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September 22, 2014



@Apple Turfer:

>>However, Google is doing NOTHING to improve the unupdatability (new word) of Android AOSP.

This is bullshit. It's the vendor's task to release updates. Google has no saying here - except for Nexus- and Google Play-devices, and you (should) know that these ARE updated regularily and quickly.

>>And you still can't justify that Google won't allow folks to replace Google maps with Nokia maps and keep using the rest of Google services.

I do not need to justify anything here, why should I?

I hope that you do understand that Google does not prevent any phone vendor from adding additional apps. Samsung can ship Nokia HERE alongside Google Maps.

Why Google does not allow a phone without maps is a stupid question, this should be self-explanatory.


Good news/bad news on the Apple Hater side.

Good news - Apple had a terrible PR day with #BendGate and a botched iOS update that kept some from making phone calls (do people still do that?).

Good news - and entire #Bendgate meme sprang up on twitter with lots of funny parodies. The best was from Samsun with a bent over iPhone 6+ bowing in front of a Samsung Note 3. Brilliant (and I don't say that about most Samsung advertising).

Bad news - Samsung so threatened by the overwhelming success of the iPhone 6 they have moved up the launch of the Galaxy Note 4. No seriously, read the Samsung words...they are saying they are in trouble and trying to respond.


Look, make up your mind. Either Google is fixing Android by adding apps/services that can be updated independently of the OS and that's a good thing -- or Google NOT updating the AOSP apps and services to provide that same needed ability is a bad thing. Can't be both.

And yes, many Android phones ship with multiples of the same app and users find this confusing. It's one thing to have a store where people can download a new photo app, and the phone starting out with multiple ones and an inability to delete either.

Google also specifies that prime positioning be given to it's apps. Again, not that I think it's wrong, but it's certainly controlling.

Tomi T Ahonen

On the sudden spate of bad news from Cupertino

Wow it does look like Apple took their eyes off the ball. This iPhone 6 launch is the most important milestone this year at Apple as iPhone drives the biggest part of Apple's profits. The iPhone 6 has to continue the legacy of each new iPhone model outselling the past and setting new records. A good Mac or iPod or iPad (or iWatch) can't do that for Apple now, iPhone is that big.

So they were mesmerized by their iToy and played Watching games and forgot about crossing all the tees and dotting all the i's of the iSix. What's going on? We have bendgate. Wot? We have now iOS 8 mess. What's going on? And we have China not approving iPhone 6 models for launch yet. Where was Apple's attention? Will there now be more problems.

Incidentially brilliant move by Samsung to attack world's largest smartphone market with Galaxy Note 4. Note that on side-by-side comparisons Note 4 is just about better on anything. Bigger screen. Sharper screen. Bigger sensor on main camera. Bigger sensor on selfie camera. Uncrippled NFC. MicroSD slot for more max memory. And lower price. Now that Apple can't sell in China, very smart by Samsung to just use its scale to push the Note 4 up and launch earlier than scheduled for China. Very smart.

Back to Apple. One such error we could easily forgive as there are always hassles and we are human. But that is 3 mistakes in only a few days. This smells very 'smelly' haha... something is not right, we may see more hassles and problems related to iPhone 6 and that all tells me, Apple took its eye off the ball. This is a very perilous time for Apple to stumble, even a little bit, as the rivals are all so close - remember all those reviews suggesting almost any rival flagship is worthy if not better than the new iPhone 6 models. The first weekend sales growth of only 11% over last year's first weekend spells very bad news too, as the industry has grown more than 25% in the same period. So it all suggests global market share is down. This was all before bendgate and iOS problems and whatever other mistakes will still be unveiled in the coming weeks and months. If this is the level of attention to how the iSix was prepared for launch, there will be more problems ahead in the marketing and shipments and so forth. I don't know anything but three such mistakes in such a short time to me says, this is a Lumia launch in the making, where the bad news drips in for many more weeks to come, drip drip drip.

Tomi Ahonen :-)


Love that you are jumping in on this, Tomi. Bendgate will come to nothing, just like antennagate came to nothing.

What is coming to something are those Japanese sales. You know, Japan the most advanced smartphone society in the world. iPhone 6 took 8 of the top 10 slots....the other two going to the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6+ doesn't chart until 11, but then takes 7 more of the top 20.

Blockbuster opening. BTW, the iPhlabet is averaging somewhere around 14% of iPhone 6 sales. We know this of Japan and have reason to believe it's similar all over. Just like the Samsung Note never outsold the Galaxy S.

As you are commenting on Apple news...surprised you didn't mention Samsungs statements about how they are being hurt by the iPhone 6.

adi purbakala


Antengate can easily fix with a (FREE) bandaid. And apple maskot (job) still alive.

Bendgate is bend phone. Ugly and screen be broken after not long. No easy fix.


In a way it's poetic. Apple is a niche player what it comes to total sales of all phones and all smartphones were a niche back in the days when Nokia was pushing Symbian in 2010. Neither Nokia or Apple never managed to break out from the niche what it comes to selling smartphones as something that's not a nice. A nice is maybe something that has less than 15-20% market share.

