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January 20, 2016


Per "wertigon" Ekström

@Lullz: I was talking about hype, not companies. Do not put words in my mouth thank you. :)

Wayne Borean

Gotta love the IFan / Fandroid wars.

At some point someone will give us a decent definition of iSheep that makes sense. The current set of definitions that have been floated are incredibly stupid.

As to the SmartWatch, I'd say it has been a resounding success. At least the Apple version has been. Wonder what's with the Android manufacturers?

Per "wertigon" Ekström

@Wayne: The iSheep atleast is easy.

Would you buy the iTurd? Then you are an iSheep. Simple as that.

John F

Sorry Tomi, you are a mobile expert, in the watch industry you are far, far away from being objective and knowledgeable, i corrected you when your first iflop post emerged, you mentioned a million units year one, I told you to use the above 500$ price tag to try understanding the astonishing success of things to come based just on capturing 10-15% of the 80 million watches sold worldwide in that price level, you thanked me for the information.

I am participating in wristly, a dedicated group of smart watch dedicated to studying the segment, user behavior and a lot more, forbes, financial times, NYT and other publications are using the research generated by the group since the introduction of the watch

Sorry Tomi, way out of lIne, in fact you have a long way to go and learn, the product sold a lot more than even the wildest estimates, is not a year old, you have no clue what makes it so sticky and necessary for many users and what the research shows regarding many aspects of the category.

A product that takes over 20% of an industry in such short time is only considered a flop in this blog. By unit sales, it did better that even the iPad in its first year ....


Apple watch might disappear but it looks like cheap digital watches might be supplanted by cheap smart watches. If it doesn't cost any more than regular cheap digital watches, why not just get a smart watch? There is one selling for $20 which has selfie cam and can even function as fully functional stand alone smart phone, unlike backward Apple Watch. It's called DZO9 Smart Watch, and it's specs are 533mhz processor, 128MB ram, 64MB rom, single sim slot and bluetooth connectivity.

Per "wertigon" Ekström

@Wayne: The definition of iSheep is "Buys Apples product without considering the cost/benefit ratio", e.g. buy the product because it's Apple, not because Apple is the "better" choice.

The latter I can respect, the former less so.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


Some people buy Apple and have blind faith that everything Apple creates is great, even when it's not.

Others (the vast majority) buy Apple because they find it is a great product that provides extra value over the competition.

iSheeps are the former category. See the difference?



No, frankly. I don't see the difference.....

Simple, apple haters, those who use the iSheep consumer racist comments are normally people associated with psychopaths

A simple example, I drive an Audi, bought it 'cos I like the brand, service, reliability etc ... how would you consider me Wayne, if I would be posting in blogs against any BMW, mercedes, Lexus or Honda driver calling them car sheep, idiots, imbeciles who don't know better they should only buy Ford because whatever BS, and lecture them why their Audi is for idiots and they should buy ford...

Apple haters are so mentally sick, people who can not stand other people's choices, they would outlaw gays and lesbians, forbid you to drink wine 'cos Coke has bigger market share

Most of them see the products as too expensive when in reality are cheaper due to durability and resell value, because they can't afford them and worst, they are those type of people that even when proven wrong, like the guy who predicts the end of the world and the date passes by, they invent a new argument never to say, oops, I am wrong

People who live their lives to make sure that they lecture constantly other people's choices and taste was wrong, 'cos theirs is the only possible choice, in the end they become Hitlers, do what I say, my word is the one that counts, I am right and you are wrong ... crazy lunatics that don't have a life.
If anyone says something nice about the apple product they own, it takes 37 seconds for a delusional hater to start criticizing, they are really, really sick people

See Wayne? Simple. now you understand

Short answer, how many times you see "Apple sheep" taking their time to go to a sony, blackberry or samsung forum and lecture them? never ... we understand choice and let people be happy with it.

Per "wertigon" Ekström

@Wayne: Because the reputation Apple has is so great at the moment, ANYTHING they release - anything - will be bought by millions of loyal Apple fans without ever questioning if that device actually is a good product.

