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February 13, 2015


Wayne Borean

Got a question re the Regional Stats. Is Western Europe the European Union? If not, what countries is it?

I know it doesn't make a difference numbers wise, but I'm curious as to how countries like Poland, the Baltic States, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. Show up.

And then there's dear little Switzerland...


Wayne Borean

Heh. Just went to tweet this, noticed the title came out as:

Smarphone Year 2014 Final Stats

My spellchecker didn't like Smarphone 😄


Tomi T Ahonen

haha thanks. I had to re-read that several times to see the T in SmarTphone was missing... ok its fixed.

Western Europe as opposed to Eastern Europe is EU more-or-less plus the few renegade West European countries not in EU like Norway, Switzerland.

Tomi :-)

Ibu Kita Kartini


Regarding South Africa (SA) & BB. I was wondering if you know the Black/Grey market of phone (and also iPhone).

TBH, I don't know the exact market in SA. But in Indonesia, according to this article: (see the chart)....
BB has sold around 8.3 million bb since 2008. Assuming all the phone still in use that's translate into 8.3 million user.

But according to Indonesia carrier.
Telkomsel alone has 10.4 million BB user (in Indonesian)

If we count all other Indonesian carrier using their published number from several publication, the BB smartphone might be around 15 million in mid-end of 2014.

Now back to South Africa....
I read from several publication that popular BB phone in SA were the old BB types. Perhaps it was second hand BB imported from other country.


Wow. "Others" (Firefox, Sailfish, DoCoMo Symbian (apparently some left according to Kantar) - all of them sold total of 2.2M (0.2%) through the whole YEAR.
Who in their straight face still insists that one of these can grow up to contest Android or iOS? Anyone?

Remember that from what we have heard from this blog the Windows Phone is rejected by carriers and hated by users so much they tell everyone not to buy one...
...and all these contenders could not get carrier support enough to sell more than 1/16th of the WP sales.

Carriers were supposed to embrace third ecosystem to decrease their dependency on Google and barter better deals with Apple. Even Tomi has said that (at the same time mentioning carriers do NOT want it to be WP). Where is that third ecosystem? Why none of those grows even neck-to-neck with the hated WP?


Could you post a link to the ComScore installed base data?


Okay, game over for Samsung. The carriers will slaughter them as Galaxy S6 will have Skype pre-installed.

"What’s interesting is that Samsung has apparently pre-installed quite a few Microsoft apps, possibly as a result of the deal the two companies made recently in relation to the patent royalty case they were embroiled in. The Galaxy S6 will come with apps like Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile (with a free Office 365 subscription), and Skype."


Are you still picking on that?

I think the more interesting conclusion here is that by having their software on the top Android phone, Microsoft pretty much admits defeat regarding Windows Phone.

Let's see how long they need to shut it down...


@Tester, they did as much when they launched Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iOS las March. Even today Word is the top grossing productivity app on iOS and Excel is 4th. PowerPoint is 31st, though it is 9th in terms of downloads. I haven't looked at the Google Play charts but wouldn't be surprised to see a similar situation there.


Shouldn't total market share for Android be split between Google implementations and AOSP implementations? IF it was how would Apple, Google Android, and AOSP android place?


@Tony How does one estimate the number of AOSP?

@AndThisWillBeToo TouchWiz + Microsoft apps = utter failure
Unless this phone will feature something else that is amazing, i predict poor sales for S6


@cornelius: I have no idea but I think it is important. There are two ways to make money on smartphones; from the actual sale of the phone and then the phone's ecosystem (app store, media (streaming and downloads), search, ecetera). Apple controls the phone ecosystem for each apple phone sold. Google doesn't control the AOSP ecosystem.


Hi Brother Baron95,

Perhaps you have a reading skill problem, so I will help you. Tomi says that at number 11 & 12 were from China. So, your bf company (microsoft) is still far away from success & won't be the one that kick sony.

Samsung is in a better condition than microsoft. Samsung has a device using an OS that everyone likes. If it doesn't sell well, they just need to tweak it. and they did. The new E & A series now using a metal frame, and it's getting a good review. Compared to microsoft that using an OS that everyone hates, no matter what microsoft did, it won't be better.... I have a question for you brother baron95, why would you think microsoft will gain market share?

