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September 22, 2014



Yes, Apple borrows ideas from others as others borrow from Apple. You might not know this, but Android was originally designed to be a lot like Blackberry. After seeing the iPhone launch, they delayed Android for a year and did a rewrite to "borrow" all the great ideas from the iPhone.

Android is full of copying and stealing others intellectual property. Just ask Oracle. Or consider Msft which makes bid money getting licensing fees from Android customers based on the many IP patents Android violated.

The courts will decide when something is "borrowing" or "stealing" but I'll easily concede that every idea in the iPhone didn't start with Apple.

I'll go further, there are many great ideas in Android the OS and the Android phones made by vendors that I WISH Apple would copy and hasn't yet. I'd like a water proof phone, ability to add memory, more stores than just the Apple store.

On balance, I'm very happy with my Apple ecosystem of iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Tv and all the apps and itunes content I've purchased.

I'll go EVEN further. If Samsung hadn't spent the money creating the phablet market (both in creating phones and advertising them) -- there would not be a large screen iPhone today. If Samsung hadn't blazed the trail and help popularize the 7" tablet, there would be no iPad mini today.

Yep, and if there had been no iPhone, then Symbian, WinMobile, BB and Palm would sill be in business today with Android having some measure of market share as a BB clone. Before the iPhone, Android was NOT going to be some massive market disrupting product.

Anel Forrest

I watched the utube video i google glass wow i am amazed and the iphone 6 bend it like beckham With all this technology and features of the iphones androids smartphones and all the others.

Using your gadgets day and night might as well use it to work from it.
Check out this site Work Online from your mobile phone


Might as well link the the Consumer Reports lab testing that said neither of the iPhone 6 models were prone to bending.

Just got my 6 (not the Plus). Not sure everything about it being bigger is better. Harder to use one handed. Camera is nicely improved. Speedy all around. Beautiful screen. Even faster/better iTouch.

It will go in a case like every iPhone before it. These are expensive computers after all.



"Might as well link the the Consumer Reports lab testing that said neither of the iPhone 6 models were prone to bending."

Won't help. The story is already in the newspapers (with quite a bit of ridicule directed towards Apple), the YT video had 4 million views since yesterday - and if you start typing 'iPhone' on YT, the first expansion is 'iPhone bend'. And you can believe me: The so called 'experts' can tell all they want, if one guy can bend the phone with his hands and record a video of it, that's what most people will believe, is the truth. And aren't experts lying anyway? (ok, not my opinion but that's the vibe I get from many people.)

It's completely irrelevant what the facts are. This is already the third most watched video about iPhones AT ALL - in only a few days, it will most certainly surpass the other two in a week or so.


Well, as these are the same experts that put out the antenna gate story, I think they will be relieved. Plus you have the real fact that people have these phones by the tens of millions and there is no real widespread problem.

Most people like myself thougt "makes sense that it would, was going to get a case anyway and I won't sit on my phone". Bend or not, sitting on a phone can break the glass

Typed from my iPhone 6

abdul muis


"Choosing between iOS and Android is not always that simple. If you prefer the way iOS feels for you, switching over to Android doesn't happen like that. This is also what makes people to stick with iOS. It has a very unique way or working and picking an Android phone just wouldn't be the same. Of course it works also the other way around."

I really don't know what is your age. But from my observation, the younger audience doesn't afraid to use/try other OS. The young audience doesn't feel bad changing from Sega to Nintendo to X-box to PlayStation. Or from Palm device to Windows Mobile to BlackBerry to Symbian to iOS to Android. But the old dude, the 60+ years old like to stay with what they know work and don't want to change to other brand/OS.


"Apple said only 9 instances out of 10,000,000 devices sold. This is not going to be a big deal."

It will be. The problem is not 9 right now, but there were millions of iPhone 6 that were bend 0.01 mm (or 0.004 inch for american) and the user doesn't realize it until it bend further more. and over time, this will be a time bomb.

"....... This malware attack, that Android app store scam."

What malware attack? IF android user download FROM OFFICIAL google play store, there were no malware attack.
What app store scam? Google even allow android user to have refund after 2 hours download.... Unlike apple?
Pot calling mirror black?

"As an Apple user I am quite happy with the security and quality of Apple products."

Are you for real??
SECURITY??? Ask hundreds of celebrity that their precious nude moment got leaked???
Quality??? Does the bend in apple iphone really means quality???


BS, the number one anti malware app on the official Android store was, in fact, malware with hundreds of thousands affected.

Next you'll deny there is a fragmentation issue



Yes, there is no fragmentation: It is called 'choice' by sane customers. The term 'Fragmentation' was only a stupid attempt of Steve Jobs to turn more choices for the customers into something negative.

Of course developers have to take different screen sizes, resolutions, performance levels and OS versions into account if they want to create a good Android app, but this is not too difficult.

