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May 20, 2016



I cannot wait for a Pureview Nokia Android handset - I used the mighty 808 for 2 years and the pictures I have from then are better than the current ones from my S6. Massive oversampling produces great results - the microphones on it were also excellent - video audio quality sounded like broadcast tv .


If New Nokia creates a sturdy heat and dust proof smartphone range targeted at South Asia (cheap to expensive), they could take over that market that is at the verge of taking off.

When I was there, school children were still using very old Nokia camera phones that must have had half a dozen (or more) previous owners.

John A

Good news. My first new phone was a Nokia 3210. I am now on Sony Xperia, but I hope my next phone can be a Nokia/Android.


Yes, finally...

Let's hope they will release some models with Sailfish, too.
At least something that is fully supported by Sailfish, even as a secondary OS only... :D

Yes, I know, most probably it would not be economical but I would buy one, for sure...


It's about time to get Nokia phones back and I hope they run some OS better than iOS or Windows.
I've had my iPhone for a week now and I cannot believe what a crap the software is! Every day some update comes with "bugfixes and improvements".

Seriously - WTF? My Pureview 808 had software done right - so well that in fact it literally NEVER told it would download and install any "bugfixes" - whereas iPhone is getting them daily. It's clear that Apple - like Tomi has said here - knows nothing about making mobile phones and that Nokia - like Tomi ALSO has said here - knows EVERYTHING about it.


Nice to see Nokia come back. I am looking forward to buying their first flagship. I hope Nokia will use vanilla Android and have timely OS updates.
The only problem I see ahead for Nokia is that the smartphone market is about to stop expanding and there is already a lot of competition out there. And it is harder for a new player to dislodge established players than to gain a foothold in an expanding market. I think we'll see a lot of consolidation in the industry in the coming years in an effort to increase profits. Maybe Nokia should snatch some struggling player for cheap (maybe HTC or Sonny) in order to consolidate its position.


"The only problem I see ahead for Nokia is that the smartphone market is about to stop expanding and there is already a lot of competition out there."

India/Pakistan and SE Asia are on tbrink of starting the smartphone conversion.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Timple, Winter, John, zlutor, Pertti and cornelius

Timple - Me too. 808 was (is) awesome classic Nokia still best camera you can use for say landscape, cityscape or group photo pictures with lots of people. Makes truly fab pics. Can't wait to get a Pureview on a modern Android to replace my trusted old 808 pv.

Winter - I think its a pretty safe bet that the 'new' Nokias will be again geared strongly to ACTUAL customer demands in the real Nokia markets, not some nonsense by an Ex Microsoft guy wanting to do an iPhone clone. Whether the new Nokias will be 'perfect' for Europeans or rich Asians (or Americans) they WILL be just about the perfect smartphones for the Emerging World where 5 out of 6 humans alive live and where 4 out of 5 smartphones will be sold. SE Asia will be strongly favored in those considerations (as will Africa)

John - and do let us know when the first Nokias are out, which one you ended up buying :-)

zlutor - gosh yeah, that would be nice but I am not expecting it. This will be a tightly-run ship of not any extra resources. But it would be nice if there was one or two models where the buyer could re-install an alternate OS in the Linux family like Sailfish..

Pertti - haha well, I can't really judge Apple on designing bad software haha, but probably iOS is starting to show its age and legacy with such issues. I don't think Android will be in any 'inherent' way better, but Google has been rather good at keeping the OS updated on a rapid pace.

cornelius - me too. Utterly irrelevant what specific specs the first return-flagship has, I will be buying it. I would hope it has a top pureview camera and a nice screen but really, I don't care. I want to have another Nokia as my top phone and soon... Then if they ever do a return of the Communicator in some way, then again, irrelevant of its price, I will be buying the first model the first day it is out.

On the saturation, yeah, that is an issue especially in the most established markets BUT Nokia does have the classic reputation still in pretty good shape, so it won't be fighting from as much a genuine underdog 'newcomer' status as say someone like Xiaomi was or Oppo is today. And balanced in Nokia's favor is that they did buy the sales organization (into the Foxconn/Hon Hai unit) from Microsoft where I thought that staff would not be transferred over. That is a powerful asset for Nokia's return with often truly invaluable years-long personal relationships to the carriers and distributors. Now that Windows (and Microsoft) is no longer the barrier those orders should be relatively easy to log in on the first handsets at least.

