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March 16, 2016



And don't forget that after the biggest shareholder values destruction Elop pocketed a 25mUSD personal bonus for selling Nokia mobile phones to Microsoft


So microsoft is planning to buy telstra? Does internet work in Australia? Unbelievable ...


Probably Elop's wife's cousin works there and asked a favor. lol


The big issue is what Elop's attributions will be.

In a staff role, damage will be limited -- mainly harassing people with Powerpoint slides, strategy papers and business development proposals.

If, on the other hand, he has actual executive power, then all bets are off -- even below CEO, he could derail sane strategies or impose fancy roadmaps.

It all depends on what the following sentence in the official press release covers:

"The Technology, Innovation and Strategy portfolio brings together aligned lines of business including the Chief Technology Office, Chief Scientist, Telstra Software Group and Corporate Strategy with strong links into product development functions."

But in the end, hiring Elop demonstrates quite some level of obtuseness.


If E_slop tries to destroy Telstra, I will keep you all informed of the progress. Ps. The beautiful Nokia N9 was readily available in Australia. I have 2 still working as backups.


This the 1st time when I agree 100% with Tommi. I do another 100% and it is with that weasel called Trash whos family as emigrants with the hooker business and ended to marriage with the KGB emigrants from the USSR with children. That is why that bozo is soo goodiegoodie with the Putan.


So sorry about spelling and grammars... You know what I mean..
And Tommi has to get used to the idea that next Apple is going to India (100 000 000 sold second year after 22/3/2016 and my resources says that they do not want to sell Samsung.. Apple ;). )


It is Fantastic! That this website is so optimized for the mobile experience!


He is not going to move his ass from the WAP experience?


We must remember to send him an SMS!

Wayne Borean

The biggest Horror Movie of the year!

Return of the Manchurian CEO

In theatres now!

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Its like it was 2011 again. Stephen Elop the gift that keeps on giving. He's like a bad penny you can't get rid of. Boy did that feel nasty writing this short blog and reminded of how bad it was then at Nokia re-living some of those astonishing moves by Elop.

Yeah. Weird by Telstra. Lets see how many months Elop survives before they toss him out on his sorry ass.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


It is really hard to believe that a company like Telstra can hire someone with Elop's background whilst being aware of Elop's disastrous past.



The biggest Horror Movie of the year!
Return of the Manchurian CEO
In theatres now!"

B-rated Trumpf movie.


Telstra's mobile network just suffered 2 major outage within a month. All Telstra mobile phone lost the ability to connect for a hours : no voice, no SMS, no data. The first time they said it's due to 'human error', the second time they just said 'we have no idea'. This is a company that have retrenched pretty much all their engineers, so nobody in house have any technical knowledge anymore. This is a company that have outsourced their critical network infrastructure function to India. I'm sure they can claw back from money when their contractor stuff up, but that's no good when they're going to lose customers. Telstra current charges more because they're regarded as a premium service, continual outage will see the premium disappear.

Enter Stephen Elop. Whatever he proposes, there will be nobody to oppose him, regardless of how ridiculous his idea turns out to be.


Telstra is currently the biggest telco in Australia, and with all the regulatory constraint that goes with it. I can't see Microsoft wanting to run a telco.
Telstra's alwats have a dream to become a technology company instead of a telco, which is kind of hard when they got rid of their entire R&D department, so it's now trying to 'buy expertise' to become a cloud service company. So far, they ate simply not competitive in both pricing and reliability against Amazon. Hiring Elop may be the CEO's attempt to get some techinical knowledge from Microsoft. They're sadly mistaken because Elop knows nothing about cloud and services. He is just a living example of how the corporate world keeps putting idiots in charge of once successful companies.


"so it's now trying to 'buy expertise' to become a cloud service company. "

Which aligns it with MS. MS are also desperately trying to become a Cloud & Services company. Makes sense then.


Unbelievable this guys is seriously considered for any important position in any company...

Except! Nokia had really tricky plan how to get rid of mobile phone business and that was perfectly executed by its CEO back then... :D:D:D:D:D

Not to mention all companies - except M$, where it is almost impossible to damage something lethal due cash reserves of the company - were sold/merged under tenure of SE...

Fabio Correa

Off-topic: Microsoft breaks its Windows 10 Mobile upgrade promise

Earendil Star

THT Elop is no longer necessarily a MS man. His liaison was with Baldmer, not Nadella, who sacked him.
Yet he is a mercenary, and will do what he is told to do. As he did with Macromedia. And just as he did as Nokia CEO: a MS Trojan horse, injected there to pursue MS covert agenda. This is why his zero knowledge or experience in mobile did not count when he was made Nokia CEO: his reliability in executing outside orders and in preparing the company for liquidation is what really counted.
Regardless of what (fake exNokians but in reality) current MS astroturfers say.
So the question here is: who wants Elop -still mr nobody in mobile- to do what at Telstra? Is there someone aiming at liquidating Telstra? Or to overhaul it?
While we wait for an answer over the next few months, let's have a laugh with this dated but still priceless piece on Elop by the Verge:

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