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February 05, 2016



Here is another satirical go at the primaries:



If you like the post, here are some more Hitler bunker parodies

Hitler Reacts to Donald Trump Running for President - YouTube

Hitler reacts to Donald Trump's presidential bid - YouTube

Hitler reacts to Donald Trump - YouTube

Hitler finds out Trump is Winning - YouTube

Hitler interviews Donald Trump - YouTube

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Winter

Thanks! Satirewire was excellent, haha, ..Husband Liar-liar pants unzipped.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


If I were good at graphics I would make a scene with Gollum with an orange wig saying something like: "My precious! Cruz stole it from me!"


"If I were good at graphics I would make a scene with Gollum with an orange wig"

Look here. Not particularly good, but still:


Thanks Winter. How about this?




Trump is starting to self implode...and its going to be glorious.


He's not imploding yet. He didn't cancel, he just moved his event to Monday. And there is nothing glorious about him imploding now. Glorious will be his implosion
*AFTER* his gets the nomination.


2005 called. It wants its joke back. Anyway, the more "fascist" party right now is the Democratic party. It's also the more authoritarian in how it is handling its nomination process. The Clintons scared away all the real competition, and the DNC tried to hide the debates. Now that Bernie crashed the party, she's been forced to run a real campaign, if only for a few weeks.



Haha good one it will be so awesome whenever it occurs. :)

Steven epstein

Well played on the cheney friend shotgun line


"Anyway, the more "fascist" party right now is the Democratic party."

You obviously have absolutely no clue at all (can I be more direct?) what fascism is. It is staring you in the face but you look away to insult your political oponents.

As many Americans (USA style), your grasp of 20th century history seems to limited to Holywood movies.


Exactly! However, it is very likely that Catriona will not be able to understand. I will try to add to your post.

I will explain in very simple terms for you. Fascism is extreme right wing as opposed to communism which is extreme left wing. If you want to accuse anyone of fascism in the US, that would be the Republican party, especially the Tea Party faction. One good example of fascists in the US is the white supremacists. They have adopted the swastika. Try to understand, if you can, why they vote republican.


Tomi, please go back to your mobile business analysis instead of this narrow minded baby boomer political propaganda. Your mind is just a construct of main stream media and you cannot think outside that.

Calling Trump a fascist is just a trick like it was taken from the communist party book.

I haven't seen Trump having emotional outbursts (even if he have strange outbursts) about races and criticizing uncontrolled immigration isn't racism or fascism. Uncontrolled immigration only leads to suffering and increased antagonism between group in the society, basically more racism Chaos helps nobody, unless you are a group who makes profits from the suffering of others.

Compare this to the current president Obama who is supporting the uncontrolled immigration which has lead to increased crime, more marginalizations in the labour market. Race relations are worse than ever. Obama has also supported a great deal of wars mainly in the middle east killing and displacing thousands of people. Isn't that fascist enough for you, or is the fluffy yellow haircut that makes Trump a fascist?

There is one thing I agree with you at least. There is a great probability that Hillary Clinton will win, Mrs. Establishment. She has claimed that she will be more conformant towards the neocons which will in turn mean more wars, probably Iran, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Of course that is not fascist, because she will be doing it for ”freedom” or ”democracy”.

That said, Trump will likely also be tricked into wars even if he somewhat more distant from the neocons. However, it seems like his not liked because he is not under “full control” like Hillary.

Fascist is the most misused word today and do you understand the true meaning of that word Tomi? I can't understand how Trump would be more fascist than for example Hillary Clinton.

= Tomi, now pressing the delete button of this post. =


@cornelius, your definition is outmoded. The traditional "right" vs "left" spectrum is no longer accurate, if it ever was. Hitler had FAR more in common with Stalin than he did with the "right wing" of American politics. Also, "right wing" Marine Le Pen is a outright socialist on economic issues.

@winter, "fascism" also refers to a system of nominal private control of corporations with significant state intervention. Obamacare arguably is creating an oligopoly of 3 health insurance companies essentially with government-regulated pricing. Also, the "progressive" assault on the first amendment (and drives toward self-censorship) reek of authoritarianism.

Anyway, it looks like Christie is winning tonight's debate, and Rubio is taking it on the chin. We'll see Tuesday how it affects the race. Jeb can soldier on for a few more weeks with his past donations, but the others besides Trump, Cruz, and Rubio need a big night to continue.


"@winter, "fascism" also refers to a system of nominal private control of corporations with significant state intervention"

That is not what distinguishes fascism from corporatism.

"Obamacare arguably is creating an oligopoly of 3 health insurance companies essentially with government-regulated pricing."

Obamacare hase nothing at all to do with fascism. Neither have the Canadian and British health care system. This is not even wrong.

"Also, the "progressive" assault on the first amendment (and drives toward self-censorship) reek of authoritarianism."

Authoritarianism is not the same as fascism, far from it. And Obama is not more authoritarian than other US presidents.

I see I was right about your ignorance.


"@cornelius, your definition is outmoded. The traditional "right" vs "left" spectrum is no longer accurate, if it ever was."

Prove it. I do not believe it.

"Hitler had FAR more in common with Stalin than he did with the "right wing" of American politics."

Hitler was not the protorype fascist, Musolini was. And "methods" of tyrrany are separate of "ideology". Different political ideologies can you the same means.

"Also, "right wing" Marine Le Pen is a outright socialist on economic issues."

A rather stupid comparison as Marine Le Pen is not a fascist, although she and her followers flirt with it. But, indeed, fascism does advocate social welfare. But this has nothing to do with socialism. Solcial welfare is much older dan socialism. It was part of feodalism and the old Roman client system.