Apple 20% tablet market is on fire, like elop fire. In the past apple don't have phablet, so for those who want more screen estate, they have to buy the tablet, but now, it's going down. the 20% market share you wrote here is already on a slide even BEFORE the iphablet come out. So, why would you lie, and try to make apple looks better, are you insecure?

I love the words 'maybe' in 2.5%. Are you a psychic?


@Baron95, speaking rationally, and not to trolls, the iPad did see a sales decline, but it isn't as if Samsung or any other high-end player took up the slack.The entire market took a dive except for the cheap garbage at the low end. My guess is that tablets ramped up so quickly that they hit a wall, but will find a steady replacement business going forward.



Only iPad decline. Others (android, windows) did not decline. Perhaps because android already has phablet since before, so the tablet didn't got a hit from the phablet. Whereas iPad took a hit from the iPhablet.



Drunk analyst (opa baron95 style).



That 'analysis' is completely useless (drunk analyst indeed!) Everybody knows that quartely fluctuations are no trend.


No, Microsoft won't stand a chance, even with Windows 10. In the past they primarily sold cheap low end devices at no profit and there's nothing that's going to change anything about it.
Nobody who wants to get more out of their phone would ever think of buying a Lumia, the app offerings are just too bad for that.
And that's not going to change. Even games which are moderately profitable on both Android and iOS are economically unfeasible on WP. Nobody's buying so nobody's developing anymore.
The last one I worked on completely tanked, it didn't even manage to earn its developing costs over the last 15 months, so for the next one which was due christmas the publisher decided not to bother with a WP submission.
The platform is dead. Period.

On tablets, Windows still got a chance, but not on smartphones. And even if they manage to re-enter the top 10, that's meaningless if the business doesn't manage to generate any profit and any user retention whatsoever.

Wayne Borean

Microsoft's apps are at the top of the paid Productivity list for Apple? Yeah, right.


Really Norway and Switzerland don't count. The population of both countries is tiny. The newer EU members do have a fair bit of population when added up, like Poland where large families were the norm until 25-30 years ago.

@Everyone Else

Microsoft's apps are free. And yes, I checked the list just to make sure.

As to predictions, I'm going to predict that Microsoft continues trying to sell phones for 2015. I'm not sure about 2016, I'd say chances are 50/50. I can point you at Microsoft documents on how important mobile is, and even with losses I can't see them giving up yet.

But a lower cost Windows Phone would make sense, as well as a push to sell unlocked phones through other routes, such as Walmart and/or Target. If Microsoft could produce a sub $200 phone (no contract), good for the AT&T GSM network, they might have a chance, by selling to customers who haven't heard of them yet 😄



@Wayne Borean:

"As to predictions, I'm going to predict that Microsoft continues trying to sell phones for 2015. I'm not sure about 2016, I'd say chances are 50/50. I can point you at Microsoft documents on how important mobile is, and even with losses I can't see them giving up yet."

My guess is that they need to find a way to wind down that unit without making the stock market panic. No sane CEO can afford to keep such a loss making unit forever.
So before giving up officially they first need to find some other kind of foothold in the mobile market and that's my guess about having their stuff preinstalled on Samsung phones.
It will ultimately make an exit from the mobile hardware business easier if they have some installed software base to show in place.

"But a lower cost Windows Phone would make sense, as well as a push to sell unlocked phones through other routes, such as Walmart and/or Target. If Microsoft could produce a sub $200 phone (no contract), good for the AT&T GSM network, they might have a chance, by selling to customers who haven't heard of them yet 😄"

Sub $200 with no contract? You consider that cheap? The only segment where Microsoft has been able to sell is the sub $150 segment,
But I agree with the last part: Their only chance is to sell to people who don't know shit about smartphones. The problem just is, you can't sell more than one phone to those...


When was the peak smartphones for Nokia?

Today we can see lots of similarities with Apple and Nokia in 2010. Both growing unit sales but losing market share. Apple made record unit sales in 2014 but the company was said to peaked long before that. How is that for Nokia? If we use pure market share for evaluating Nokia's peak on smartphones, it happened before 2010 but when exactly? If there is some other way to see about this then what would that be? I'm asking this because understanding Nokia's peak would help understanding Apple and perhaps even Samsung.

Clearly it can't be about just one quarter even while one quarter can or can not start a trend.

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