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May 14, 2016




The blockades today are to keep their perks. I know, I am actually traveling in France this very moment.

And your rendering of health care here is not very accurate. For one thing, if you have money you can always go private. Even then it is cheaper than in the US.

Wayne Borean

Texas Republican: Backing trans-bathrooms is the issue that will ‘cost Hillary the election'.

I think he is serious.


Who in the USA actualy contest the rights of people to change their sex? Would any of them actually vote for Hillary under any condition?


Yes. Latinos are quite religious and they may arrive at the conclusion that God decided your sex and you don't have the right to change it. God always knows best! But these religious Latino voters could still vote for Clinton (or against Trump, your pick). Meanwhile Caitlyn "Bruce" Jenner will obviously vote Republican.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


In Capitalist America, if you don't have money you are screwed.

If you somehow suffer an accident that makes you unable to work, like say loss of a limb, you are screwed.

The chances of you paying back your student mortgage? Unless you happen to have a wealthy family they are very low.

Did you know that if you have no means to pay for your care, even if your condition is life threatening, the hospitals leave you on the street to die? That's private healthcare in a nutshell.

The american dream is dead. It was killed by greedy capitalists too busy to see the consequences of their actions. I don't even know if anyone cares about it anymore though, to be honest...

Millard Filmore

@: "... God decided your sex ..."

Well, except for all the cases where babies are born with the genitalia of both sexes. A small percentage come out of the womb this way, but with 7 billion souls on this planet the number is not vanishingly small. I wonder if God is ok with being told exactly how he can create humans.

Millard Filmore

@Per: "if you have no means to pay for your care, even if your condition is life threatening, the hospitals leave you on the street to die"

I thought the minimum obligation of the hospital staff, and some states have higher minimums than others, was that the patient should not die on their watch.


Breaking news:
In the wake of his defeat in Kentucky, Sanders is calling for new election rules which will revolutionize the currently rigged system. According to him, the new rule is that the candidate with the least votes gets the nomination. Sanders said today that in Kentucky the delegate-rich got delegate-richer and the delegate-poor got delegate-poorer. He is calling for delegate equality for all candidates, even if this means that he looses the least delegates advantage.

Anyway, all is not lost for Sanders, his defeat today was according to the plan. In California he will try hard not to win 90% of the vote in order to remain behind Clinton so he can clinch the nomination. BTW now we know why he tried so hard to antagonize virtually all super-delegates.

In other news Trump is genuinely concerned with how the DNC treats Sanders. He twitted that Clinton should quit if she doesn't win Kentucky. Unluckily for her she barely, just barely won the state. As Colbert put it brilliantly a few months ago: "I don't know how many more humiliating wins she can take".


@Millard Filmore

Are you suggesting that God doesn't know what he's doing? Of course he knows... well, except in those cases where he is undecided or when he changes his mind. But most likely, in the case of the babies born with genitalia of both sexes, my guess is that they have sinned and God is punishing them. And yes, babies can sin inside the womb. One can sin with one's thoughts (for example lust).

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Yes, emergency rooms are required to help even homeless beggars. That's true.

But say that you have cancer. It is an illness that can be discovered and treated, but by the time it becomes a medical emergency the chance of survival is extremely low.

So if a patient with cancer have no means of paying for his or her care, it will be fatal. There are a number of other similar diseases, where it is curable if discovered in time.

The problem with US society is that as soon as you don't have a means to support yourself - you are pariah. And that says quite a bit about how the US society values human life.

Millard Filmore

@Per: yep, "Your cancer can be cured with a $25000 operation."

"But I don't have $25000."

"Our grief counsellors are just down the hall."


Except it won't cost only $25,000.

A cancer surgeon from a specialized Dutch cancer hospital once told me a certain ooeration would cost $25,000 at his hospital (fully covered by national health plan) but the same operation would cost $125,000 at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center hospital in NY (Chances of survival are roughly equal in this kind of cancer).


In one political party, they throw chairs at each other and have to have hotel security put an end to a state convention that ran 4 hours over because both sides accused the other of dirty tricks. In the other party, reluctant leadership is trying to find common ground with a nominee who will need a lot of help to overcome strong negative polling numbers.

Feel free to ignore it now, but the Democrats are showing signs of coming apart. It might not happen this year, but it will happen. There's a reason one candidate got overwhelming support from those under 45 and the other got overwhelming support from those 45 and over. Guess what. In 2020 or 2020 those <49/<53 will be bigger than the other side. Don't think putting Elizabeth Warren in the VP slot is going to help. It might paper things over enough to put Hillary over the top this year, but the more that the Democrats try to push Bernie Sanders aside, the more likely he is to try to stick it to the Democrats and Clinton by raising a ruckus in Philadelphia.


