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May 27, 2016



@Wayne Brady:

Symbian apps would have been useless, correct. But what you again ignore is that almost an entire year of app preparation for Qt was annihilated by Elop. The whole endeavour was well underway when it got stopped.

I know because my employer at that time lost a lot of investment by the burning platform memo - the same day this got public they immediately cancelled all work in Qt versions of their apps - and Qt versions they wanted to do because Nokia still was a major factor in the European handset market. Just because they were unable to register in the US doesn't mean they didn't have enough power elsewhere.

Normally these apps would have been ready by summer 2011.

Wayne Brady

Just speaking to the "value" of the ability to port from Symbian to Meego. Native, from scratch, Meego apps are a different story.



The amusing part is that a few months later, after burning investments of there partners, Nokia came back knocking doors for WP7/XAML.

And that while in parallel they also went "full nuclear" on there carrier and sales partners as documented in grat detail by Tomi since many years.

Its the Ballmer MSDN Magazine Camp ( context at ) mindset, formed in the 90' during the monopoly-days, which posined any option, any window, any opportunity from the start.

A "The battle of devices has now become a war of ecosystems" like mindset where most, if not all, of us ended joining there enemies and doing well unlike them. Be sure that without them pushing us to there competitions Android wouldn't be there yet eating them alive. Help to unite all the linux-force on Android was probably not the most clever move they did.

Looking back it doesn't matter any more. Linux won. If not on Meego so on Android. The real sucking part is that they dragged Nokia down with them. Thats the unexpected lose that hurts.

Earendil Star

"Symbian apps [were useless]. There was simply nothing there worth saving or porting"

Why do we still need to hear this BS? These utter falsehoods? These attempts at rewriting history all the time? This MS FUD?

Either who writes this has never used a Nokia Symbian phone, or he did, but is spreading propaganda.

Some Symbian apps (e.g. Nokia (Here) Maps, SportsTracker, Swype, Whatsapp, etc.) were often much more advanced than their iOS / Android counterparts, let alone WP shitty non-multitasking crashing apps. In some cases, some functionality of those apps remains unrivalled as of today. Let alone photo quality.

There were issues, for sure, but nothing that could not have been solved when migrating to Maemo, and as long as better HW was adopted. Nokia phones (e.g. the N8) had stripped down HW that could barely support new apps. The OS was outdated. But that was known and a new path had been selected: Meego... and hopefully better HW (although nobody ever speaks about the real drag on Nokia phones deeriving from low specced HW... ah, yeah, because this would zap the propaganda claiming that Nokia was good at HW and terrible at SW. The excuse to call in MS...).

I remember my good old N8. Despite its small size, ludicrously small memory, all kinds of limitations, it was a good smartphone.
The only reason I abandoned it was: Swype was crippled by MS (time bomb inside that switched it off on year end, freezing the phone without warning); Nokia store shut down; Skype for Symbian blocked accessing MS Skype servers and thus rendering it useless; Nokia maps accounts disabled; No longer any app updating / releases. Despite original assertions to the contrary: support until 2016 (what a lie!); Weather app services closed (and app crippled); Internet Radio services closed (ad app crippled). I could go on and on and on.

How could anyone stay on Symbian after this? Of course a different solution was needed: either Android or iOS, certainly not WP.

There was nothing terribly wrong at Nokia, until somebody call in the Trojan.

Tomi T Ahonen

Ok Lullz

I just deleted about I don't know, a dozen of your latest comments. Any more silliness and I will delete maybe 50 of your latest comments. You will not fuck with me or this blog. You will behave or you will be gone. Winter, Spawn, Tester, ChrisB and others are awaiting your REASONABLE responses to their diligent and fair comments to YOUR silly questions. You will address them ALL without adding any new topics or any new questions.

Tomi Ahonen


Linux (32.8%) is really closing in on Windows (44.3%) on Statcounter now from close to 0% vs 95% in 2009. It's mobile vs desktop surfing shown in numbers.

Tomi T Ahonen

So last warning Lullz

I just deleted every comment you posted during 2016, was well over 100, I didn't bother to count.

You have one chance left to remain on this blog or be forever blocked. You've seen this movie before, and seen how desperately some who are blocked try to come back. I couldn't care less. You will respond to the points made by the people in this thread - who addressed you as 'Lullz' and you will address EACH of them. You will not address me, you will not bitch about my rules, you will not post new questions, you will not bitch about anyone not answering more of your past questions - and you will not start any new topics. Not as Lullz and not under any alias.

You will respond rationally to those people who took the time to write to you, or you will be gone from this blog. Oh, and not answering is not an option. I will delete your privileges from this blog ANYWAY in a few days, if you try to go hide. So you have one chance. Are you going to behave like an adult, or continue to behave like a troll? I can delete all of your past with one click, and trust me, nothing would give me more pleasure than be rid of you and your tiresome tirades on MY blog.

Your move. If you mention me in that comment you post next, I will block you forever and delete all you ever wrote.. you've seen that also in the past, so think carefully. You seemed to have some desire to continue to post on this blog. You'll never be back...

