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May 13, 2015



I just have to come out of my hole and yell "astroturfer!!!!" :-)

The prior post reads like a microsoft ad. Too funny BS from a microsoft astroturfer! The post is just shilling for microsoft and their crappy OS called windows 10 ....AND I see more "wait for" nonsense.

1) microsoft is WAITING FOR for Moore's law (how stupid was that astroturfer comment awhile back - guess what - it is still just as stupid today!) 2) now WAITING FOR full fledged windows. 3)...I think I see a WAIT FOR 10% market share in china and few other places. What totally unbelievable nonsense.

...I suspect some astroturfers are WAITing for their friend to defend them....or our "waiting for Moore's law" astroturfer is using a new id (I guess I can understand that it must be embarassing to have posted that stupidity in the first place). The new id did show up as I was pointing out all the microsoft propoganda being posted. Clearly he is here just to defend microsoft. All his posts seem to take that tact.

...Wow it is getting just too easy to identify the microsoft astroturfers. A very smart person, at least compared to microsoft astroturfers, once said:

"astroturfer is as astroturfer does"

Everyone, you need to ask yourself: Where does this undying love for microsoft that defies statistics and reality come from? must be well paying to be a microsoft astroturfer but not very rewarding because being a monopoly makes microsoft stupid! can see it in the astroturfing :-)

Now I invite ALL the astroturfers, even those waiting for Moore's law and those waiting for the arrival of full fledged windows ALONG with the chairman of the Board of ASUS to ..."say it with me" NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE! :-) :-) :-)


Eveything is as it was.

Baron99 acts like a stupid moron.

But let's elaborate on the Desktop on a phone issue.

I have to disagree with Egghead on one issue with Microsoft's upcoming offering, unfortunately it's the central piece of his argument:

While Microsoft definitely went in the right direction here, I think they fell extremely short of the goal. Windows Continuum is not where things should head, this isn't desktop on a phone, this is merely expanding the phone part to work better on desktops. It's a lot of pretty buzzwords that sound nice in a tech article but when put under closer scrutiny it becomes obvious that this won't work the way it's implemented.

As Tomi said in a previous comment, there's still major obstacles that prevent current smartphones from acting as a desktop replacement, like insufficient connections to external hardware and such.

Of course these are not hard barriers but mere limitations of current tech which need to be overcome. Microsoft is in a somewhat weird situation here. They should have the biggest motivation of all players trying to solve these problems but instead they are mucking around and try to bring their feature restricted mobile environment to the desktop instead of doing the opposite. Instead of trying to work on hardware that bridges those two worlds they show no sign trying to get out of the bargain-bin-hole they are in.
Let's be clear here: This can never work! It has failed them for the last 4 years and it will continue to do so!

In order to get back on top they'd have to move fast and react quickly, they need to show some true innovation and do stuff that nobody would expect. But they still act as conservative as always, all the cross-platform stuff they are trying now ultimately serves as a last-ditch effort to save their failing mobile OS. This is not a fight forward but backwards.

Oh, and I haven't even mentioned the biggest problem with this yet:
It's AGAIN reinventing the wheel! A completely new breed of apps that hasn't been designed yet, taking little to no advanatage of the massive Windows ecosystem!

In short: Yes, there are options that could save them, but they get persistently sidestepped. Ergo: They'll continue to lose.


Let's face it astroturfers. Microsoft is all about endless attempts to leverage their desktop and office monopoly. What do you astroturfers think that piece of crap called windows 10 is all about! Even all the glowing astroturfer comments about how wonderful microsoft should be, totally overlooks the fact they are stuck on stupid because they are so entrenched as an abusve monopolist. They can never innovate. Give it up, man :-)

Looking back at the previous posts ...such touching love and a vigirious defense of microsoft! The reality is it boils down to lame excuses for an abusive monopolist. :-)

Some astroturfers insist on beating the "waiting for moore's law" to death with more lame excuses. You got to admit the statement is probably the stupidist post on the blog - why defend it? You are clearly showing your microsoft bias ...and a serious lack of intelligence thinking anyone will believe you are not shilling for microsoft. Please, let it go! :-)

So now the BIG "WAIT FOR" from our astroturfers is full featured windows on a phone! ...this is seriously laughable!

I continue to invite ALL the astroturfers, even those waiting for Moore's law, those humbled and, of course, anyone thinking of awaiting the arrival of full fledged windows on a phone ALONG with the chairman of the Board of ASUS to ..."say it with me"...



REMEMBER what Charlie predicted in his insightful articles the ones the astroturfers didn't like but would never tell us why ...because what Charlie said was the truth: :-)

Now consider:

Windows phone is the "walking Dead" ...what other conclusion is there! Don't you astroturfers just hate it when Charlie is right!

EVERYONE ...."say it with me"...




So what? Google is now copying Microsoft tactics? In what way can that be considered good? Replace one bully with another? No, thank you! I hope this is just a technical problem and not willful intent.

