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January 14, 2015



The good thing is, it will be capable of running Android apps.


"Galaxy Ace running Android, that was released half a year ago and sells for about 6,000 INR today in India. It matches most Z1 specs but gives a 5mp main camera rather than 3mp."

I can't figure out a single reason to buy this phone, no matter the services bundled to it. But it may just be me.

Tomi T Ahonen


Haha no real reason. But in India, a random middle class dumbphone owner will walk into a phone store, say he wants a new phone. Sales rep asks what brand, random buyer says 'Samsung' - and this is the latest that is in the budget for first-time smartphone buyers. The buyer has no idea of what is an app store and just looks at how big the screen is and how great the camera vs his current Nokia phone bought in 2013 and at 90 dollars, buys this phone. Maybe compares to a Micromax or Karbonn or Lenovo or Lumia but because Samsung's huge marketing push, Samsung brand alone will bring in the business in this price segment. This phone will easily do a million sales in India per quarter (especially with the marketing bundle) but that is not enough for Tizen, they need now more handsets and more countries.

But I agree, nothing whatsoever why to buy this phone - but remember AndThis, the price point. Put yourself into the shoes of a first-time smartphone buyer who is upgrading from a couple-of-years old featurephone and cannot possibly afford an iPhone. Look at those two strong rivals that sell in this price point among international brands. The specs are exactly at the mid-point of those two devices as is the price. This is 'just right' but yes, it has nothing compelling to it (as a phone)

Tomi Ahonen :-)


My point was that Samsung's current Android offering outclasses Z1 in same price point and having better support what comes to services, accessories, apps.
Plus that Galaxy Ace is "Galaxy" that Samsung has spent billions to make a merit itself whereas Z1 is not.

Even that featurephone user you described will want Galaxy instead of Z1.

John F.

And if the rumors are true, soon we will have a blackberry Tizen and android pastiche

According to reuters Samsung is in talks to buy blackberry.


We can track the imports in to have an idea...


Lumia 435 Dual Sim vs Z1:

Tomi T Ahonen

John F thanks. Am working on the blog about it (and Sony looking for a buyer)

TheRed - thanks, that was what I thought but didn't see it when I did quick search.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi LeeBase

I agree to a point. This is very bad for the developers, to launch the Tizen series with the low end device. I was arguing on this blog already when the first specs of the Tizen Z I think it was then called were released, that as it was well inferior to the top-end Galaxy at the time, for the launch phone, it was too weak for Tizen. Similar to how Lumia was launched with a flagship well lagging the year-old Symbian flagship from Nokia. This Z1 is far worse as a bottom-end device and Sammy would be expected to bring more expensive Tizen smartphones to the range later. Dumb strategy both for phone series launch and especially to motivate developers.

Now if this phone gets a near global release during 2015 and at least one sister phone is released also near global by Q4, its at about 1% market share for Q4. Then if those statements from Samsung that Tizen potential is all of their 665 million devices they sell per year (about 365 million of those would be phones last year) and thus not just all TVs but the intention is to get all or most of their phones also onto Tizen, if that really is the current plan at Gangnam, then there will be more than 2 Tizen phones this year and definitely half a dozen by end of next year. And that would mean 3% market share which will in that case be well better than Windows Phone. Because those carriers that have very relucantly given into Microsoft's plea of the third ecosystem would now see the far more preferred, far more open and far more carrier-friendly alternate third ecosystem and Tizen would steal those customers from Lumia. It might be only 1 in 10 or 1 in 20 Lumia total sales but that further diminishes Windows Phone market share from the modest stance under 3% where it is currently. For the most part Tizen will take customers from dumbphone migration, not from Android. And mostly Windows Phone is too small to matter in Tizen's growth. But Tizen will steal some from WP and as the carrier-preferred OS option, that is another death-nail to an already dead Windows smartphone vision.

So if only 1 or 2 Tizen phones by end of next year, you're totally right, Tizen will be nowhere. But if 6 or more Tizen phones have been launched by Q4 of next year, somewhat the levels that Lumia did then Tizen will have 3% (or more) and will definitely be bigger than Windows Phone. And Microsoft may well have shut down the Lumia unit by then (or announced its demise).

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Tomi Ahonen


Francisco Jeronimo of IDC calls Z1 "dead on arrival"


@AndThisWillBeToo: yes, the phone is nothing special but Samsung plays it wise:
- looks like other Android samsung phones - look at the buttons at the bottom!
- runs Android apps
- bundled with locally relevant package and it is not an 'abandoned child' like Nokia N9 was
- quite fair price

So, Average User might not even realize that (s)he does not buy an Android device. Especially if sales personnel are are in - and incentives are given from Samsung

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi AndThis & zlutor

LOL seriously AndThis, you're gonna take Francisco's forecast over mine? Why don't you go ask him where are the 10% market share for Windows Phone he promised in 2011 that the world would see in 2012. Yeah. You're really taking IDC forecasts for smartphones ahead of mine. Seriously? Did you read the article he refers to? That article in no way suggests Tizen is dead on arrival but rather the article explains why - FOR INDIA speifically its well competitively priced on a compelling marketing bundle. So Francisco then turns that article into his conclusion that is nowhere referred to in the original article - without ANY explanation why the EU expert at IDC should know better than the writer who talks about the specific India market issues. If Jeronimo at least explained WHY its dead on arrival, we could consider it as a contirbution but if he deliberately misrepresents what that article says, that is just sloppy and unprofessional behavior. Not unlike IDC often with its forecasts.

zlutor - yeah like I said, ho-hum but competitive on the phone part, bundle is good package and enormous value at that price point. This phone will get 2-3% market share easily in India but India and one phone is not enough for Tizen obviously.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


At no point did I say I take his forecast over yours. I just thought people here would be interested to hear that there has already been public "it will fail" from IDC, whose accuracy you just summarized quite well.

Tomi T Ahonen


haha yeah, thanks! and I don't mind that link either. IDC is doing itself no favors with comments like that.

I honestly would like to hear why Francisco thinks its dead on arrival (and did he really mean for India or for say Europe). But to tweet that and then include link that is mildly optimistic in tone, that is sloppy if not borderline unethical for an industry analyst. Its like in my Elop rants era if someone tweeted 'Elop is succeeding with Lumia' and included the link to my blog saying Elop is an idiot haha..

Tomi :-)


@Tomi: what does it mean to Jolla? End of the game?



Jolla is Amiga. There are still companies who make money with selling Amiga but it is not exactly a competitor for Windows. Jolla could be semi profitable if they sell 100.000 phones with a gross profit of $100 in Finland/world per year but i don't see how they can grow to 1 million.


@charly: I see that but they were in "expansion phase", entered India recently (not in this price point, for sure). I do not know how this affect their plans to be 'the alternative' for Android and iOS.

About WP - well I hate it with passion, so my opinion cannot be objective related to that... :D


Did Apple have their own headphone line? The Beats purchase is so recent and Samsung is so big that it would surprise me if Samsung wasn't making headphones eons before Apple.


Apple's been making headphones for as long as they have been making iPods. So from 2001 I think. Don't know when Samsung started but I guess they' e been at it for a long time.


A line outside a replacement part? I thought they only sold those in ear buds that also come with the ipod itself. So no $200 earwarmers

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