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March 11, 2016



I think the Spotify message is clear, no new functions for the WP8 app. They will continue to fix bugs for now. Whether a UWP app will come at all is not decided yet.

And you can't really blame Spotify when Microsoft leads by example. Microsoft's own first party apps are iOS first, then Android, and then maybe (or maybe not) Windows.
Recently it was MileIQ which Microsoft bought out in November 2015 and started advertising on in mid February 2016 - for iOS and Android only.


Here's worse than Spotify:
HERE Maps drops support for Windows Phone AND Windows 10!

Wayne Borean

Here's something interesting. Chap was having a heart attack and he noticed his heart rate as incredibly high when he looked at his Apple Watch. Having one saved his life.


Hold the press! Elop has a new job, according to El Reg:

They're probably doomed.


Sell all Telstra share now if you have any.

Those who want to tinker you iPhone just gets the SDK and you can do what ever you like with it and btw it is free.

Wayne Borean

For those arguing about Open and Closed mobiles...

abdul muis

It's Lenovo turn to produce Windows Phone.
"Lenovo Windows 10 Mobile Phablet leaks in China"

But Microsoft clearing their own stock...
"Deal Alert: Upgrade to the Lumia 550 from only £19.99"



"You may need and want all those things but they are almost irrelevant to the unit sales."

... and that's reason enough to cripple the hardware? I have to say I am dead tired of this attitude in general, catering to the lowest common denominator in general and not giving the user sufficient choice.

It's not that the others are innocent here - far from it - but Apple definitely takes the cake when it comes to running their customer base like a dictatorship. If they say something is bad they remove the functionality and give a rat's ass what their customers really want. Only supremely stupid people willingly accept that.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

Yeah.. Can't believe that one. So Stephen Elop has managed to dupe yet another victim. What rock was Andy Penn of Telstra living under, to miss it how badly Elop fucked up Nokia. But the timing is essentially perfect for Elop, Penn was hired outside of telecoms, from Insurance, and joined Telstra last year. So Elop was able to somehow fool him.

It tells us tons about how incompetent Andy Penn is, to have missed the CLEAR WARNING SIGNS that Elop is a clueless moron when he keeps getting fired and his name is synonymous with failure. But yeah. I wrote my blog about it. Telstra will now be under extra scrutiny and anything they do, that normally I'd let slide as 'experimentation' in a telco trying to learn to do marketing - will now be exposed on this blog as blunders (because of Elop is involved, the one thing we can be sure about is.. there will be blunders). And how long can Elop remain at Telstra. I don't think he'll last 3 years.

The question becomes, is Andy Penn really this incompetent? If so, he should be ousted soon too. Hiring Elop is a clear sign of being unfit to be CEO.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Maybe MS want to buy a market leading telco? Or, do "marketing deals".

That could expand the market for Windows Phone. No more "we don't sell those phones".


@Wayne Borean
Oh gosh, that Recode article is so full of stupid, I don't know where to start.
The author uses "open" to refer to "open source software" and "open platform" interchangeably, when they are actually quite different things.


"The watch is not it - it's an expensive toy for iPhone users. Nothing more. It will survive as long as there is hype, but like Sarah Palin there is no substance."

And yet IDC reports that Apple captured 61.3% market share in smart watches in 2015 while Android Wear (all Android manufacturers put together) only managed a measly 15.2% in 2015. (and the Apple Watch was only available for 3 quarters vs a full year for Android - Android is getting creamed!)

Apple reports that the Apple Watch is selling faster than both the iPod and the iPhone at launch. The iPod took 4 years to sell 10 million units and the iPhone took 7 quarters to sell 13 million units. In contrast, the 500 dollar ASP Apple Watch has sold around 12 million units in a mere 3 quarters.

The Watch is also meaningfully moving the dial financially for Apple with Apple's "Other Products" category which includes the Apple Watch and the AppleTV surged 62% YoY growing from 2.7 Billion dollars to 4.4 Billion this quarter.

As a comparison, Other Products has increased from 2.7% of Apple’s iPhone revenue to 8.4% of this quarter’s enormous iPhone revenue. For perspective, that 4.4 Billion dollars for Other Products is equivalent to 21% of Google’s ENTIRE revenue in Q4 2015 and is growing a massive 62% YoY.

Sounds like a pretty bright future to me.


"The TV is not it, either - Sony and Microsoft both have a vastly superior offering, and would have no problem expanding on a TV platform, with a more open strategy than Apple can hope to match."