About that semiaccurate shit: The less said the better. I just wonder if this guy actually post here as baron99...? :D


The numerous articles I have posted just confirm that Windows phone is the "walking Dead", they are going down the "Palm path" just as Charlie predicted. ...what other conclusion is there! ...and here is more analysis...

I see the usual astroturfing compalints about Charlie but NO evidence to back it up ....astroturf much??? The truth is so hard to refute for you astroturfers, isn't it??? Don't you astroturfers just hate it when Charlie is right!

AGAIN, EVERYONE ...."say it with me"...



With microsoft ...I believe "karma" is the corect word to use as micorsoft slowly circles the toilet with their crappy OS.

"say it with me"...




Some necessary remarks:

The Admob article proves nothing! Either Google had technical problems or they stepped down to Microsoft's level of attitude

"I see the usual astroturfing compalints about Charlie but NO evidence to back it up"

You want some evidence? Well, actually it's easy to disprove his thesis that encryption would stop Microsoft cold as this is the major gripe I have.
How is this supposed to work? We have billions of Android phones out there which accept unencrypted apps but have no idea how to install an encrypted one. Many of these phones won't receive OS upgrades anymore. So by shutting Microsoft out through encryption they'd shut out all older Android phones as well and they'd anger most non-Google app stores. Makes sense, huh? 97% collateral damage and 3% intended effect. Surely a very efficient way to get rid of the competition.

The cold hard fact is that this Charlie guy is obviously not a programmer and what he sees as big obstacles are in reality minor inconveniences. No sane developer would expect to be able to port code 1:1 unchanged. That's the delusional dream of laypersons. The real problem is that these minor inconveniences are already too much to bother with for a platform with no revenue stream. Therefore my personal prediction here is as follows: Apple and Google will sit comfortably by the sidelines, not particularly caring and watching with amusement how the sad story unfolds while Microsoft continues to burn money and effort on a lost cause. No need to get aggessive. Windows Phone isn't worth that hassle as it's no threat and that hassle might as well bring more inconvenience to their own content producers than it does harm to Microsoft's failing business. The lukewarm receptions the recent announcements by Microsoft got should be evidence enough that putting up a serious fight here would be akin to taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

This Charlie guy really seems to believe that fighting Microsoft needs some strong weapons. So he's effectively putting them on a higher pedestal than they deserve if he really thinks such drastic measures are needed to harm them. Really, this 'fight' needs only one virtue: Patience. The longer this gets dragged out, the more money Microsoft will lose and the weaker they'll get because instead of focussing on something they can win they continue to waste all their energy on something they already lost.

"As to Google - I don't know if THAT particular instance was "dirty tricks" at play, but there are plenty of cases of Google being every bit as nasty and evil as any other large global company - including Msft, Samsung, and even Apple."

Welcome to Big Business! Singling out Microsoft as the root of all evil is ridiculous. The others do the same stuff. They ae just more sneaky. Microsoft's real 'problem' was that Ballmer's goons were so inept at playing this game that it got too much public exposure.


BTW, more "karma" news for microsoft... EVERYONE! ...There is no reason to defend this unethical company unless you ARE an astroturfer or totally uninformed.

Think about all the latest microsoft BS about how they NOW love open source while you are reading the article....

All microsoft does, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER nauseum! try to leverage their monopoly position in the desktop market. This is a company with a one trick pony that is simply stuck on stupid!

"say it with me"... NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE!

"say it with me"... NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE!



1) microsoft moves against open source in India.

2) More industry love for microsoft at:


These uninformed astroturfers are misrepresenting what Charlie said. They are either stupid or they can't read. You can find the following in Charlie's article about encryption.

"you couldn’t make anything compatible under the law. Emulation goes bye-bye with this trivial security upgrade but SemiAccurate is betting that Google and Apple use far more subtle and costly to Microsoft dirty tricks. After all, those two learned from the master, and they did learn."

The astroturfers sure LOVE microsoft and in typical astroturfer fashion will defend them. Isn't it SO obvious who/what they are!

"say it with me"... NO ONE WANTS WINDOWS ON A PHONE!

velo aksesuāri

You think that nobody wants a full Windows on their phone?

Suresh Tripathi

Thanks for sharing your information and article,refer below link for more information:

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi everybody

An update from exactly one month to the 2016 election. Is the era of smartphone apps, its the Snapchat and Instagram election. Donald Trump is the mad Twittering monster. Facebook and YouTube are huge, and Whatsapp keeps growing. We just had an article about Hillary Clinton's Chief Digital Officer, Teddy Goff, in Geekwire. He talks about how their digital systems are now an evolution of the Narwhal system of Obama that I discussed in this blog article in 2015. And when he was asked what is the most powerful tool they use now, in October 2016. Yes. He said.. SMS text messaging. Of course. Article is here

BUT note - they now ASK their voters also to give the voter preferences of HOW the voter wants to be contacted. Its not just an opinion - its now a MEASURED metric. Goff KNOWS that the voters want to be contacted via SMS.

I told you so then. I tell you so now. And Hillary Clinton's massive Big Data machine is using that SMS still today in 2016 as its most powerful technology to reach those voters. You should too.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


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