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June 04, 2015



Fake Tomi, are you Stephen Elop? :P


@Tomi (real one)

I understood that your blog platform can block certain phrases. Can't you simply block your tagline "Tomi Ahonen :-)"? That would give us a simple checkmark for a genuine post.

Or would that make your own posting cumbersome?

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Winter

Haha.. hey, that person is obviously bearing a grudge that goes far before this blog was started. It helps explain the weird comments over the years and why the decision was pretty obvious to block the person as the comments came from some deeply-held hatered. I am not about to change any of the open policies on this blog for my loyal readers and so far, have no problem just deleting the comments. I am pretty sure the regular readers know who is really me, but if you're not sure, just wait a day or so, the fake stuff is of course deleted and my real comments will remain. If the comment sounds a bit weird or in any contradiction with what I regularly write here time and again, or if it attacks any of you commenting, its pretty easy sign that its probably Fake Tomi haha. I will never engage with trolls, I just delete them because I have read that the trolling personality is twisted in that way, that if you feed their hunger-for-attention in any way, they continue. So I will never acknowledge or respond to anything such trolls say here or elsewhere. I will outlast them but this one sad person is really something, bearing some grudge for 15 years and just pestering our regular readers. To each his/her own. It wears out his/her fingers posting stuff that will always be permanently deleted and what I will never even read far less ever respond to. But its a particular level of pathetic if someone is so desperate for my attention - my attention - that they hound us here on this blog. I mean, its far worse than the worst nightmare girlfriend who wouldn't accept that it was over haha and just desperately trying to get attention. Fifteen years and still continues. I'm gonna outlast that person, but that being said, we also have newer trolls who have come and gone on this blog, I'm still here. This person will tire in maybe 5 years, maybe 20 years. We now have to just treat him/her like the deranged person he/she is. Ignore totally. (And delete)

But thanks Winter, that is a good idea, and I have several steps I can take that we can do. But I also have a considerable principle of not giving in to terrorists. I feel even a small change in our policies here would signal to that person's deranged mind, that there was some level of 'success' or 'achievement' I prefer to have none of that... but seriously Winter, you've been here forever and I appreciate it that you've been pondering this (as no doubt have many others).

Hey its the Communities Dominate blog, so some noise is to be expected :-)

Tomi Ahonen :-)


More news showing WP is in the toilet and heading for the drain:

The news consistently confirms: NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE! ...LoL

Steve Balmer

Maybe its steve balmer.
Tomi made him fired


The move by Apple to include ad blocking functions is quite telling. It means that they need extra incentives to persuade businesses to do apps, by draining their website ad revenue.

Similar move by European carriers recently: "Mobile operators plan to block online advertising"

The motivation is clear. The carriers no longer want to be a dumb pipe for data, just like Apple fears becoming a dumb pipe for HTML content.



Apple allowing ad blockers are in my opinion more to do with their current PR offense against "data collection". They have decided to be the anti-Google when it comes to data collection, and alowing ad blockers fits more into that than into a desire to persuade business to do apps.

That's my theory, at least.

abdul muis


I think the real reason is Apple waging the war to Google.
Apple think: if Apple didn't break Google source of income, Google will keep growing and pressure Apple.

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