Tomi Ahonen :-)



What is the exact source for your numbers? I ask cause statcounter itself says something else:



Answering myself: The line-diagram from Togga seems to indead use the statcountet data but calcs the versions to vendore together. Rought check using the source I posted before seems to confirm. Yet I am a bit impressed that the Microsoft platforms still make around 50% the by statcounter counted worldwide traffic. Installation-base, in particular Win7, seems to be still huge taken that they are only on ~15% of devices sold now. The very long desktop-PC replacement-circles may need some more years to show the real current situation in statcounter numbers. Counting the Installation-base is probably not the most interesting number since its a huge chunk past.


I still wonder, why there is nothing in the mass media (a documentary maybe) which rolls up the case Microsoft/Nokia as you do here.

I live in Germany and was one of these who were looking forward getting the N9, but then had to notice that this Elop-Guy doesn't want me to buy one. When I noticed he was a former MS-Bully, everything was clear to me. As you asked mandatory: He was working for survival of Micrososfts mobile dreams, not for the survival of Nokia.

Its just a lucky coincidence, that the need of Microsoft buying the handset part of Nokia was so big, that Nokia was able to take revenche and at least got a high selling price and conditions, that the Nokia-Brand will return to Nokia (as its now the case) after MS dragged it through the dirt.

We should note, that with the drain of Nokia, especially the free MeeGo-System, we europeans lost the last and only big resort for NOT needing US-Operating-Spy-Systems on ALL OF OUR DEVICES.

Naming it: We're now under full control of Google and Apple with near no way to escape.

But there is still a hope, that Nokia and Jolla will find a way back together, so that perhaps we will get back to the point, before this criminal MS-Moron Elop came along.

They should explicitely tell the customers (commercials or whatever), that the new Nokia-Phones will absolutely not come with windows phone ever. I guess there are some customers, like those of the Lumia 900 (what a mess) who were totally pissed and perhaps resign to buy any Nokia again.

My hope is, that in Europe, we still hold up the possibility for not beeing addicted to US-Only-Systems.

Anyway, thanks for your sum up of all what happened during the Nokia-MS-Adventure and showing up all the dogmatic things Elop has done (I don't think he's a moron, he just worked for MS undercover all the time, so it was all on purpose!!).

There are still so many people who think, that Nokia still was doomed before Mr. Moron came into play, reasoned by the delay of some devices and some bugs they were shipped with. Some of them are so nasty to claim, that Microsoft even SAVED Nokia by giving money. This bullshit really makes me angry due as long as I followed the development of Nokia I just noticed big crashes as Mr. Elop was CEO, beginning with telling me, that the device I wanted to buy, will never be produced again and won't be sold in my country, no matter how successfull it will be.



"We're now under full control of Google and Apple with near no way to escape."

If that's your main concern with smartphones...

A far bigger problem, most people are not aware of is the data which gets leaked by apps - it's 10 times worse than anything the operating system itself does.



Well, you're describing the branches while I talk about the trunk.

In the end we seem to be concerned about the same thing.

However, the OS (trunk), if free, could be designed to at least warn you about the spyiness of apps or other ideas to SERVE the customer.

On the other hand, having non-spy apps on an untrusty trunk-OS is concerning me more due the underlying OS could do everything with informations that will be processed by it. And apps rely on this (API)

And as an european citizen, I see that we're having apps (branches) controlled, but near all the trunk is in the hand of the US. Not a healthy sitiuation in my eyes.

Abdul Muis


Any words on Microsoft LinkedIn?



"However, the OS (trunk), if free, could be designed to at least warn you about the spyiness of apps or other ideas to SERVE the customer."

Yes, it could - but imagine how users would react to apps that constantly open warning screens. It's not that easy, because most of this data is sent through HTTP requests which may or may not be harmful. It's outside the OS's control to check these.

"On the other hand, having non-spy apps on an untrusty trunk-OS is concerning me more due the underlying OS could do everything with informations that will be processed by it. And apps rely on this (API)"

I think you are overestimating this kind of threat. Compared to apps it's almost negligible.
I have worked with several of these service SDKs and like I already said, these collect so much data, that anything left is close to meaningless. There are people who have actually monitored the traffic that gets sent by a smartphone and the vast majority of privacy-concerning data is sent by some statistics and ad services that get linked into apps.

BTW, I have read an article some time ago which said that by far the most chatty OS was Windows Phone.

(And for the paranoid ones: The simple solution to keep the Americans from collecting your data is to not connect it to the internet - ever! As my main talking phone I am using some 10 year old dumbphone I still have. My smartphone is registered with a bogus mail account and does not contain any private data (i.e. no address book, no phone numbers, no names) because apps can grab anything on there and sent it home to their owners.)


Timo always nice to see your analysis. I spent sometime in Finland in last decade and even had a stint in Nokia. Fro a global company atmosphere inside was not honest at all towards foreigners. For me it was a shock and a global company had to run differently than a finish company. See world has existed quite nicely without you guys, there is good talent all over world. So if you just assume that you will beat everyone, you create undue pressure on yourself. People who do not want to see or tolerate a foreigner and an intolerant racist society is not a good place to have global multi nationals. It might have worked in last century but not going to happen in this connected century, people will know your skin heads attitude and wont buy your products. Why should they finance welfare of your old and young people? Tell me one good reason for it.

Secondly, Elop was an obvious conspiracy but some internal people must be part of this conspiracy, specially Jorma Olilla and Olli Pekka Kallasvuo. You never cursed them. They betrayed the country.


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