Not sure why you reckon the PS4 or the Xbox are more open than AppleTV considering the vastly greater numbers of iOS apps and greater ease of publishing to the App Store compared to either MS or Sony's platforms?

In terms of unit sales, Apple TV is second only to the cheap Chromecast which is nothing more than a simple wireless HDMI video dongle requiring other devices to work, whereas the AppleTV is a stand-alone app-enabled platform.

However, Apple is absolutely dominating the TV EveryWhere market (paid streaming) in terms of usage, leaving not just the Chromecast, but Android as a whole and even Windows PCs and SmartTVs AND gaming consoles like the xbox and PS4 in the dust.

Apple had 61.2% market share of which 22.3% came from the iPad, 18.2% were iPhones and 12.8% was from the AppleTV.

All of the Android platform combined (tablets and mobile) only managed a 9% market share and the Windows PC only managed 18%, Roku captured 7%, gaming consoles a pitiful 2%, Amazon Fire 1% and SmartTVs 0.7%.

And these Adobe Digital Index figures came out before the new app-enabled 4th gen Apple TV was released.

So much for "Sony and Microsoft both have a vastly superior offering, and would have no problem expanding on a TV platform". :-)


"In mobile, Apple is stuck between a rock and a hard place - The premium segment is won and will rapidly shrink the coming years, to maybe say 200-230M units or even less. If Apple keeps dominating then the premium segment will decline even further to the point of maybe 100M a year (since being stuck with a premium differing platform will not help them when the other 90% are using Android)."

I think you're getting confused with the Android Premium market which has not just shrunk, it has collapsed with sales plummeting from 280m units in 2012 to 190m units in 2015.

In contrast, Apple's premium iPhone sales have surged from 136m to 231m in the same timeframe.

Where's your *evidence* that Apple's sales are going to plunge to "maybe a 100m a year"?

You were one of the many predicting Apple would fall to 12% market share in 2015 but instead they grew to 16.1%. Certainly no evidence there.



"And yet IDC reports that Apple captured 61.3% market share in smart watches in 2015 while Android Wear (all Android manufacturers put together) only managed a measly 15.2% in 2015. (and the Apple Watch was only available for 3 quarters vs a full year for Android - Android is getting creamed!)"

This only shows that there is no interest in this market segment in general outside a very specific group of customers - namely those who think they have to use it as a status symbol.
As a matter of fact, the watch is the ultimate Sheep product.

The general public's interest in smartwatches is zero and the long term viability very questionable.

Of course a true iFool gets blinded by the numbers, but never asks what causes these numbers.


"Your estimate of 497M iPhones implies the other 503M devices are Macs, iPads, iPod Touches, Apple TVs and Apple Watches. Based on the cumulative numbers of each device sold, I don't think this split is correct."

I agree. Apple has only sold the following in the last 4 years:
78m Macs
12m Apple Watches
15m AppleTVs (approx)

That leaves us with perhaps 890m active iOS devices.

Apple hasn’t sold enough iPod touches or iPads to make up the difference.

You’d have to assume every iPad ever made (282m since 2010) was still active and last time Apple reported iPod sales was 12.7m in 2013 and falling, of which only half were iPod touches.

I really do think all the evidence points to there being significantly more active iPhones worldwide than 497m.


"This only shows that there is no interest in this market segment in general outside a very specific group of customers"

And yet everywhere you look, analysts are saying wearables are the hot new growth market.
I'm afraid that just because Android has utterly failed in this new market, it doesn't mean it isn't a big thing for the rest of the world or for Apple.

Already smartwatch sales have eclipsed the Swiss Watch market in sales, the Apple Watch is vastly out-growing both the iPod and the iPhone's launch growth figures and Apple's Watch and AppleTV revenue is already equal to 21% of the total revenue of the second largest company in the world by market cap - Google - and growing by a MASSIVE 67% YoY.

Just because your favourite platform is MIA in this huge new market does not discount Apple's amazing dominance.


Apple will Finally! Hit! The Indian market! 21/3/2016! BOOM and yes up is down and left is still the best. We will continue this exercise so that there is no Windows nor Android. Linux will be there around Apple UNIX.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


No use arguing with a person not interested in facts, only the kool-aid story he's been fed by Apple.

I could debunk your claims easily but since it's obvious you are either delusional or a shill (or possibly both) - why even bother? :)

Emilia Srikandi

Samsung S7 preorder more so apple 6S.
Samsung win
Apple lost

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