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November 06, 2015



Americans on the right don't like National Socialism or Facism, aka crony capitalism.
And unlike Europe - now building walls against refugees - they aren't racists.
That was the previous accusation - the religious Tea Partiers were all closet red-neck Ku Klux Klansmen and that is why they would never vote for Benevolent Barak. (Obamacare is working about as well as Elophones).
Political debate seems to be where you can't politely and reasonablyndisagree, you must label your opponents as stupid and/or crazy.
But how well is your country doing?

The Fallen


Americans on the right are already closer to fascism than to genuine democracy. When these people and their supporters start to talk it always sounds like democracy is only there to keep the 'liberals' in power - so with that mindset and an unbroken belief in one's own superiority (par for course for fascists) it's only a small step to create an authoritarian regime. And they are just as good at brainwashing to fool the dumb masses as the Nazis ever were. And if you ask me they are the most dangerous threat to the entire world.

To be honest, this Carson guy really scares me, like no other potential presidential candidate did in the last 32 years (that'd be the time frame when I was old enough to understand such things.) If people like that get into power some really bad things are about to happen.

It's easy to label your opponents 'crazy' if they really are. If you ask me, the entire leadership of the GOP needs to be checked into a mental institution, what they have been doing for the last few years defies any concept of sanity.

And BTW, we just see in Turkey what happens if some power-greedy right winger tries to consolidate his power. All democratic achievements are going to be gradually tossed out in the name of ensuring that the 'right' people stay in power. Be careful - that's where the USA will head too, if this is not stopped soon. The foundations have already been laid with the Patriot Act and other laws which undermine people's liberties. It's only a small step to make it tip over.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi tz and The Fallen

Wow that went fast from bad to much worse. While Dr Carson challenged all media to go dig through everything he ever said by asking, do you think I am a pathological liar (big big mistake that no competent politician would ever say to any press) now the first admission already happened just minutes ago. Dr Carson's campaign admits that actually what he wrote in his book about meeting General Westmoreland and then getting an invitation to study at West Point military academy - is total fabrication.

This is now one slightest step away from the edge of the cliff. One more clear lie and that becomes a meme 'I am not a Pathological Liar' and eventually it becomes the one line that everybody associates with his legacy, like Richard Nixon 'I am not a crook' or Rick Perry 'One, Two, Oops' or the I am not a witch woman. I am about 99% certain that more lies will come out, and only one more will ignite that line 'I am not a pathological liar' which also comprehensively sinks his campaign. Lies by themselves are no real career-ending problem. But claiming to be so pure and religious, and then uttering that line 'I am not a pathological liar' it will haunt him - if another clear lie is exposed - till the end of his career. Too bad, that was totally an unforced and very stupid error.

But gosh yes that was only hours from the previous credibility issue (The CNN news finding that his school-age friends remember him as a geek not a gangsta). How can I go to sleep as there is so much wild and woolly entertainment happenin all the time in US politics..

Tomi Ahonen :-)


The extreme left IS subject to mass delusional positions. The scarier thing is, so is the moderate left. What's even worse is that they think those positions are reasonable. Take Keystone XL. There is no logical reason to oppose the pipeline in concept. Opposition has nothing to do with "climate change." If "climate change" advocates really cared about reducing carbon emissions, they'd promote nuclear power or hydraulic fracturing in China and India (the former of whom is by far the largest emitter of carbon).

Another delusion is that Obamacare is a winning policy politically. It's been 5.5 years since it passed, and 2 years since it took effect, and Democrats are STILL losing elections because of it, even in places like Kentucky where it is "working." (Kentucky votes GOP in presidential elections, but historically is Democrat at the state level). Even in Virginia, the Democrats failed to win a single new seat in the state senate, which would have given the Democratic governor more leverage.


@The Fallen, Turkey isn't an example of a "greedy right winger" taking power. It's an example of a country making a rash decision because a "greedy left winger" in the U.S. is falling down on the job of taking leadership in the Middle East. Yes, Obama inherited a mess. But he made it worse by making a bunch of idle threats in Syria (and Crimea, and Eastern Ukraine) and being called on his bluff.

Keystone XL is about political payback to Obama's billionaire supporters like Warren Buffett, whose Burlington Northern railroad benefits when oil is shipped by rail instead of safer pipelines. Obamacare is about political payback to big insurers.

