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November 27, 2015



@NO ONE...
How's it going for you? We haven't heard from you in the Kin episode so I suppose Microsoft Kin phones still were crap and anyone (especially Tomi) saying they were well received by press is a paid Microsoft astroturfer?
Keep on the steam...


Yeah, yeah. We all know that WP is a failure.
And some here even think that Microsoft already knows that it isn't salvageable and are working on a controlled shutdown that can be sold to the shareholders as a non-failure.
And all of the data you point to supports that hypothesis.


Why is Microsoft the Evil Empire and nobody gives a shit about Apple whose devices have gradually become close to unusable without signing into Apples spy (pardon - cloud -) services...???

I still got an iPod lying around but after the last OS update I carelessly installed I cannot do anything with it anymore while at home because it insists on logging into iCloud and keeps popping up that requester every 5 seconds or so. But that's something that never gets mentioned because Apple got a virtual gag order (by threatening a boycott) on the tech press and thus prevents any negative reporting.

And if you ask me, that's the only reason why you won't find as many critical crApple articles as Micro$hit articles.


@Cycnus I agree with Tomi and you (to some extent) that the operators destroyed windows phone. That is very clear and I have seen it over and over, first hand, whenever I walked into a phone store over the years. But, I still think most (if not all) microsoft consumer products have been crap. And WP was a crappy phone, which is my personal opinion and BTW the opinion of a number of news sources that I referenced. So I'll just say "crapy...ness" is in the eye of the beholder. LoL!

And it seems to be clear to the market, for years, that the adage that no one buys microsoft unless they are forced to, is mostly true.



@Tester ....the beat goes on! It is now very apparent and very impressive how the news articles trashing windows phone as a piece of crap have continued to increase. And "the word" is being spread and the message is being repeated over and over and over, again and again and again ...doesn't it just warm your heart :-) The following lists some of the latest examples and these are just a FEW articles from the last day:

Hey all you microsoft astroturfers. We know WP is doomed but here is a video that shows you how to calm each other down when Moore's doesn't arrive! LoL!!!!!

and of course NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE!!!! ...EVER!!


@NO ONE...
We were talking about Kin (the phone made by ex-employees of Danger Inc.), the well reviewed device without Microsoft impact.

So please talk about Windows Phone. It's what you do.


@cycnus ...I am sorry for the confusion, I meant Kin. BTW, all the references I provided say Kin was crap. As I have said "crapiness" is in the eye of the beholder. "You" might think it was wonderful but a lot of others do not feel that way (look at the references I supplied ...there are more). It is not very hard to find articles critical of Kin. Of course the operators were against it too, that is a given. I suspect the operators were the main reason it failed so quickly ....given microsofts usual tendency to subsidized crappy products for long periods of time. My 2 cents.


I'd say it always takes two to make a product fail (unless, of course, some stupidity as with Nokia's MeeGo phone happens which was killed by management):

If the carriers don't like something but the general public does, they can fight tooth and nail, and still have to give in at the end. Case in point: The iPhone.
But also, if the carriers like a product but the customers don't care, all that 'power' is meaningless, people still won't buy it in masses.
But if you combine both customer apathy and carrier resistance, it's better to stop right away. Amazing that Microsoft went into that death trap twice...


@Tester ....I agree,

AND, the beat goes on. Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc,... with a continuing stream of news articles trashing windows phone as a piece of crap ...again, doesn't it just warm your heart :-)

Here are two good new ones:

and of course NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE!!!! ...even with Moore's Law!! ....LoL


iCloud doesn't make the iPhone/iPod unusable. But the iPod is close to unusable WITHOUT signing into iCloud - and since I do not want to share my data with any American company, that poses a (cough) tiny little problem...


Apparently this is the thread to talk about Windows Phone. Let me tell you that I from my behalf have contributed to the high return rates of Lumia that gets mentioned very often in this blog.
I bought a Lumia 1020 as a present for my wife. She never even opened the package, she said it was too bulky, too ugly and not what she wanted. So I took it back to the store, got my money back and bought her a 925 instead. (She still uses it.)

Ergo, from this small take we can tell that Lumia return rates are at about 50% of the sales.


This is just unbelievable. How utterly brain dead can microsoft be!!!! don't get me wrong, I am enjoying watching them flushing their money down the toilet. And it's fun watching the microsoft astroturfers trying to defend the confusing tiled, virus laden, privacy invading, buggy microsoft windows OS and its products by lying and being deceitful.

It's VERY clear microsoft's exceedingly shallow strategy is to continue with attempts to leverage their abusive desktop monopoly. But decades of their abuse has left the consumers with a foul taste for any microsoft products (just ask your family, friends and co-workers). Haven't they figured out yet that no one buys microsoft unless forced too. The strategy of leveraging their abusive monopoly, will be the end of them over time.... and I am looking forward to years of entertainment and I just love it!

