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February 03, 2016



Did I get this right that there is again no backwards compatibility from Windows Phone 8.1 apps to Windows 10 apps? How often did they break now backwards compatibility since the introduction of Windows Phone?


It'll be an interesting watch to see how long Microsoft is willing to prolong that misery.

In the tech press there's still that idiotic belief that they need a mobile OS to be present in mobile - but seriously: This is doing them more harm than good, and that's not just financially, because it makes them look outright incompetent. Of course we don't really know if the drop is because the market punished them or because the higher-ups are orchestrating a controlled wind-down of the business. These numbers are so bad, I'd more believe in the latter.

Olivier Barthelemy

Isn't MS's poor showing partly due to the Kaypro syndrome: new product announced, but not quite available = no sales of the old stuff, and no new stuff to sell ?

abdul muis


What do you think about XiaoMi WindowsPhone (Windows 10 Mobile) devices? Will it make any difference? and Why? Why would XiaoMi make Windows 10 Mobile device?


"In other markets like India the growth is still phenomnal (India this year for the first time becoming a larger smartphone market than the USA and second largest in the world)."

India smartphone sales 2015: 100M
installed base: 220M
Smartphone penetration: 30% (of ~750M potential)

India iPhone sales: 1.7M and growing!

India Android Smartphone sales: ~97M (?)

There is a lot of "growth potential" in every direction.


iPhone Sales Unlikely To Get Boost From India, Which Is No Apple-Obsessed China

abdul muis


China is NOT Apple-obsessed. They, once a communist, just becoming a materialistic, and Apple did a good job of marketing their product as a status symbol.


@abdul muis
"China is NOT Apple-obsessed."

I just replicated the title of the piece. It does not mean that I agree with everything in it. On the other hand, there are a lot of people in China (and elsewhere) that could have spend their money more wisely than buying an iPhone.


> Did I get this right that there is again no backwards compatibility from Windows Phone 8.1 apps to Windows 10 apps?

Partially. It is like the move from WP7 to WP8, most old applications will still run, but if you want to use the new and exciting features you have to write your application specifically for the new platform. And of course, doing so will stop your app from running on the older operating system.

Mary Jo Foley reported recently that 2 million devices are now running Windows Mobile 10. You can imagine why developers are not exactly lining up to make Continuum apps.

@abdul muis
> Why would XiaoMi make Windows 10 Mobile device?

You mean the Xiaomi Mi4 for which Microsoft released a Windows image? Xiaomi didn't lift a finger, Microsoft did all the work.
When HTC released the M9 for Windows, there was still some minimal effort from HTC's side. Not any more.


Oops. I meant of course the M8 for Windows.



"You can imagine why developers are not exactly lining up to make Continuum apps."

Here's some fun stuff:

When talking about Continuum and its chances, the only people who actually seem to believe that this has a chance of success are - (gasp!) - Apple users!

My guess is that they do not know the mentality of Windows users and project their Mac/iOS attitudes onto Windows.
Fact is: Most Windows users hate the tile interface so much they don't even bother visiting the app store!


"it makes them look outright incompetent." -

NO they ARE incompetent. It simply exposes who they are!

microsoft Monopolist = Brain Dead.

And now everyone knows microsoft software is just crap! Even the blogs repeat this drum roll

"What matters now is that Microsoft’s effort with Windows Phone has been nothing short of an abject failure." at

more at:

BTW, more forecasts from the past. It's really fun reading how the so-called analysts at Gartner and IDC were astroturfing for microsoft. Of course Tomi is the only one who gets it correct!

This is from only 3 years ago! Gartner and IDC are just embarrassing jokes. I hope people aren’t paying for this astroturfing crap disguised as analysis!

Hey astroturfers remember to yell while shopping: NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE EVEN A SURFACE PHONE!!!!! ....LoL!!!!!!


More fun reading:

"modern PCs are awful. Windows 8+, yes 10 included, are awful." at

microsoft seems to believe they can fool people and put the same crap out but call it a surface phone
"Microsoft Now Owns The Domain Name" at:

Hey astroturfers remember to yell when you get up in the morning: NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE ...EVEN A SURFACE PHONE!!!!! ....LoL!!!!!!

abdul muis


"You mean the Xiaomi Mi4 for which Microsoft released a Windows image? Xiaomi didn't lift a finger, Microsoft did all the work."

Mi4, MiPad2 & the upcoming Mi5.
(How about the MiPad2 & the upcomming Mi5??)

Some of the MiPad2 & the Mi5 will be sold as Windows device. So, even though Xiaomi didn't spend $$$ on development, they will spend support if there's trouble.


@abdul muis
MiPad2 is not a Windows Mobile device, it is an Atom which will run regular Windows. Intel shoulders most of the work here, and even some of the cost (you may have read about contra-revenue).

About Mi5, not sure what will be the sales model. Is there going to be a separate SKU for Windows? I think it is likely that Microsoft did all the work again.

Timo M.

Meanwhile Stephen Elop found a new job! He is now in "the esteemed role of Distinguished Engineering Executive in Residence within McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering". I could crack so many jokes I won't even bother.


@Timo M.

The press release is here:

For those who know about his career, it reads like an article from the Onion.

abdul muis

I really want to hear Tomi words on this :)

John A

I saw this interview:

AOL chief: Mobile will be 'the most important revolution in our lifetime'

And I think it say why Microsoft must stay in mobile in some way even at the current low marketshare.. at their own with Windows 10 mobile or as a plan c with Cyanogen OS (partnership) or some other drastic solution.

Apple got Os X, ios and a broad range for desktop,tablet, mobile and wearables. So a complete eco system for those people that using Apple Products.
Same with Google. And it not so long before Chrome OS and Android will merge togheter.

So if Microsoft say we will just stay on the "old PC market" I think they are doomed. Younger people that growing up with Android probably go for a combined Chrome OS/Android PC later in Life. Same with the Apple customers, they will go for some kind of Mac PC.

I suppose Microsft could survive like a sort of new IBM with big datacenters etc..But at the end of the day if they failure with mobile, tablets they are screwed in the consumerspace very soon. So it will be interesting to see what Satya Nadella will do.

Wayne Borean

John A has hit the point on the head. Microsoft has to remain in mobile somehow. Otherwise the company soon won't exist.

A large share of younger users don't own computers, they own smartphones. For those younger users, aka The Future, there just isn't any mindshare for Mocrosoft. They don't use Windows, because they don't use Personal Computers with Windows pre-installed.

Microsoft has made money using the Monopoly business model since the introduction of MS-DOS. Without the Monopoly business model, Microsoft is not competitive. Since Microsoft was never able to gain a monopoly position in the Mobile, Tablet, and Game Machine markets, Microsoft has never been able to make the profit levels that the company appears to. regard as necessary.

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