I mentioned the main speeches in the above comments. Al Franken's speech helped in being deliberately humorous, so some of the anger was let out by the clear comical speech. It emerged later in a CNN interview of Al Franken and Sarah Silverman, that Franken was asked by Hillary to write a comic speech for her, and thats why he did it. But as a vehicle for ridiculing Trump, this is clearly one of the tools the Hillary campaign is deploying deliberately. Having professional comics utilize their talents (like also the one video by I guess it was Funny or Die or some such video comedy group). I don't remember now if we have ever discussed this side to it (I know I have talked about it many times, but I don't recall specifically if we did it here on the blog) but ridicule is something that sticks and can't be fixed, if it reaches the level of becoming a punchline. Like Sarah Palin in 2008. She was reduced to being an idiot. Note that W Bush, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Obama and Hillary, have all been targets of years of comic attacks but not in the way to reduce them to a laughing stock, like Sarah Palin. The Hillary campaign is clearly attempting this type of character assassination (or perhaps more accurately, character exposure) from which there would be no recovery, if that succeeds. Expect many attacks via comedy and ridicule in the coming months. That makes me particularly happy, I like this way of destroying the man and his reputation, partly because it stings like nothing else for a narcissist who craves the attention. Look at how bitter Sarah Palin is about her SNL parodies by Tina Fey.

But in terms of comedy, for the purpose of uniting the party - that Sarah Silverman pairing with Al Franken - that was some Jedi level devious brain-manipulation. So Al was always for Hillary, Sarah was very vocally for Bernie. And they came together now, where Sarah told the audience that its ok, she was a fiercely loyal Bernista but now it was time to move on and join with Hillary. And as luck would have it, her written parts were good - but the part she'll be talked about, was the ad-libbed postscript, when the program was running late with musical guest Paul Simon not ready to perform, so they had to ad-lib. And Sarah threw in the spontaneous comment that the Bernie Or Bust people were being ridiculous. While that - hostile - comment from an edgy comedienne will not by itself convert anyone, many Bernistas will be hurt - but I am sure it meant many felt unsure about protesting that loudly anymore after that.

Now on videos. The day featured many short video clips of about one minute in length, on various topics, featuring Trump in his own words, and often various Republicans denouncing Trump for that behavior. This is like a variation of Jon Stewart's old Daily Show, and again another way of doing ridicule of Trump, but using his own words against him. For any voters who had not seen them, they will be remarkably powerful. Most who live in battleground states will have seen them already, and also all political junkies online, because they are the YouTube clips that the campaign has been producing at the rate of several per week, about various Trump escapades, and then cut into TV ads. But compared to Cleveland, where Hillary was regularly attacked and called a criminal, no real evidence was ever shown or presented of what she supposedly had done. This was clearly Trump in his own words, speaking on camera. Devastatingly damaging stuff.

Most of the speakers had to speak through boos and various protest calls including Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. The one who didn't get the boos, was Michelle Obama. And she made a very strong personal endorsement of Hillary, not just professionally competent, but as her personal friend. And the room was respectful of the First Lady. Obviously a brilliantly written speech, delivered very powerfully, she also had the room mesmerized, so she also got away with it by the time her speech got to the Hillary parts.

Is there anger and resentment and bitterness in the room, yes. Actress Susan Sarandon for example was seen quite upset-looking sitting in the hall. Bill Clinton in the rafters was very pleased towards the end of the evening inspired by and happy for several great speeches and many kind words about Hillary and occasionally also himself.

Now there are supposedly more emails with Wikileaks. Will they related to Bernie and the party, can it add more anger? If they exist, they should come out real soon. But they may be other damaging things coming out later, on other ways to damage the Hillary campaign. If this was the worst of it, this Convention will be very united by Wednesday and Hillary won't need to fear any boo-ing when she takes to the podium.

In terms of A-list speakers, wow yes. In terms of variety in speeches, speakers (languages) yes. Far more detail in policies than all of the Republican party in its four days, yes. Many, many humanizing and personalizing stories about Hillary via people who had personally been touched by her. And obviously people often at the bottom, not the top. A well organized, coordinated set of attacks on Trump where everybody was not saying the same thing. Most Trump attacks had a particular direction to approach the topic, and several areas were not yet touched, certain to come in later days like haha, NATO and Putin.

Bernie? I was really pleased to see how strongly he embraced his role now, to unify the party, to commit to work alongside Hillary and help the party win in November. This could have been a superficial endorsement, but it was very considered and sincere. On the first four major speeches we saw, I rank Michelle best, Cory second, Warren third and Bernie fourth. Even Bernie's speech was at least on par with the best we saw from Cleveland.