Since they currently enjoy that kind of popularity any and all initial sales of Apple will be misleading. They can sell a turd by the millions and the iSheep just gobble it all up. Tim Cook could at this moment stand in front of this crowd and literally piss on them, and they'd be extatic.

That's the current power of the Apple distortion field. And frankly, it's scary.

John A

I must agree with Tomi in this topic. I just listen to The Verge podcast about the Apple Watch:

"After almost a year since the Apple Watch has been released, Walt and Nilay question the nature of the smartwatch and analyze how we use it today while also discussing what we should see in the future."

And it seems they got basicly the same conclusion as Tomi did, the watch is good for 2 or 3 things that they talk about. I suppose a fitbit band or a Microsoft Band 2 will be enough for many that doing excersices etc..And will be cheaper to.


Tommi's crusade against Apple is turning in to a charade.

Per "wertigon" Ekström


5% of Apples customers are 20M people, so yeah, not exactly reassuring... :)


"iPhone drives watch sales, not the other way around. And yes, since it's Apple it will take a while before the hype dies off. But it will die off, that's almost 100% certain."

All Apple's devices drives sales. You buy one and you recognize the quality and you buy another one and another one. At some stage you want a new one. You can still sell the old one with good money. You buy a gift to your loved ones and they also realize how good Apple products are. Apple has invented a machine that goes on forever. Nevermind what green garbage can minions say. Apple continues to march on faster than the industries where it is and it is the one who chooses its own fights winning them all. Tim Cook is the best CEO in the history.



"you recognize the quality"

What quality? Do you mean the restricted software on these things that only works well with other Apple stuff?

That's the reason why I ditched Apple from my hardware collection. All made to give them more money - and more - and more - and more.

Apple stopped being good after the company got put in the hands of a bean counter whose greatest skill is to gobble up more profit and more profit without actually improving the product.


Apple products are not expensive. They actually save money (IBM) and they save time. You cant get the same quality hardware from the competition that it is cheaper than what Apple offers. Competitions similar hardware is more expensive because they do not have the production volumes to get the prices down. With Apple you have access to all the software that you ever need (legacy "business" crap you can forget). Apple products also last longer in the hands of users (proven fact that they are handed down more often than anything from the competition).


"Do you mean the restricted software on these things that only works well with other Apple stuff?"

We have no idea WTF you are talking about.

John A


Well this it not about the iPhone. I own a iPad myself so the price for a Apple Watch would not be a issue.
But I think the concept for a smartwatch itself are a problem. Not just the Apple Watch but the others to Samsung, Pepple, LG, Sony etc...
Even if I bought a iPhone I would not realy see the value for a smartwatch. If I want a fashion gadget on my wrist I could just go for a "normal" watch so to speak.

And if I was a atletic I problaby would go for a sports band of some kind. Maybe the iPhone will gain market share in 2016, but I have my doubts if that will have any impact on the Apple Watch.



Fitbit is a smartband, not a smartwatch so it is not about price but product.

In the wrist wearable market there are three obvious categories (2a is rare).
1) RFID bands like the Xiaomi band. Ideal for payment and rfid doors etc.

I don't interact with a RFID lock or pay yet with RFID but if i would, and i expect that to be true in 5 years for most people than i would have a one (or more)

2) Health bands

For those that exercise. For most people that don't exercise useless

2b) Health band with added notifications & rfid

Lighter, less obvious & smaller than a smartwatch with almost all the same uses

3) smartwatch

Keeps track of your health except when your exercising because than it is to big or when you sleep because it needs to recharge. Has notifications and RFID and more. Problem is i don't know what that more is for something that is useful



"For every Apple fan who buys Apple only, there are three Android fans who just don't want to be associated with what's popular."

a) low number of Apple fans to Apple users compared with Android Fans/users

Unlikely for such a "great" company

b) Weird definition of popular

Per "wertigon" Ekström

@Lullz: That still means there is a floor of 20M iSheeps that would gladly let Tim Cook take a huge dump on them and would buy a cyanide pill if it was branded Apple.

That's still scary.

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