Americans are always incredulous when they learn tha the old conservatves and reactionairs were opposed to free market economics a kapitalism.

Tomi T Ahonen

Ok lets do the Fascism thing..

First, there is no clear definition of fascism. Mussolini is the first, 'prototype' Fascist, Hitler and Franco (of Spain) were the pair closely aligned with the concept in the early half of the 20th century. So in general terms, Fascism would embody the commonalities among those three leaders. Typical is that the leader takes dictatorial control, ie is 'a strong leader' but not all dictators are fascists. The fascists tend to blame some political group or groups, call for militaristic solutions, blame outsiders, give police sweeping powers, seize assets from groups. Fascists built a cult of the leader, claimed supremacy of their race or type and then banned free speech and attacked liberties.

Is Trump a Fascist? It is totally normal in recent US politics, that the Democrats might accuse a leading Republican of being a Fascist, like for example W Bush or Dick Cheney. Its as common as Republicans liking to accuse Democrats of being communists or socialists. Its par for the course. What is utterly unusual, is for fellow Republicans to accuse their front-runner of being a Fascist - as many Republicans have called Trump. Moreover, all US Fascist publications and organizations, the American Nazis in some way or another - have endorsed Trump. Whats most alarming, is that when Trump has been compared to Hitler - the most reviled person in history - he cherishes that comparison.

So does he want a cult of his personality? Yes. Does he advance a strong military? Yes. Does he advocate for more police powers? Yes. Does he single out some subgroups of society to blame? Yes. Does he advocate for restricting the press - he's not quite there yet, but he is clearly demonizing the press regularly whenever he speaks. Does he like to seize assets 'for the common good' haha, look at his response about Eminent Domain. Trump is BY FAR the most Fascist-style politician the USA has had as far as one can remember. Many accused Margaret Thatcher and Charles de Gaulle of being Fascists. I think that was pushing it too far. Many accused Jean-Marie Le Pen and Vladimir Putin of being Fascists. I think they are far closer to how Mussolini, Hitler and Franco defined that type of leadership and political philosophy. How does Trump fit in? At least as much as Le Pen and Putin (note also, Le Pen's daughter Marine Le Pen the current French politician is a milder version, I am talking about her dad).

So Trump? Yes. When his compatriot Republicans lay that accusation of Trump, broadly, that is it. He is a Fascist. When American Fascist organizations join in celebrating him, and when Trump is compared to Hitler, he himself enjoys that comparison.. he is a Fascist. Note, that does not mean he is all the evil that Hitler was, so it does not make him a genocidal mass-murderer (at least not yet) but it does mean, he wants a cult of celebrity for himself, he wants to extinguish protections of the Constitution, he wants supreme dictatorial rule and he wants to demonize minorities, and very likely to censor the press. He has also said he'd greatly increase the use of torture. He would be the most dangerous leader ever, because with so horrible ambitions if he was given control of the most powerful country in human history, he would do incredible damage everywhere. Luckily, he will never be the President.

Now. Obama? Please. Obama has done SOME executive orders, less than Ronald Reagan - and also - Obama has used the VETO power less than Reagan. If you want to argue Obama is somehow destroying the American democracy or acting like a ruthless King, please do first accept that Reagan is worse - if you feel Reagan was a dictator who ruined US democracy - then you MAY continue that line of argument here, but not otherwise. We do not deal with myths here, we deal with facts. ALL recent US Presidents, Democrats and Republicans have used Executive Orders and Vetoes but Obama has actually done both LESS than his peers on either side. Its remarkable how little Obama has used Vetoes, considering how much the Republicans hate him and tried to push legislation to overturn his agenda.

Did Obama try to cultivate a cult of personality? It sure looked like that when he ran in 2008 but after he got elected, he's been the least visible US President since gosh, Eisenhower. All previous Presidents have been taking massive victory laps at the smallest achievements ('Mission Accomplished') but not Obama. Even when Osama Bin Laden was killed, Obama was very muted in his celebration. Compare to how cowboy W Bush danced around the ruins of the World Trade Center when he declared war on the terrorists.

Does Obama try to demonize any groups? Even gun owners, he makes a very clear point every time he deplores there is no action on limited gun controls, that gun owners have rights and he is not about to take anyone's guns away. This is his 'biggest foe'. He time and again says they have their rights and he is not coming for them. Is he trying to militarize America, to turn it into a police state? No, he undid some (not all) of the various spying and torture and illegal detention systems set up by his predecessors, Bush-Cheney. So Obama has moved in the direction AWAY from Fascism while most Democrats would probably complain, not far enough. Has Obama tried to take dictatorial powers, no. Certainly less than his predecessors (see above about executive orders and vetoes).

So if we want to debate Fascism, lets deal with facts. Don't bring stupid stuff in here. I will be policing the discussion forward from here, if you post stupid stuff, its gone. If American Fascists love Trump (and hate Obama) it means Obama can be many things, he is certainly nothing like a Fascists. If Trump is loved by Fascists and he is called that not by his rivals from the other party, but by fellow Republicans and conservatives, that should be taken seriously. Most importantly, that Trump will not denounce Hitler, but enjoys comparisons to Hitler - that more than anything tells us, he likes the Fascists ideology and his words that suggest Fascists thinking is no accident. Its by design. As we know, Trump has at least one book about Hitler - his speeches translated. He knows what Fascism is, and clearly Trump is embracing that philosophy. And obviously, Obama is nothing like a Fascist.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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