And the beat goes on now that microsoft thinks renaming the crappy WP to a crappy surface phone will have a different result. This is the absolute definition of "insanity" - doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

and of course NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE!!!! matter what you call it, EVER!!!...even waiting for Moore's Law won't help!! ....LoL


... or - as some people suspect - a CEO who wants this futile business be done but can't shut it down right now for political reasons.
I really don't think that all this subtle sabotage on their phone business is really coincidence.

If you ask me, yes no one wants Windows on a phone, not even Microsoft's leaders...


...I believe it is what I have seen over my career. When a company like microsoft becomes a monopoly they go brain dead, they become abusive and unethical (look at all their astroturfing) and protect their turf they screw their partners. microsoft now wrongly thinks that people actually want their crappy microsoft products. microsoft is believing their own propaganda. They will last only as long as their monopoly which won't be too long as mobility rules the market place and everyone turns on them.

Microsoft is taking step after step to continue to irrelevance.



I think you are projecting too much of Ballmer into the company as a whole.

Nadella is a different type, although there's still too many of the old school who are doing too much damage (like the spyware fiasco, the auto-update fiasco, the pricacy policy fiasco and what else.)

The main question is, will he be able to get rid of this dead weight or will the dead weight bring the company down before he manages to excise it? Right now it indeed looks like the dead weight may win, since none of these issues got addressed - and if they won't it will be the beginning of the end. This attitude needs to stop if they want to remain relevant.

But to be honest, what if they really do go down? Will Apple take their place then? I sure hope not because if they get the upper hand with their current control-freakish attitude, they'll become magnitudes worse than Microsoft has ever been...


Anyone wondering why windows and now windows 10 is such utter CRAP and will never drive phone sales, well here is a read that counts the ways! is VERY VERY INFORMATIVE!!!! ...did I mention EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE! And an HONEST evaluation! Enjoy ...and don't forget the comment sections with experiences using this windows CRAP!

Search "why-windows-10-sucks" it comes up as the first result, For some reason I can't post the link itself (try it!)

Microsoft is taking step after step to continue to irrelevance. It's what brain dead monopolists do


@Tester I mentioned in posts years ago. The OS is like the cream in an Oreo cookie that someone buys for the cookies. The cream has no intrinsic value it's mainly a resource manager (that's what an OS does) ...which means nothing to the average consumer. They like the shiny bits and the apps they can use.... to the consumer, "an OS", what the hell is that???? - ask your friends and neighbours if they can explain what an OS is? They only know the name microsoft/windows and have been conditioned over decades of problems, usage issues, viruses, blue screens of death, poor support, slow behaviour, etc, etc to connect it to the word "CRAP" due to their actual experiences. No wonder WP would never sell, except to astroturfers such as baron95. ...LoL!

microsoft perverted their OS as an attempt to create artificial value - in the cream - that no one but an abusive monopolist would care about as they screwed up their architecture, introduced enormous complexity, bloat, massive security issues so problematic that they have evolved to become the life blood of the virus industry. Microsoft has become a restrictive control freak using the windows OS in failed attempts to extend their abusive monopoly and have convinced themselves that an average buyer cares about their immensely CRAPPY windows OS and derivative consumer products, because of advertising not experience. Their reputation is so in the toliet they won't even put their name on an X-box carton (until recently in very small print on the bottom). It is all just too funny. It's not just Ballmer. It is a brain dead monopolist and this engrained culture will be the death of them. I am looking forward to a few wonderful years of entertainment watching this play out. BTW, I don't see apple as the eventual winner just a long term player.

Everyone, say it with me: NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE!!!! ...EVER!!!


Microsofts's business model is to simply leverage it's desktop monopoly position. They are a brain dead monopolist! They do the monopoly attempt with their really bloated, buggy and insecure OS over and over and over ...again and again and again in their products ....and fail over and over and over again.

Like I said and it deserves repeating "It's VERY clear microsoft's exceedingly shallow strategy is to continue with attempts to leverage their abusive desktop monopoly.

Only astroturfers would still repeat the laughable excuse repeated often, over the past years of this blog, know the - how microsoft is "all in" non-sense. Yes...."all in" the toilet! This "all in" crap is just another variant of the "wait for" excuse in disguise! Here we go again. So let me ask ....please, Oh please mr. microsoft astroturfer tell us again how wonderful microsoft will be in the future if we simply "WAIT' some more.... so funny!

I sure hope they "WILL keep at it" is such fun to watch them throw away their money, alienate their partners, loose market share, turn out crappy products, supply insecure code as raw material to the virus industry, invade people's privacy, screw their customers and deprecate what little they have left of their reputation.

All you microsoft astroturfers don't forget to include NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE in your holiday greetings LoL!

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