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September 23, 2014


abdul muis


Is this your prediction of Blackberry
"But this square-screen Blackberry is at least an interesting play and I hope it sells well enough to keep our Canadian brothers alive for a year more..."

You BOLDLY predict that BB will be die in 1 year?


Tomi, the Jolla launch price is Rs. 16,499. A lot cheaper than expected, actually (my guess was 25~30K).


I guess you will find this new patent for a device interesting then: (The rumoured launch date of Q2 2015 comes from internal files of the latest BlackBerry 10 versions)


Well, to me it looks quite nice on the smartphone horizon. Finally some new thinking apart from the myriads of 16:9 slab Android smartphones that look all alike.

First, the Blackberry Passport. I think they have made a bold step with the square screen. Sure movies will suffer but there are a lot of other things that will probably work great on the device like web browsing, texting, document viewing, editing and even games. One mistake I think they made was not adding an extra numerical row as it would just made a tad bit taller. I don't think it will sell that exceptionally well because of its price but it is nice to see something different.

The Panasonic Lumix CM1. The Nokia 808 has alone been on the camera phone throne for years now without any phone being able to compete with it (except its successor Lumia 1020, but not better). While the Samsung K Zoom has an impressive zoom capability, tests shows that its image quality does not match all the way to the Nokia 808. Despite the Lumix CM1 lacks a xenon flash I would be interested to see if the optics and its sensor can produce images that can surpass the Nokia 808. Leica is known of their exceptional image quality with their cameras, we'll see if their brand has any effect on this phone. Also it's build quality and appearance is appealing, so if you want a Vertu Signature but cannot afford it maybe this could be an option. Well, I want the Nokia 808 to be beaten but as it looks right now it will remain the autocrat for years to come.

Jolla, not going anywhere. No new phones, SDK suffers, no commercial apps. What are they doing? They are not going to survive .... unless some 100 year old Finnish company buy them and inject them with money so that can release a phone in January 2016. Plausible? What do you think?


Jolla is unlike ;)

Michael Demetriou

sensor size, that's why

CM1 has a type 1" sensor, bigger than both 808 and 1020 and the same size as Nikon 1 mirrorless ans sony RX100.

Sensor size trumps everything for photography enthusiasts (more light being the primary reason) but limits the ability to zoom (requires larger glass)

So yeah, I'd take the CM1 anytime over galaxy K and it's tiny seinsor just like I'd get the RX100 and it's 3x zoom over silly superzooms with tiny sensors that just produce blur.

Michael Demetriou

relevant article on dpreview


@Tomi: Jolla&India: "The price? 16,999 Rs"

let's see how it goes...


@ AtTheBottomOfTheHilton: "Jolla, not going anywhere. No new phones, SDK suffers, no commercial apps. What are they doing? "
Improving the OS - months-by-months... :D

Even though I'm also waiting for the next phone but i understand they are focusing on selling the current one 'wherever-they-can'. And are clever enough not to osborne it...

Monetization is not handled by them ATM moment but I hope it will improve soon.

John F.

The war is on in many fronts, this is an indicator of things to come, not related to phones but to what happens when the bloodbath in prices drives everyone to loose money

Samsung laptops to be pulled from sale in Europe

While Apple ate the cake with a NO price war strategy, quality focus, close environment and the best software, this will apply eventually to the phone market, most likely apple will have again the last laugh while samsung bleeds due to cheap phones, and now it is evident that people pays for premium computers, for years there was only bad/cheap plastic until apple changed the game.... result .. a winning strategy


@John F

> While Apple ate the cake

You not seem to have read fhe link you just posted. Lenovo eat the cake :-)

As expected, the classic PC market continues to crash while smartdevices pick it all up. Bye Wintel, hello Android.

Lukasz T

I was waiting for Tizen... Two years ago, I had to move from MeeGo to Android - painful time. But I got used to it (user interface of n900 was supperb). This year, I was also hoping for Tizen (it supposed to be an year ago).

I wonder who will win the battle for my next phone? I hope Jolla would be available in UK on monthly contract. So, hopefully in next 2 years time, I will get one of those phones. It's a pity, that I have to wait that long...


@Spawn - Lenovo and the next top 5 PC makers combined do not profit from the PC business as much as Apple does. That's the point. Margins have fallen so far that companies are dropping the business altogether. Of course, SOMEBODY (or a few) will remain.

The innovative companies will direct their attention to profitable areas of the market....which are now smartphones...but for how much longer? Let's say Lenovo becomes top PC maker in the world. Great, but not the kind of great it would have been to be the top PC maker in the 90's.