It is e.g. very easy to make an Android 4.0+ compatible App (for installed base of OS versions see here:

For end users this is no isue at all. I have never seen a 'fragmented' Android device.

Also note that iOS-devices are also beginning to 'fragment': You have different screen resolutions on iPhone 4S, 5, 6 and 6+. Also you have two different resolutions for iPads.

The days where Apple had only one resolution and one screen size for iPhones and one for iPads are long gone, so live gets more difficult fo iOS-developers, too.

Is iOS becoming 'fragmented' now, too? Or is this simply more choice for the customer? You cannot have it both ways.

Regarding security, show me an App from the PlayStore with malware which was available longer than a few hours.

Also, show me a single instance where an Android device got infected wihout needing a user who acts stupid. AFAIK there never was one (unlike Windows, where PCs were infected by simply visiting a URL)

Of course an open system - where I can install what I want, no matter the source - means I have more responsibility for security. That goes without saying.
Of course being downlocked like in iOS has its disadvantages, too. E.g. I would never use an OS without a file browser, or an OS where I cannot become admin without 'jailbreaking'.

But when you exclusively use Apps from the Play Store, nothing can happen on Android, too.

adi purbakala


Android do 'fragmentation' better. iOS lose.
Beacaus android design to work with multiple screen size, multiple dpi.

In iOS. Developer can not scale/strech image easy. Because there is no API for do it. And apple against it.

So, funny. What appletufer said not just untrue, but the opposite were true.



Your saying.....


Also interesting:

Especially this quote:

"...many people don’t need to buy new phones that often. In my case, if I keep my old phone a bit longer, I’ll save $25 every month, and that adds up."

It may take a bit of time to filter down to the general American population but now that large screen phones are finally available from Apple, after this cycle the largest motivation factor for upgrading is finally gone. It'll only get more interesting over the coming years as the motivation for phone upgrades will certainly sink with most technological advances already out of the box.

Paul Ionescu

It looks like the Chinese smugglers are making big loses because of iPhone not being "attractive enough" anymore in China.

abdul muis

@Cholestrol & @PaulIonescu

It seems the #bendgate and #ios8gate really hit apple hard or the Chinese is not as iSheep as American.


The black market in China only exists until the release of the iPhone in China. As that's not rumored to be in a couple weeks, of COURSE the value of the black market phones has fallen closer to the retail price.

There will be massive lines in China on official release day just like there has been in every country. In China, they have to worry about riots the demand is so high.

Keep in mind that China mobile is still in the process of rolling out it's 4G/LTE network meaning that the entire CM base does not yet has not been felt in the iPhone sales.


Here is my first weekend with iPhone 6 review. Went for the 6 as the 6+ is huge and I have a laptop and an iPad. The 6 is simply better in every way (unless you prefer a smaller phone). The camera is clearly better while remaining 8mp. The focus speed is great, the photos I'm taking of fall colors are even better than my 5s. Can focus much closer for macro shots as well.

Everything is just faster and buttery smooth. Not "night and day" faster, but still faster. Screen is gorgeous. Larger which is nice for some things and a pain for others. Screen is much brighter. On the downside, I can't get it as dim as I used too which I preferred when reading in bed.

Finger print process even faster than before. Very convenient. More accurate. I used to not be able to use it when jogging (sweat)....and now I can.

Downsides for me are the larger size of the phone. It feels heavier. Not a big fan of the rounded sides. When my case arrives, that will be fixed. This phone is not as easy to operate one handed. It's a bigger lump in my pocket. Brand new phone and OS so there are some glitches with existing apps. No show stoppers, and the updates apps are rolling out daily.

For the way I use my phone (very heavy, lots of internet, photo taking and editing, calls)...I have not seen much improvement in battery life. I cannot get through the day without having to recharge it once. But, as an existing iPhone user, I'm used to this and my external batteries work just fine. I hear the 6+ can take heavy use all day and still have power to spare. Given how I'm not real taken with the 6's size just yet, I'm not wanting a much LARGER phone.

Reading is truly nicer. The screen is bigger and the text is so crisp.

Photography is enhanced with the larger screen making it easier to see the photo as you take it, and nicer for editing as well. Then just use AirPlay to see the photos nice and big on my 50" flat screen via the Apple Tv.

Haven't used the continuity features yet as the Mac OS update isn't out. Well, actually, I have made a phone call from my iPad, but I was able to do that on my iPhone 5s after the iOS 8 update.

I put on a movie on Netflix and then held the phone up in my field of view as I looked at my 50" tv. Then positioned it until the size of the movie on the phone covered the view of the TV. Guess what, watching movies on the phone at a comfortable distance from my face is the same field of view as my 50" tv watched from my couch.