In 2010 less than 15-20% of all phones sold were smartphones. Just like today and in the future less than 15-20% of all phones sold are iPhones.

abdul muis


"Love that you are jumping in on this, Tomi. Bendgate will come to nothing, just like antennagate came to nothing."

I think you forgetting something.
Apple iDevice means SIMPLE
Apple iDevice means BUG FREE
Apple iDevice means TROUBLE FREE

Whether you like it or not, all this problem, Bendgate, iOS 8 update problem will DENT the VALUE/IMAGE of Apple brand. The QUESTION is HOW BIG this problem will affect apple sales growth trajectory. 0.1%?, 1%?, 5%?

abdul muis


I was wondering, if you can shed some light on the effect of the problem. Will the problem have MORE effect if it's happened on HTC or Samsung or Blackberry? Or why SMALL problem looks like blown up in apple? Is it because apple claim of superiority or news site trying to gain visitor?

Is it worth for any company to do big mistake in order to quickly catch up (or just try to be awesome in statistic) to competitor such as in iOS 8 lack of testing?


@MarkJ, AppleTurfer, Huber
"Where do you get that Samsung can release AOSP (outside of China) while also being a full Android partner? Link? Document?"
"@chithanh you are misinformed"
"Apple Turfer is right: If you are a member of the OHA, you may deliver Android with the Google services (Maps, Youtube, PlayStore etc.) and you may also use the name 'Android', which is a registred trademark."

I maintain that I am correct in saying that OHA members can release AOSP phones without Google services, as long as they pass compatibility certification. They are only forbidden from using Android code to sell incompatible forks (ie. those which did not pass certification).

If a device passes certification then the manufacturer can choose to ship Google apps and services pre-installed. If the manufacturer chooses to install Google services, then there are additional requirements regarding prominent placement of these on the screen.

This has all been chewed through during the Aliyun OS brouhaha back in 2012. Unfortunately, grasping this issue required reading comprehension levels that exceeded even some journalists' capabilities.

About the bentgate, Apple claimed that only 9 (nine) customers contacted them about this problem in the first six days since launch. I find that hard to believe.



" Bendgate will come to nothing, just like antennagate came to nothing."

I have absolutely no idea on which strange planet you live, where serious manufacturing defects 'come to nothing'.

They surely harm Apple's reputation. Antennagate did have an effect. That this effect is not visible in market share charts is because it got masked by other countering effects (like opening in new markets) is completely beside the point.

That it may have cost Apple one percentage point in market share for the long term, is, though. There are always customers who will immediately jump off if a product is somewhat defective. And once they realize that they get the same value for half the money (yes, that may be unbelievable to a staunch Apple fan, but not everybody who owns an iPhone has a genuine need for such an expensive piece of hardware!) they won't come back. That damage is permanent.

Same for 'Bendgate', maybe even worse. It's hard to tell how much of an effect it may have - it's far too early for that - but rest assured - it WILL have an effect, the effect being some gradual erosion in the market segments where Apple loyalty is not that great. And the iOS 8 update mess will add to that effect.
And surely on the market share chart this won't be visible because it'll get masked by the 'record launch' in Japan. Well, great, it means you are fooling yourself into a false sense of security.
And even with that great launch we still have no idea what an effect 'bendgate' will have there. If customers feel cheated because they got a defective product, it will affect the manufacturer's reputation and it will certainly affect return business by those customers. Shrugging off problems like you did is the first step to becoming irrelevant.
And as has been said, 'bendgate' hits Apple where it hurts most - it puts their well-reknowned manufacturing quality into doubt. And it clearly resonates with what my boss - who is a big Apple fan - told me recently, that he feels that the more recent MacBooks are no longer really worth their money because their quality cannot match to older revisions, most importantly the ability to easily change components. Or like the new Mac Pro, which is a clear case of 'design over function', where we both had to concur that for professional use where you have to be able to use some expansion hardware, a design where all of this has to be done externally with more cable mess is the dumbest thing imaginable. I think a certain trend is visible here and it's not a good trend.

Now, in markets like the US and Japan 'bendgate' may mean a minor dent in a large market share, but what about other countries where such a hit may prove harmful, let's say by dropping the market share below the psychologically important 10% mark?

Apple can't survive if all their market share is in a handful of markets. Apple needs that market share to ensure that third-party suppliers do not overlook them in their decisionmaking. Apple not only needs large profits, they also need market share to remain relevant in the eyes of third party suppliers - a fact that gets conveniently ignored by all the Apple defenders.
Let's take Spain for an example. Apple market share is close to completely irrelevant there. Do you really think that some service provider will spend the extra money to get that 1% of potential customers when the cost to reach them is the same as reaching the other 99%? Well, probably only if it is proven that doing so will amortize the costs but the lower the market share, the lower the chance.


@Rotten Apple

"And once they realize that they get the same value for half the money"

Choosing between iOS and Android is not always that simple. If you prefer the way iOS feels for you, switching over to Android doesn't happen like that. This is also what makes people to stick with iOS. It has a very unique way or working and picking an Android phone just wouldn't be the same. Of course it works also the other way around.

