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October 28, 2015



Bush is out there trying to portray Marco Rubio as the "GOP Obama." It's a very odd strategy considering that Obama defeated Clinton. Actually, Hillary is still a pretty weak candidate, and there is plenty of material in those 11 hours of testimony to make some good campaign ads. Remember she "won" the first encounter in 2013 when she asked "what difference does it make?" but that still became good fundraising fodder.

Hillary Clinton has faced one real campaign in her lifetime, and lost. She is a weak campaigner. She is a strong candidate because she is about to raise $2.5 billion (more than Obama and Romney combined) in her quest to rid us of the evil effects of money in politics. To state it more correctly, Bill Clinton is going to raise $2.5 billion for her.

Oh, and Bernie finally decided to go negative ever since Hillary painted him as a sexist gun nut. He should have done that months ago. Maybe then the Democratic party would have actually had a democratic election.


"Actually, Hillary is still a pretty weak candidate, and there is plenty of material in those 11 hours of testimony to make some good campaign ads."

I think you are a good illustration of the self dellusions of the GOP described by Tomi elsewhere.



Maybe you should read this quote from Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's former secretary of labor for a time:

"I'm sick and tired of the media saying Bernie is "attacking" Hillary when all he's doing is pointing out differences between them -- and doing so in a civil and thoughtful way. He's not questioning her character or raising the issue of her emails when she was Secretary of State (in fact, he said in the last debate that those emails shouldn't even be at issue), or pointing to some nefarious act she might have done in her past, or anything else that merits the verb "attack." He is respectful and polite. Unlike Donald Trump and many of the other Republicans now engaged in mud-wrestling their primary opponents, Bernie is trying to help voters distinguish between himself and Hillary Clinton. I think that is the responsible thing for a candidate to do."


I also see Hillary as a weak candidate personally just with a strong external support. There's just nothing spectacular or special about her. It's not that she is stupid etc., which she of course is not, she just doesn't look to be at the level that the task of being a president requires.

To understand this you shouldn't yet compare her to potential republican candidates, but rather to the actual existing leaders of countries. Eg. Putin vs. Hillary: who'd outsmart whom? Who is better at planning? Executing plans? Compare the quality of their talk (at least Putin speaks like a serious adult). Who has charisma? Republicans should start running ads comparing Hillary to Putin. She'll loose it.

Then run a media campaign comparing her story to India's prime minister story: a person born in "other backwards class" community, who made it to the top anyway; in the mean time working underground against the temporary dictatorship ("state of emergency"). How does Clinton compare to this?

So the way to start an anti-Clinton campaign for Republicans is to look oudside and do media campaigns that compares Clinton to successful FOREIGN leaders. She's so unspectacular that there's no way for the latter not to win such comparison easily.

Wayne Borean


Nicely written. I might even watch the debate.


If Hillary is an egg (for strength), the Republican candidates look like whipped cream.


Like that casino in Vegas which has a sign saying, 'Our Girls are Really Dirty - Mud Wrestling!'


Putin needs to be very worried. Hillary is no pushover.


Make sure you have plenty of popcorn...


@Wayne, Hillary is an empty suit on foreign policy matters. Putin would eat her for lunch. Remember, she was Secretary of State while ISIS was building up in Syria, and the Libya "leading from behind" was her idea.

@Tomi, I doubt any of the serious GOP candidates underestimated Hillary Clinton because they know that Bill is bankrolling this campaign. Hillary is weak but her organization is strong. The media played up the Benghazi probe because it made for good TV. In reality, Hillary demanded a coronation and the Democrats gave in to her. They are the real pushovers.


@Winter, I'm not even a Republican. People died. Hillary Lied. Plain and simple. She was divulging classified information to her daughter (an al-Qaeda like group killed 2 Americans) while telling the American public that it was a video. There are multiple transgressions that occurred. Except the normal rules don't apply to the Clintons.


Republicans = Android confusion
Democrats = Apple
KesKusta = Nokia


" Hillary is an empty suit on foreign policy matters. Putin would eat her for lunch. Remember, she was Secretary of State while ISIS was building up in Syria, and the Libya "leading from behind" was her idea."

Nope. Georg W got the idea first from his father and it goes like this.... Fuck everybody and let's make billions.


From the various pundits....

Biggest loser: CNBC and the MSM

Stick a fork in them, done: Jeb

Winner? Early polls, Trump although all should wait


The real winners? Royals and Mets

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi all

Thanks for great comments. I have posted my full debate review. Spoiler: I gave it to Christie. Cruz did very well. Carson surprised and will hold steady. Marco had good night as did Fiorina but neither shined. Biggest loser was Jeb Bush. His and Kasich's campaigns are now on death-watch. Rand Paul was nowhere. Huckabee is officially too old and confused to continue to run. Trump was ok.

Lets move the debate review discussion to that thread but please also feel free to continue here the previous discussions.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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