I was thinking of mentioning a possible purchase of HTC or Sony or Blackberry but then thought, no, that would not make sense in at least the first 3 years, because this new partnership has very much capacity it isn't fully utilizing, and needs to first get that back up to full speed (and finish the migration to smartphones) before it would/could start to consider an acquisition. BUT with Sony, HTC and even BB, the OS would now be the same (Android) helping make that part less painful. Still, am not expecting any such interest in the first 3 years and only if they do get to something like 7% or 8% market share with consistent profits, would they start to consider buying some more market share haha... might not be anything left in HTC, Sony or BB by then...

Winter - totally true and add to that all of Africa. So an area with a population of nearly 3B people are about to shift from dumbphones to smartphones in the next 3 years and their fave brand is.. Nokia.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Wecome back Nokia. Considering the market share of the bottom 12 out of the top 15 smartphone makers are only separated by a couple of percent, it would not be difficult of Nokia to hit position 4 in global sales in 2017. Who has not owned a Nokia 1100, 3110, 3310 or 6720 - I was fortunate to also own an N9(it's my back up phone but still works fine - with Meego and the best UI ever) but some features are not available on my much loved Oppo R7 Plus. Hopefully Nokis will bring innovation and style back to smartphones and not just rely on their name alone. Could Sammy, crApple and Huawei be bought back to earth with a crash in market share and even less profitability in 2017. Let the shake out begin. Even with Nokia's extensive patents for protection, get ready for new rounds of Sue-ball from the big A and MS - could get very messy.


@Tomi: I do not expect either - I just hope... 😉 So do some ex-Nokia, ex-Jolla guy do:

But yes, business is business, emotions are emotions...

@RickO: Apple has tried it once, end result was they pay royalty to Nokia even now. M$ could give it a try, too - but I hardly think this was not settled during these recent deals...


Excellent news! My next phone will be a Nokia Android.


"Google has been rather good at keeping the OS updated on a rapid pace."

You mean that this Nokia Android phone would also be getting constant updates?!?
My Symbian phone never EVER got a single update because IT DID NOT NEED TO!
I think I'll stick with my 808 Pureview for now. At least it works.


@Wayne Brady:

You forgot that the old Nokia feature phone division (or what's left of it) is back into the fold. These are the guys who created the commercially succesful Asha line and also a gem like the Nokia 515.

In case you don't know, the 515 is a feature phone, which is also almost a smartphone with a ton of apps included, FM receiver, replaceable battery, long battery life, a 5 MP camera, LED flash, and first grade manufacturing values (aluminium case, Gorilla glass). It's a shining example of Nokia's capacity to cram a maximum of features and top-quality into a candy bar.

The engineers and designers who created this masterpiece are still there, and I assume they'll be glad to use their skills to create modern smartphones (and hopefully to revive the Communicator line).



> OS X is far more superior to any of the competitors operating system.

HAHA what BS (that a quote from you used for answering your erroneous statement).

Your statement first if very vague. Please, could you be more concrete by stating exactly where OS X is "far more superior" and add also some references which support your statement?



> No. I let you do the work and give examples where the
> OS X is inferior than the other operating systems.

No. You got it wrong! You made the errorneous statement and therefore it is your job to back it up. This is how it works.

> This way it is much more fun for me.

That is the wrong way of doing it! You made the statement so you back it up!


What's up here. Yet another Apple shill or just someone who thouught it might be prudent to try yet another name (Rocwurst, anyone?)



I was thinking too that there is possibility that it might be Rocwurst/Neil !


Just hope they make Android work well in new Nokias. Last Android smartphone I had (Sony Xperia U) was HORRIBLY laggy. It even lagged when trying to answer a call haha. After that I changed to a Lumia and we have to admit that despite all the cons that Windows phone had and has, it has always worked very fluent and fast, even in low specced phones.


You seem to have a low opinion on Linux.
In fact, only Linux has the capability to power devices of any size and kind. Open source has proven to be the superior development model. Linux has no major technical weaknesses. Every competing operating system, while it may be shining in certain aspects, seriously lacks in something else. This applies to Windows, commercial Unices, BSD, and the rest too.

No company has the ability to make an operating system that can compete with Linux in more than very few specific areas.

In order to benefit from Linux, you don't have to be able to read and write code yourself. As the FSF puts it, users exercise collective control.

On the PC, Windows is so firmly entrenched that the last PCs in that moribund market will probably still be powered by some form of Windows. Also as Tomi has stated per Sun Tzu, it doesn't make sense to attack Microsoft where they are strongest. Investing in growing markets where Linux is strong and Microsoft is weak is a much better idea.


@M: "Now Android is the same, but there is thousands of models instead and there is no amount of aspirin in the world to get over that fragmentation headache."

In other words: Unlike literally billions of Android users, choosing the device which fits your needs best is a task too difficult for you.

Probably Android is really not the best choice for people with such a high level of incompetence. Enjoy your iPhone!

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