Only Apple has a nicely profitable, great margin PC business. You simply can't build a PC, run Windows, and sell very many high margin units because people will sacrifice quality for price when given a chance. Those who are the quality buyers will look to the Mac.

I truly understand that nobody CAN do what Apple does. They are an enigma, the exception that proves the rule.

Another company could build up to it in time, sure. Apple is at the top of their game in so many areas that took them decades to build from. Apple didn't have to start from scratch or acquire another company to put out iOS. They had been developing OSX for a long time.

Apple had been developing the iPod to gain the consumer mass market scale business a long time.

Apple had built up iTunes into the dominant force in music and digital content (movies, tv) a long time.

On and On the list goes. Talk about scale and leverage, nobody is in Apple's league. New abilities arriving with or in the wake of the iPhone: touch OS, chip design, App store ecosystem, 64bit everything (chip, os, developer tools).

No, Apple is the integrated player that's supposed to only exist (according to disruption theory) at the beginning of a technology. The rule is - commoditization will win out. But Apple is the exception to the rule.

Oh, commoditization wins out in unit shares. We've seen this in the PC business and we see it in mobile. But that's a very razor thin margin business and that's why IBM sold off their PC unit a long time ago and why Sony got out this year and Samsung is scaling back, leaving Europe. It will happen in phones too.

Who can NOW enter the fray with a compelling fully integrated offering to counter Apple and sell in the face of dominant Android? Even Msft is failing to do that and they already had many of the pieces and bought Nokia which has pretty much the rest of the pieces.

Had Msft bought Nokia and launched WP/Lumia within a year of the iPhone, they would have given Android a run for the money. But that's all fantasy now.

The smartphone business was a really good business for Motorola, Nokia, Sony Erricson, Seimons back in the day. It's only good for Samsung and Apple now, and getting worse and worse for Samsung by the quarter.


With the exception of Samsung all the companies that transitioned from Symbian to Android/Windows Phone have consistently made losses ever since. I for one never found myself hankering for a slower, bloated OS that would consume my battery quicker.

Now they're looking for an OS that can run acceptably well on cheap low-spec hardware for the developing world. Well I wonder what the answer to that conundrum could be... The hardware that's regarded as low-spec today is enormously powerful compared to what Symbian used to run on.

I really can't decide whether it's a farce or a tragedy.

Meanwhile, Apple have just released the iPhone Galaxy Note, a lower-spec clone of the Samsung Galaxy Note and iOS is morphing into a pale imitation of Android.

Credit to BB for at least having the brollies to do something different. It seems Apple and the other manufacturers are just watching Samsung and slavishly copying whichever of their devices becomes a hit.


lol! These are the jokes, folks. Be sure to tip the waiter. The Galaxy Note never outsold the iPhone nor did the Galaxy S series over the course of a year.

Samsung is rushing out the Note 4 because of the amazing reaction to the iPhone 6 phones. Won't help. Samsung couldn't outsell the iPhone (in it's premium price class) when they had large screens and Apple didn't

abdul muis


"lol! These are the jokes, folks. Be sure to tip the waiter........

......Won't help. Samsung couldn't outsell the iPhone (in it's premium price class) when they had large screens and Apple didn't"

Where's your address. I really need to tip you (the waiter). Because as far as I know the real question is WILL IT BEND?? yeah right....

Apple 6/6+
premium price class. CHECK
premium quality. FAIL
This is what happened when you send a designer to design the phone instead of engineer.


On no, how on earth can I avoid TRYING really hard to bend my aluminum phone? I saw a guy shoot his iPhone and it was destroyed. How can I possibly avoid that fate, my new iPhone 6 is doomed

Far more likely is that I'll drop it and shatter the screen...and as I have done so, I keep mine protected by a case. But do the make a case that keeps me from intentionally destroying my phone?


@abdul muis
"This is what happened when you send a designer to design the phone instead of engineer."

Nokia N97 is what happened when you sent an engineer to design the phone instead of a designer. We have seen how well that played out.

In case you haven't, here's one story about it:

I got to know the staff at my local West London Carphone Warehouse (nearest Nokia Service Point) pretty well and in this largish store they had had every N97 bar one that they had sold returned by customers – I’ll just repeat that so it sinks in for the fanbois EVERY SINGLE N97 except one sold by a large West London phone shop had been returned because the customers were so dissatisfied with it.


To me the top players in smartphones are well boring. Another android phone review amongst seemingly hundreds. IPhone adjusts screen size, and cue screaming hordes. It's dull. This fourth tier is where all the excitement is. Hungry companies scrambling to stay alive and innovate. BlackBerry passport? Fantastic. More of that thinking please.

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