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September 16, 2014



@Winter - there is no doubt that others often introduce features before Apple. What is rare is for those features to matter.

Large screens certainly did. Dual SIM cards, replaceable battery, water proofing and the like have not.

The only killer feature Android has ever had going for it is price. You know Apple is never going to add "cheap price" to their line up.



"What is rare is for those features to matter."

Somewhat correct, but the reason that anything Apple does matters and most others do doesn't matter is a tech press which can't look beyond the fruit. So, many of the new introductions into Apple's phones are really old news, it's just that these things often went below the radar of the incompetent journalists.

Instead they hail a useless gimmick like 64 bit processing as revolutionary, a feature that's ridiculosly pointless with just 1GB of RAM - hell, even with 3GB of RAM like the Galaxy Note.


The problem is just - Apple is not best! They are the best at creating loyal customers, for sure, but that hardly translates into making the best hardware. That time is long past. You can easily serve a loyal customer who has lost all view on the competition something inferior for a higher price, they'll never notice. Well, maybe they do notice eventually, and I'll leave it to your imagination what happens then.


"@WInter - Too much babble to respond."

I bow to the master.


@RottenApple - I get your criticism that I appear to be saying that whatever Apple does is defacto what the market really wants. But that's not my point at all.

Big screens were CLEARLY a feature that the market wanted that Apple did not provide. We can tell because the moment Apple came out with larger screens there was a HUGE jump in sales AND a decline in Samsung's sales.

I am also not one who says that Apple phones are "the best" as if everything about them was better than any other phone. "The Best" will differ from user to user. I love the TouchId - maybe you couldn't care less about that feature. You may require replaceable batteries where I am fine with an external battery pack.

But as for "market moving" features we need merely look at the market.

As for "only good at creating loyal customers" - gee, what a terrific thing to be good at. You might want to explore just WHY Apple is able to create those loyal customers. And you might want to include the reality of Apples ability when forecasting the results of Apple's sales.


" It is like saying a Mustang and a Ferrari both have V8 engines and both have 4 wheels, therefore they are equivalent, and given that the Mustang has 4 seats and the Ferrari just 2, the Mustang is better."

But if a VW polo is known to have better build quality and higher performance, both would be in trouble. For a high price people really do expect quality and performance.

"The HW is the weakest differentiator between iPhone and Galaxy."

Except that potential iPhone buyers could be discouraged when they find out they will get less for more money. That has happened quite a number of times with other brands in the history of marketing. Apple is already seeing a lower margin on the iPhone.

Btw, Samsung is not in trouble due to Apple, but due to the Chinese firms.


"Btw, Samsung is not in trouble due to Apple, but due to the Chinese firms."

Samsung is in trouble due to both. I don't see any other Android make harming Samsung at high price category, but Apple still keeps increasing their share of that area.
Xiaomi and the like compete in lower prices, increasing their market share and harming Samsung in that area.


Remenber: Apple almost went bankrupt in the 90's for that exact same reason: They solely focussed on profit by brand loyalty but at some point the customers just said 'no'.

And they are running into the same trap again, as the recent Mac Mini shows. It's very obviously less value for money, probably dictated by cost savings initiatives from the bean counters. There's just no better way to ruin customer loyalty than making a product that seems intentionally degraded.

We'll see if they manage to bring that attitude to their phone line as well.


Apple did not almost go bankrupt for those reasons, and they have $155Billion in cash on hand so that's no longer a worry.

Apple is MORE of a threat to Samsung than the Chinese. You can't spend "market share". Selling lots and lots of almost no margin phones is not the business that is driving Samsung's profits. Like Apple, Samsung makes most of it's money selling at the high end. Losing share to Apple there is FAR more devastating.


Samsung is worried about both Xiaomi and Apple right now. Xiaomi cuts into their low end marker big time. And Apple cuts into their high end, also big time. Let's face it. In fhe current quarter, Apple, Google, Samsung, and Amazon reported earnings. 3 of them posted worse than expected earnings. 1 reported better than expected earnings. Take a guess.


@KPOM "Apple, Google, Samsung, and Amazon reported earnings. 3 of them posted worse than expected earnings. 1 reported better than expected earnings. Take a guess."

Let's see. Since marketshare is the most important thing and every smartphone sold is equally as valuable as any other...and Apple has been losing market share every quarter for years now. I'd say it's Apple that is the most disappointing?

Amazon just introduced their first smartphone. Ergo, they gained marketshare from zero. So Amazon must have had an amazing quarter.

Google gives away Android for free and has gained 85% share of the market, so Google must have been the best, followed by Samsung, followed by Amazon with Apple being by far the worst.

Am I right?


Ive been an iphone user since 3GS and now switching to a Note 4.
What about all my purchases in iTunes? im moving them to a 128GB SD card. Not everywhere in the world are there good signals for mobile data, which makes itunes match kinda stinky for me. I eventually zeroed in on what my personality wanted in a phone and yes, the answer was the Note 4.
I feel bad for apple, yes, but it seems that after Jobs death there just have been too many mistakes and have not really been fixed. And I will not pay for a bigger device and a thinner device for its sake of being thin and big.
IMHO, the note had a reason to be big... ive lost interest in my ipad and have given it to my one year old.

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Finnish magazine Micro PC did phanlet comparison of over ten different models. Winner is Note 4 (score 86/100). Second is iPhone 6 plus (score 85/100). iPhone had superb gaming performance, perfect color reproduction in its display and so forth. If Apple would want it to be number one they would need to cut the price and add MicroSD slot said the review.
(As a side note, 3rd place was taken by Lumia 1520, score was 80/100.)

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