@Cornelius, the moderate Republicans had a clear choice between Cruz and Trump in the Northeast and Indiana. Trump won the nomination without a convention fight because moderates in those states decided to take their chances with Trump rather than go with Cruz. This was despite (or perhaps because of) a large evangelical base in Indiana.

Meanwhile, in two closed primaries (meaning only Democrats) yesterday, Bernie Sanders netted 50,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton. So it appears one party is coalescing around its inevitable nominee while another party is accepting theirs only reluctantly. How many young urban liberals will stay home in November, convinced that Hillary is no or little better than Trump? After all, immigration isn't a big issue in Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire, or Pennsylvania. Everyone knows no wall is going to be built (Congress wouldn't spend the money) and if ISIS exploits the 3-hour TSA wait times (a la Brussels) this summer (or is hopefully thwarted at the last minute in trying) who knows what impact that would have on the electorate. After all, even Bill Maher has criticized the Democrats regarding their blind support of Islamists.

What the tightening polls tell me is that we shouldn't expect a rout either way. It might be like 2012 where the Democrats end up with a narrow majority in the Senate while the GOP retains a working majority no matter who wins at the top.


The Republicans are grasping at straws. They want a ray of hope, any fliuckering will do. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel that could equally well be the fast train heading their way.

The simple point is that Sanders is not gathering enough delegates to win the nomination. Clinton is winning easily. And winning with much better scores than Trump.

What will happen to the Democrat party after November is immaterial now. Now, it is the GOP that are stuck with a mentally ill con artist as a candidate that is only popular among the ignorant, racists, and fascists. That is, among the tea party crowd. The same people shouting keep your government hands off my Medicare"


> "reluctant leadership is trying to find common ground with a nominee"
That is a lie. DNC has no problem whatsoever with Clinton (that's why virtually all delegates are on Clinton's side). DNC's problem is Sanders. At a Sanders rally here in California the audience booed every time DNC was mentioned. I wonder why. Could it be because Sanders is instigating his supporters against the DNC?

The fact that young people vote Sanders and old people vote Clinton may mean something for the future but right now, this year, voters have decided that Clinton is the nominee. So let the voters choose Sanders in 2020. I don't have a problem with Sanders winning in 2020 if he gets the most votes. But right now the most popular candidate is Clinton. And it is possible that those young voters will change their political views in time. Case in point: I used to lean right wing when I was younger. Then, as I grew older I drifted more and more to the left. Last federal elections I voted for the Social Democratic Party of Canada (I actually like the Liberal Party but the SDP candidate had better chance at winning against the Bloc Quebecois candidate). Just to clarify: I am a Canadian citizen living in California.

I would very much like Clinton to completely dismiss Sanders. No negotiations whatsoever. He should endorse Clinton unconditionally. And if he refuses then so be it. Let Trump win and this country will get the president it deserves.

Wayne Borean


Glad to see you back. As to the Republican candidates...

The Republican Party has a huge problem. Many of the candidates in this cycle were either racist, sexist, religious zealots, or a combination of the three. Those who weren't, like Rob Portman decided not to run, or like Jeb Bush flamed out.

What the Republicans really need is for someone like Meghan McCain to run. Younger, intelligent, and practical. She, and those like her are the future of the party, or at least they will be if the party wants to survive.

The Democrats have a different problem. With the way that the Republicans have gerrymandered the map the Republicans are extremely weak. If as I surmise, certain demographics or Republicans don't turn up in their usual numbers, the Democrats could gain a lot of House districts, putting inexperienced politicians in Washington. A lack of experience usually translates into foot in mouth syndrome...


@Wayne Borean
"Many of the candidates in this cycle were either racist, sexist, religious zealots, or a combination of the three."

To get support from the of these "real" conservatives, Trump is presenting his SCOTUS candidates that are hand picked to drive moderates into the arms of the Democrats.

Also he shows supporters of Sanders what they are standing to lose if they decide to sulk and stay home during the elections.

Donald Trump Releases List of Supreme Court Picks



In addition to my previous comment. I think the DNC is better off without Sanders' most radical supporters.

At this point Sanders is such a jerk, he's a bigger jerk than Trump himself. If I had the right to vote and I had to choose between Sanders and Trump, I'd choose the lesser jerk. I think it is better to let Sanders run a third party campaign.


@Winter, I think Trump's move was smart and it may set a precedent. "Conservative" justices tend to be less activist than liberals and they are less likely to overturn precedent. So Casey v Planned Parentood is likely safe. But it lets Trump appear presidential since he put forth a group of 11 distinguished jurists. Moderates by definition aren't swayed much by SCOTUS. But conservatives are. We know Hillary would appoint leftists just like her "centrist" husband.

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