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May 14, 2016



@Cornelius, I'm not talking about the establishment. They have been in the tank for Clinton since 2000. I'm referring to the demos. They rejected Clinton in 2008 and gave a curmudgeonly socialist 45% of the vote this time. Millennials and younger Gen Xers voted for Sanders. A 50-year old charismatic Sanders would have won in a landslide.


@Winter it is obvious to me that if Biden or Warren had run Clinton would have dropped out a long time ago. She won because the DNC allowed only token opposition to run. But Sanders didn't play by the script and is raising a ruckus now. Tomi thinks this is all for show, but since he referred to one party as adults and the other as children I'm guessing that means Hillary is the inevitable nominee of the children since their delegates put on a show worthy of the WWE in Vegas last weekend.

Millard Filmore

@Catriona: >>> "Conservative" justices tend to be less activist than liberals >> 11 distinguished jurists <<<

do you read any of the liberal-leftist blogs? Each of these distinguished jurists have some disturbing history. That one guy from Texas thinks the state has an interest and right to regulate bedroom activities, imprison those icky gay sex people. Maybe also the BDSM types, or any sex that is not for making babies. Another candidate thinks that prosecutors who fabricate false evidence should be immune ... I did not dig into the story so I do not know from what. Criminal charges? Civil suits? Disbarment? I will try to find out.

These 11 distinguished jurists do not make me think "what a joy it is to live in the USA."

Millard Filmore

crap. the blog comment software messed up my post.

Millard Filmore

@Catriona: a view of the eleven

prosecutors fabricating evidence


Ah, OK, I see now. So by "[DNC's] reluctant leadership" you didn't mean DNC. You actually meant the independents. Wow! Remind me please not to argue with you.

Wayne Borean

I've taken a cursory look at Trump's Supreme Court picks. He really must want Hillary Clinton to win.

Take the judge who would limit the ability to sue for Prosecutorial Misconduct. Many black and brown people have had bad experiences with police and the courts. The idea that you can't sue a prosecutor who screws you over will infuriate them, and drive up voter participation in those communities.

That assumes that the Clinton campaign uses it. I'm pretty sure it will.

There are other things in there, which will upset everyone except the extreme religious sorts.

Pass the popcorn!


@Millard and Wayne, you can poke holes in any justice. Trump isn't limiting himself to those 11. Heck, Bill Clinton said back in 1992 that Mario Cuomo would be a good justice, but then went ahead and nominated Ginsburg and Breyer. Both sent messages that they would nominate justices of a particular political persuasion. What Trump is doing is solidifying support among conservatives and reminding them that the balance of the court is on the line.

How the court lines up is a far bigger deal to partisans on both sides than the middle. We've had a 5-4 mostly conservative leaning court for the past 40 years (I'd argue 4-3-2 liberal-conservative-swing for most of that time) and "moderate" voters never had an issue with it. They probably don't have an issue with a 5-4 liberal court, either. But Trump just put the #NeverTrump people on notice that if he loses because they don't vote for him, they have only themselves to blame when the balance of the court shifts next year (and possibly tilts even further to the left by 2020).

It's a good move. It makes him look presidential and that he's thinking ahead to the important issues. And if Hillary starts attacking those 11, it raises the question of who she plans to nominate. Merrick Garland isn't a good answer (decent judge, but not "liberal enough" for the Bernie crowd). Engaging in a debate with Trump on SCOTUS picks makes Trump look even that much more credible.


About that whole "outsource the economy to Bill thing"

It also reinforced the idea that she got to where she is today because of who she married.


Tomi, there are new polls out, and ALREADY they don't bode well with your prediction:

Landslide. Mark my words. I almost expect Hillary to give up before the actual election :D

Per "wertigon" Ekström


LOL you use Fox News - the most 100% biased republican channel there is, feeding Rep propaganda 25/7 (yes 25/7), the channel we've multiple times established they are outright lying to their viewers - as your source?



In addition to what Per "wertigon" Ekström had to say, Rasmussen has one of the most consistent right-wing biases among all pollsters.


They are polls. I gave a Rasmussen poll too. Anderson Cooper (of CNN) said that CNN finds these FOX polling to be reliable and transparent, in case you wondered.
Even Nate Silver cites them in his latest article(his conclusion is that "the election might be tight", but he was always skeptical on Trump's chances).

But, whatever... believe what you wish, it will soon be obvious enough.


Here are reports of polls showing McCain leading Obama in 2008

Believe what you wish, it will soon be obvious enough.

Wayne Borean

And Real Clear Politics shows Clinton ahead.


And all those republicans rallying behind Trump still have a problem: What policies are they actually endorsing?

Donald Trump Has a Surrogate Problem

Millard Filmore

@Wayne @Winter:

"Stupid question: If NINE polls have Clinton ahead and ONE has Trump ahead, which one gets a segment on [a TV show on MSNBC] Morning Joe?

Yeah... like I said... stupid question."

the link is to a left wing (sane) take on the Fox-Rasmussen polls. a poll that says Mr Trump is ahead feeds the business model of Fox, making this look like a horse race. don't forget, Fox is an entertainment network and has no legal obligation to be fair, balanced, neutral, or even truthful (short of libel of course).


Polls, polls, and more polls. What do they tell us?

The Republican party is rallying behind Donald Trump. Just like we thought.


The divide in the Democratic party follows the same media logic as the polls: Conflict sells

The Democratic Party's divide isn't as big as it was in 2008


A nice writeup of what makes the idea of Trump in the White House utterly disgusting.

Are Americans stupid to support, vote for Donald Trump?

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