Had there not been that Wikileaks email dump, this would have been a glorious day of unity. As it was, this was a good day of damage-control and still has the party going towards more unity, not less. Now consider the upcoming days and the 'top' speakers still to come. The continuing themes of badgering Trump on ever more areas of his flaws, and ever more incredible testimonials of Hillary, will serve to deliver a good Convention bounce for Hillary by Thursday.

PS on the next 100 days after the Convention, do you think there will be enormous call for having Michelle speak at any Democratic events on behalf of the Campaign? And do you have any doubt now, she intends to run for office herself. And on the exquisite details. She attacked Trump relentlessly but never mentioned his name. Thats classy. Like a true First Lady. And how many times she wove in Hillary's signature phrases like it takes a village, cracks in the glass ceiling etc (Hillary will absolutely love that speech) and haha, the brilliant attack on Trump's very core theme, the USA is already the greatest country in the world. That speech will be cut into several TV ads, I'm sure.

And Cory Booker delivered the 'de facto' keynote of the Convention, because his speech was that aspirational, high moral ground, best aspects of the party and its heritage and future. What you'd expect in a real keynote (as Warren did as she no doubt was asked to do, attacking Trump directly).

If you like political speeches, this day was pure Christmas, one wonderful Christmas gift after another. I wish Elizabeth Warren could have delivered her speech to a truly warm, welcoming audience, I'm sure it would have played far better and she'd have really enjoyed delivering it. Now she forced the smiles and pushed the speech through, but it didn't land anywhere near its full potential. Even so, it was a good speech attacking Trump and arguing at the same time, consistently for Hillary (differing from Chris Christie's mock trial speech that only attacked Hillary but didn't bother to try to promote Trump).

Ok, Day 1 is done. Bring on Day 2, we'll get the Big Dog, Bill Clinton.

Tomi Ahonen :-)



Trump has 2 mentors:
political and business.

Let's name them:
Vlada and Stephen;
Putin and Elop.


Just catching up in reading.


Grrrr! I was enjoying Booker's speech on PBS and *they interrupted it* to jabber amongst their panel! I'll have to find it on cspan or somewhere to get the whole thing.

BTW, I'm an ancient old codger who was a registered Republican for over 30 years. My disgust with GW and Rich Bitch Mitch and cohorts caused me to switch. (I've always ignored party when in the voting booth).

I had resigned myself to sitting out elections for the rest of my life and just hoping the country would outlast me. The vitriol and propaganda levelled against Obama throughout his 2 terms did not give me any hope of anyone making any change in the course of the country. It looked like there was no stopping the eventual end of having a small super-rich class, a huge poverty class and a middle class too small to support both. The unwarranted spying on citizens, stacked courts, militarization of police forces, and hounding of whistle-blowers all seem to point toward an Orwellian society becoming reality.

Tonight felt like a partial return to the best parts of the so-called Camelot of JFK. Maybe the middle is finally fed up with feeding the greedy. It's a quaint idea -- government of, for and by the people. It would be nice to see government working toward the goals of its citizens instead of milking them and working toward the ideals expressed in its founding documents instead of circumventing them.

Hubert Lamontagne

There's a TV interview with the ghostwriter of The Art of the Deal now, and it's exactly the kind of thing I want to see:


The difference between the two conventions is a difference between target audiences. The easiest way to see this is to use the earlier difference in slogan:

Democrats: Yes we can
The audience feel they have a grip on the world and on reality. They want to make the world a better place and they feel they have the power to make this happen.

Republicans (Trump): Yes I can
The audience feel they lost their grip on the world, and they also lost their grip on reality. They want to turn back the clock to a time when they still understood the world. They also feel powerless and are longing for a father figure to "make things right again".

It is clear to me that both audiences are utterly insensitive to the message of the other convention. Democrats do not despair and Republicans have no hope about the future.

Both conventions need to convert the undecided voters in the middle. The question is whether these voters in the center still have their American Optimism™ intact or whether they have drunk the chalice of despair served by Faux News?


"Even the progressive base don't like her. They want Bernie!"

But would Democratic voters want Bernie so much they rather lose the elections (and their future)?

It is clear that the Republicans want to have Trump on the ballot much more than they want to win the elections. It is questionable whether there are that many Democrats who are equally irrational.


Unfortunately, Trump didn't exit yet and he forgave his loans to his campaign. Maybe Putin showed up with his nice offer and the paid off Trump's loans...
One would assume that if Putin's would be involve then there would have been lots of funding for Trump's campaign and there would have not been the need for Trump to run his campaign as scam.

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