"Progressive" Barack Obama has been trying as hard as he can to hand over control over the Internet to those freedom-loving countries like China and Russia. Congress is the only entity that has prevented this from happening and has insisted that the US maintain control over UCANN and continue to issue domain names on a free and fair basis.

"Progressive" Barack Obama was the one supporting the NSA's spying and the IRS' attacks on organizations he doesn't like.


The timing and perspective of Tomi's post is amazing. Truly lost in space.

Ben Carson Admits His "Inspirational" West Point Scholarship Story Was Entirely Made Up

I prefer the comments to the article.

Clinton Signed NDA Laying Out
Criminal Penalties for Mishandling of Classified Info
Dem presidential candidate and top aides signed NDAs warning against ‘negligent handling’ of classified information

".....“I have been advised that the unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized retention, or negligent handling of SCI by me could cause irreparable injury to the United States or be used to advantage by a foreign nation,” the agreement states.

Clinton received at least two emails while secretary of state on her personal email server since marked “TS/SCI”—top secret/sensitive compartmented information—according to the U.S. intelligence community’s inspector general.

The State Department said in September that Clinton’s private email system, set up at her Chappaqua, N.Y., home, was not authorized to handle SCI......"

A perspective for all:

The Political Continuum and the Uncomfortable Center

"....Even in matters of faith, there are conflicts with the distortions of the far right, who hold faith as a rationale for their own ends rather than an end in itself. I do not judge, but I can listen. And when someone holds forth about a God without compassion and love, and when they reject His own laws, they declare themselves for what they are, rather than anything about Him.....

....As for the irreligious far left, they are simply given in to the opposite pursuit of the will to power and glorification of the State (themselves) over all, in the manner of fascists but with a different name. The only freedom they truly desire is the freedom to dominate and enforce their wills as superior beings. They despise the common people, and that permeates their words. They view themselves apart, and most often don't want anything to do with them after the initial struggle is done and the people have bled for them.

This is why the so-called neo-conservatives were so easily able to shift from far left to far right. They still view the world in the same distorted ways, but with different labels. As Aristotle might have said, it is all a question of balance......"


Similar to "neo"-cons (not conservatives, really just "new" or former something) originating on the far left, shifting to the far right, then back to the far-left we see the same with the KKK. They were able to shift from far left to far right and then back the far left.


Thinking the Republican race is down to Trump and Cruz (Rubio now has ethical issues) and Democrats are likely contingency planning a Hillary indictment.


Back to the macros ......

Today's job report:

- Workers aged 55 and over: +378,000
- Workers aged 25-54: -35,000

Majority of +378K jobs were part time


"@The Fallen, Turkey isn't an example of a "greedy right winger" taking power. It's an example of a country making a rash decision because a "greedy left winger" in the U.S. is falling down on the job of taking leadership in the Middle East."

Erdogan has been working towards this for years. The complete break-down of his foreign policies due to the civil war in Syria just forced his hand.

Millard Filmore

@Tomi: thanks for this posting. The left-wing Daily Kos is now claiming Dr Carson's bid is toast. This is the first I have seen of this, and not having the Tea Party mentality I do not know how damaging Carson's claims are.

@Fallen: "this Carson guy really scares me".
I have always pegged Carson as a Short Bus type and never worried much about him (aside from WTF are his supporters thinking? His Godlyness will make everything come out ok?) Its Cruz that gives me the willies.

@tz: "Americans on the right [...] - they aren't racists." Yet the KKK and like minded people have abandoned the Democratic party and migrated over to be Republicans. I considered myself a Republican until a radio talk show pointed out that the decline of the Democratic party began with the Civil Rights Bill. How disappointingly petty, all this turmoil because you have to treat darkies like they are humans.

"Political debate seems to be where you can't politely and reasonably disagree, you must label your opponents as stupid and/or crazy." Arguing the problems and merits of Obamacare is reasonable. Pointing out the benefits of repealing Minimum Wage even I can see (yeah! right after we eliminate the corporate veil). Cruz's plan to crash Western Civilization by having the USA default on debt payments IS stupid and crazy.

Millard Filmore

@mpinco: "same with the KKK. They were able to shift from far left to far right and then back the far left."


You will have to explain that one.