Special thanks to Samsung for popularizing the larger screen size. While I don't think it's better in EVERY way, it's certainly better in many ways and overall a good tradeoff.

Upgrade from 5s? Sure, I did but that was due to a special Sprint promotion where they gave you $200 on any working iPhone trade in. So I got a free iPhone 6 for turning in an old iPhone 4S worth less than $100 on Gazelle. My monthly phone bill won't change. Otherwise? No. It's a nice bump up for sure, but I still think every 2 years is where you'll truly appreciate the advances.

Sound is improved and louder.


@abdul muis:

"It seems the #bendgate and #ios8gate really hit apple hard"

What I wonder is something different:
In reality both of these issues are not worth the noise that is being made.
Still, all the noise is being made so what's up here?
Is it just some Apple haters with an axe to grind who finally find something to latch on or is this exaggerated reporting of defects a sign of some deeper dissatisfaction?

The mere fact that these things have gone viral as they did is already a problem for Apple - far more than those issues themselves could ever have been. There's an enormous amount of negativity in the press about Apple, far worse than the underwhelming iPhone 5S ever produced.


@Rotten - it's the same level of negativity. It's all of a piece. Apple has HUGE mindshare world wide. Both positive and negative. Now, since Apple has a small and continually falling "market share" you would think this wouldn't be true. Reality is that Apple's mind share springs from it's market leadership. Apple is still setting the agenda. Samsung introduced phablets 4 years ago (if we ignore Dell). And yet it's only now, after Apple does it, that the world is set ablaze talking about them.

Samsung took 3 months to break the 10million unit sales...Apple did it opening weekend. It's not FAIR that Apple can get such attention even when way late. But along with the unfairness in the positive comes the unfairness in the negative. Any problem with an Apple phone gets over the top coverage.

When bendgate first came out, and before Consumer Reports debunked it...I thought...well that answers the question of "will I buy a case this time". Like all times, I'm going to protect my expensive pocket computer. I'm far more concerned about breaking the screen (done it before, my kids way too many times) than bending the phone.

abdul muis


"Still, all the noise is being made so what's up here?
Is it just some Apple haters with an axe to grind who finally find something to latch on or is this exaggerated reporting of defects a sign of some deeper dissatisfaction?"

I think it's all goes back to the claim/expectation. Apple CLAIM that their product is SUPPERIOR/PREMIUM, and Apple is not shy to ridicule/shame their competitor. Apple called samsung and all other were copycat, Apple claim that they were the best, etc. This make:
1. The competitor customer (non-apple customer) trying to shoot back at apple, and their iSheep. and trying to say "Hey, bend does not equal premium".
2. Some apple customer that have not 100% brain washed into iSheep /might/ be feel disappointed.
3. Some journalist trying to get as many click-through as possible.



No, it's not just the same level of negativity. At least not where I live. Our local newspaper, for example has always been quite Apple-friendly, but even they couldn't resist gloating at these 'missteps'.

Last year's report about the iPhone 5S merely had a slight tone of disappointment and that already has been a first.

In other words: outside of tech journals I do not see articles about how great the new iPhone is - as I got to read in previous years - no, what I get is 'Apple phones can get bent', and stuff.

Another thing that surprises me is that they also get quite a bit of negativity for releasing large screen phones - the press accuses them of 'betraying their own philosophy' and nonsense like that. To some degree they brought this onto themselves, though, by ridiculing those large screen devices when they first appeared. Some people did not forget and the backlash was probably inevitable, now that they had to cave in due to market pressure.

The only conclusion I can draw is that some people feel that Apple is no longer as 'premium' as they'd like it to be.


Anything Apple sells. Apple news...any Apple news...draws eyeballs. You'll see publications and pundits that have been criticizing Apple for NOT having a phablet turn around now and criticize them for copying.

It's nothing new. Samsung is having their own gaffe....brand new Note 4's with GapGate. Won't draw near the attention as Samsung isn't nearly as interesting a company.

What you won't see is Apple putting out commercials highlighting their competitors. Samsung really doesn't get PR. They insult Apple's customers instead of Apple or it's products in most of their commercials. They raise awareness themselves that Apple has a new large screen phone. I've seen more Samsung ads about the iPhone 6+ than Apple ones.

Apple is rightly pilloried for saying things like: nobody will watch movies on a small screen, and then putting out a video iPod...or nobody wants a small tablet unless you sell it with a file to make people's fingers smaller...and then putting out an iPad mini.

There's nothing about Apple changing it's tune on the iPhone 6+ or the fact you can bend it if you try that Apple hasn't weathered before. If anything, it will sell a few million more cases.

To hold the iPhone 6 in your hand is to understand that it is a premium products. Samsung's plastic phones just don't compare. HTC has a nice premium phone in the HTC One line. And you still have the Apple stores and Apple standing behind their products.

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