Of course not everyone has that kind of preferences. What I'm saying is that comparing the specs and the numbers is not the only way of picking up the best phone for you. If someone is used to iOS and likes the way it works, picking a similar Android phone with better features but with half of the price might still be a bad choice for him or her.



I know. What I was saying is that even with these things in mind there will still be people who do not mind the change and realize that they may be better off with the cheaper device, especially if some bad news like this surface.


Apple said only 9 instances out of 10,000,000 devices sold. This is not going to be a big deal. Apple will replace those who's phones bent because there are just so few of them. If there really was an issue that COMMONLY happens with putting your phone in your back pocket and sitting on it.....there would be more blowback. I seriously doubt such a poor design would have passed Apple's testing.

But hey, let me not spoil the next couple weeks of Apple bashing. Two newsworthy mistakes in the same week. Quick short Apple


There have been 9 REPORTED instances. But the problem isn't that this only happened a few times, the problem is that parts of the press blew this completely out of proportion.

Of course, for someone who worships the iReligion (i.e. you) this won't matter at all. Your kind would still buy Apple if the competition had a phone twice as good for half the price. But these things will eat into the fringes of the customer base - and no record sales can prevent this kind of erosion effect. As I said, it won't show up on any charts. But it still will happen. And at some point it WILL show up on the charts.


@RottenApple - Apple drives the agenda. 9 bent phones isn't worthy of all this attention, but you take that along with the good of being the most visible and aspirational tech company. Samsung would gladly part with many tens of billions to trade places with Apple's media attention. They do already, spending more than Coke, McDonalds AND Apple combined on advertising.

You are right, I wouldn't switch to any other phone. When it's time for a new phone, I go get the latest Apple. If I buy another computer, it will like be an Apple. Apple is the only one selling the products that run the ecosystem I have bought into. Just like I didn't buy HD-DVD's for my BlurRay player. That's the power of what Apple has built.

If a feature is REALLY great...I know that Apple will eventually have it. And I'm not willing to give up all the rest of the reasons I prefer Apple over some feature I can live without or wait for.

There is a HUGE anti-Apple press. Negative stories are put forth constantly. So when you do get the (seemingly legitimate) Apple f*ckup, it's blown all out of proportion. I am confident Apple didn't put out a product that would bend when put in someone's pocket for normal use. I just am. Call me a sheep, but I have no doubt that Apple will be vindicated. If not, I am sure Apple will do the right thing to redress the problem.

If Apple started putting out plain 'ol shoddy products, with features that didn't work well at all (looking at you, Samsung, and your [email protected] fingerprint scanner copy feature)...and if Apple failed to make things right in a timely manner....and kept on doing so....then Apple would lose that fantastic loyalty they have.

But --- there is no indication that day has arrived. Or that it ever will.

adi purbakala

Case close
Discuss no need anymore
Talk to isheep = talk to the hand

But thank you for let us know real you
Real isheep mind and soul


@adi - I don't come here and post every single Android [email protected] either. This malware attack, that Android app store scam. As an Apple user I am quite happy with the security and quality of Apple products. They HAVE issues from time to time...but less so than the alternative.

There's an Apple store 10min from my house. I have taken the occasional problem to them and had it fixed right away. If not Apple, there are many other companies to support me. Was just in a "fix it" shop to have an old iphone 4s of my daughter's screen fixed. Paying $75 to fix it, only to take it to Sprint to get the iPhone 6 for free with turn in of a working iPhone. While I was waiting, someone came in with their broken Lumia 1020...but the store couldn't fix THAT brand.

I have a Mac, an Apple Tv, an iPad and they all work seamlessly together. I can now even pick up a call from my iPad, and soon the Mac when the next OS comes out in a few weeks. Upgraded OS for free, btw, and available to all the first day.

Meanwhile, on my iPhone and Mac are Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto, and the movie maker and music maker apps...all free (included in the price).

All my kids also have iPhones and I can easily locate any one of them.

These features might mean nothing to you, but they are far more valuable to me than the features I miss as an Apple customer.

I am going to get the smaller iPhone 6...but if I had bought a 6+, I'd simply get a case for it. You I do for all my phones because they are expensive computers that easily break when dropped. Like most all phones do.



"Apple drives the agenda. 9 bent phones isn't worthy of all this attention,"

... but 36 million views of the 'bend test' video on Youtube is not just 9 bent phones, it's a major catastrophe because watching this video makes the phone look defective - especially since the Note 3 survived the same 'test' intact.

This is NOT something Apple can sit out, this can turn into a huge PR-disaster if their top-of-the-line model appears to be badly designed and they appear to shrug it off.

(Not that it surprises me - Aluminum is probably not the best material for such a large piece of hardware, it's far too soft and really needs some physical reinforcement, which Apple obviously missed when designing this.)

adi purbakala


Nice you say "These features might mean nothing to you, but they are far more valuable to me than the features I miss as an Apple customer."

Feature you say. Apple steal from android. GPS share location. Its already long time in android. Cloud backup your photo and address book. Rhank android too. What feature really original apple? LOL.

"I have taken the occasional problem to them and had it fixed right away."

Thank you for honest. I know it. Apple = lots of problem.

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