Millard Filmore

@mpinco: "Back to the macros ...... Today's job report:"

Yes, that's bad. So, are you keeping track of how many in each party, and splinter factions, will vote against Obama's TPP?


@mpinco, Rubio's "ethical issues" are nothing compared to Clinton's. He occasionally pulled out the corporate card instead of his personal card, but didn't bill the party (i.e. he paid it himself). Virtually everyone with a corporate card has done it at times, mostly accidentally. I'm thinking the nomination is basically his to lose. It could still happen, but the Establishment seems to be consolidating around him.

@Tomi, Carson is this year's Herman Cain. He isn't going to get the nomination. He's the "outsider" who has a fleeting moment of popularity because before it counts people like to say they are supporting an outsider. His support is less than Bernie Sanders' in the Democratic party. As Trump's support has faded, some of those people attached to Carson. Once Carson fades some will rally around Cruz (who might be this year's Rick Santorum).


@Millard Fillmore, go onto a college campus and try to give a speech with even mainstream conservative views (i.e. a Marco Rubio or Karl Rove). The stifling of free thought has gotten so bad that even some "progressives" are beginning to feel the wrath. But it might be too late, since those tenured professors and "civil servants" in the public universities are entrenched.

As for the TPP, it is like the Keystone XL. Both are no-brainers. And since most mainstream Democrats oppose both, I think it's safe to say they have no brains. j/k. Seriously, though, most Democrats are against Keystone XL because it is fashionable to be against it. Killing it has no appreciable impact on climate change, but serves to anger a key US ally and discourage foreign direct investment. Most countries would love it if a big foreign corporation were going to invest $8 billion in infrastructure.

We do a lot of stupid things that both parties have their fingerprints all over. No other country except for Russia taxes worldwide income, and they don't have a 35% corporate rate. So it's actually easier for foreign companies to invest non-U.S. income in the U.S. than it is for American companies (no repatriation taxes to pay). So why block an attempt at foreign direct investment.



"@mpinco: "same with the KKK. They were able to shift from far left to far right and then back the far left."


You will have to explain that one."

The KKK was the militia arm of the Democrat Party.

".....In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired restoration of white supremacy. Its purposes were political, but political in the broadest sense, for it sought to affect power relations, both public and private, throughout Southern society. It aimed to reverse the interlocking changes sweeping over the South during Reconstruction: to destroy the Republican party's infrastructure, undermine the Reconstruction state, reestablish control of the black labor force, and restore racial subordination in every aspect of Southern life......"

The Dixiecrats, originally Democrats, also switched to the Republican Party, then returned to the Democrat Party

Urban Legends: The Dixicrats and The GOP

Similar to "neo"-cons who were able to shift from far left to far right and now back to the far left.


Macros .....

Economic recovery?

Or expansion of the plantation through debt .... note the year the curves went near-vertical.

Here Is The Credit Bubble

The debt will need to be paid. Declining discretionary spending?



"@mpinco, Rubio's "ethical issues" are nothing compared to Clinton's."

Agreed. Not even close to Clinton. That said, Rubio should not have been using "corporate card" for personal items. That is a no-brainer. Which raises judgment questions.

millard filmore

@mpinco: "The Dixiecrats, originally Democrats, also switched to the Republican Party, then returned to the Democrat Party
... Urban Legends: The Dixicrats and The GOP
Similar to "neo"-cons who were able to shift from far left to far right and now back to the far left."

Interesting link, but the timeline seems to stop around 1965. Rumour is that Nixon took full advantage of the Dixiecrat unhappiness when he executed the Southern Strategy. I do not see the Dixiecrat influence in today's Democratic party.

@Catriona, @mpinco: have you seen this yet? Is politico an evil left-wing site that you will discount? I can't keep the labels straight any more. (like all cars since 1970 look alike to me ... except for the Delorean)

Whether by innocence or wily connivance the email thing is a dead end. Only a HUGE smoking gun will make it relevant.


"Whether by innocence or wily connivance the email thing is a dead end. Only a HUGE smoking gun will make it relevant."

After the Benggazi fiasco, Democrats will see an indictement of Hillary as an attempted coup-d'etat. And they would be right.

In short, trying to use legal procedures at this stage to take Hillary out of the race would rightly be seen as a direct attack on US democratic process. Which is why it is exactly what the Putin fans in the Tea Party would try.

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