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November 09, 2015



@Tomi, you are missing the point. Do the American people actually want a Donald Trump or Ben Carson as president? Probably not. But why are they, and Carson in particular, polling so well right now? This is protest time. The American people are fed up with the politics as usual from both parties that has left us in the current state. The real lesson is which party's establishment will figure out sooner how to tap that sentiment while nominating winning candidates. That party can own the next generation of elections. The GOP has some decent candidates at the state and local level but lacks candidates at the national level. The Democrats have the opposite problem. Whoever solves its problem first has the long term advantage.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Catriona

No, not true. its clear that the REPUBLICANS have a problem of protest. The Democrats are very happy with either Hillary or Bernie and they aren't at all disgusted by their other elected representatives either. That is totally opposite of how it is on the Republican side. At the conservative wing of the nation, the voters have been promised utterly impractical things for years, at every higher levels of hysteria, while the politicians then break all the promises. This is lopsided. There is no anger on the Democratic side and neither on the moderate Republicans. Its only the Tea Party side of the Republicans who are frustrated and angry.

But on this blog, Dr Ben Carson has become a laughing stock and deservedly so. He's already said on TV Monday that he doesn't think it fair to look through his books, that he feels no books are totally truthful - he as much as admits there are more lies in what he's been feeding his fans. There is a small core of the Cult of Carson who will stay with their idol, casting him a martyr in the teeth of the cruel liberal media. But it won't matter because the vast majority of REPUBLICANS now see that he is a total goofball. They need someone else. There is not much overlap to Donald Trump so likely the soft support from from Dr Carson goes to Cruz, Huckabee, Rubio and Santorum in whatever proportions. Some will be so crushed that they end up not voting at all.

Dr Carson has perpetuated a massive and decades-long fraud and he deserves to be ridiculed like this and more. I had no idea until last week that he has been routinely fabricating those stories to fool gullible religious voters. When the truth broke, he was exposed as one of the most callous ruthless and selfish people ever to run for office and he deserves everything that is coming to him. Good for the process that this broke this early, he will be an asterisk to the race similar to how Michelle Bachmann was last time and nobody will ever take him seriously again.

Now on solving long-term. I put it to you, that there is a set of about a dozen issues that the Republicans have been blocking in the past years some issues far longer but others only during the Obama term. Issues where the nation always was, or recently has moved, to the position that is home to the current Democrats. So again, minimum wage, student loans, carbon taxes, gun laws, changes to the tax code so that the millionaires no longer pay a smaller percentage than their secretaries, gay rights, planned parenthood, abortion, illegal immgirants, police violence, what am I now forgetting... you know, essentially the current core Democratic platform.

These are all going to be done, sooner or later. They are all issues where the US total population is far past 50% in support, to some issues as much as 70% or 80% support. If the Presidential candidate - either side - were to embrace most of those positions, and have at least one chamber of Congress, then they can advance most of those issues and make it very difficult for the other party to block it all. Now, if the President happens to come into office by a 'mandate' ie big election win, then especially in the first six month honeymoon, can get a lot of those populist things done. And who will be bitching about it bitterly - the Tea Party. But who wins the popularity and support of the electorate... yeah, whoever was that smart politician who said and pushed all those things. Exactly like how Hillary and Bernie are doing now (and obviously Bernie has no chance to be the nominee) but look at the moderates on the Republican side? Has Jeb been trying to cater to these things, no. What about Kasich or Christie? Combined the three have less support than Ted Cruz and all candidates this side of George Pataki have been running to the extreme right end of the party.

I hear you that there is a lot of anger and frustration. That is with the conservative side, not the liberal side. There is also desparation with the current leadership - on the conservative side not the liberal side. Hillary's lead and satisfaction among Democrats is about the highest any candidate has had this far out who was not the incumbent. Among Democrats. You are correctly sensing a big nationwide anger and frustration but that is only on the Republican side. And they do have to figure out how to deal with it. Luckily for the GOP the biggest loser (in the general election) Dr Carson is now out of it. But the second biggest loser is still in the lead, Donald Trump. And I think Ted Cruz could lose almost as badly as Trump, in the general, against Hillary.

Now.. I know you are quite strongly conservative-leaning in your political views. Could you find (some of) the above 100 jokes funny or were they just bugging you intensely?

Tomi Ahonen :-)


"It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the pyramids were buria... oh, wait." - new_guy

Wayne Borean


The only Republican politician who would stand a hope of being elected in Canada is Kasich. And even he would be unlikely to be elected. I expect the same istrue in Finland, Tomi can tell us if I'm right.

I know people in Australia and England, and they tend to think the same thing - that Republican politicians are a sad joke. That a certain portion of the Republican Party thinks these people would make decent Presidential candidates is freaking terrifying.


"No, not true. its clear that the REPUBLICANS have a problem of protest."

Your analysis is exactly the same given here. But this link has some nice, historical detail.

Days of Desperation
There’s a reason Bush, Kasich and other establishment Republicans aren’t gaining traction. Their conservatism no longer makes sense.


@Wayne Borean
"The only Republican politician who would stand a hope of being elected in Canada is Kasich. And even he would be unlikely to be elected. I expect the same is true in Finland, Tomi can tell us if I'm right."

In the Netherlands (and much of continental Europe) Hillary would be in the right edge of the Christian Democrats, Bernie might be somewhat right of center (I am not completely sure about his ideas). The rest all fall in the Loony Extremist bin.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi New, Wayne and Winter

On the US political axis, yes Hillary would be pretty close to the right wing edge of most Europeans, say on par with Margaret Thatcher. From there it goes left. Note that Bernie's 'threateningly socialist' views would be totally normal in Canada and Britain and Australia, nations that are culturally very similar to the USA but figured out long ago to give all the population free healthcare, a good education, free paid maternity leave, etc etc etc and are not so bizarrely obsessed with guns that they would suggest the answer to a mass murder at a school is ... lets arm all the teachers. Yes, we have our own nuts too but nobody in the free world has as extremist right-wing parties in power as the USA has.

But it wasn't like this always. While yes, Ronald Reagan and both George Bushes were to the right of almost any Europeans, they would be on par with the fringe edge. Not beyond it. Not the way now the current crop is just nutty from Ted Cruz to Marco Rubio to Mike Huckabee haha.. not to mention the amateurs Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and the ultimate joke candidate, Mr Pyramids are for storing grain Dr Ben Carson.

European Socialists would look at anyone pitching Berie Sanders's current positions as if he had been corrupted by the right wing nuts. And beyond European Socialists there are the Communists. So yeah, the US Democratic party has overlap with the European right wing, and the current Republican party is almost totally beyond European views of what is to be a conservative. That being said, the USA has also 'led' in many ways with conservative thought for the rest of the planet, from deregulating and privatizing industries that once were government monopolies (airlines, telecoms, broadcasting etc) and some of their protections are admirable from the staunch defense of the First Ammendment (Freedom of Speech) to yes that particularly American idea that everybody should be allowed to own firearms (and still today, almost without limitations up to semi-military style weapons).

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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