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August 13, 2014


Wayne Borean

Heh. Back in 2003 I was sent on a business trip to Las Vegas. Flew in, caught the shuttle bus to the hotel, and stared.

It was the hotel from 'Diamonds are Forever'

Total accident, I had no input as to where I was staying, and Diane who booked everything had never seen the movie.

But your collection blows mine away. Keep it up Tomi!


Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Wayne

Awesome, cool. Yeah I an imagine the surprise arriving from the airport and then seeing where the shuttle bus is headed thinking 'isn't that the hotel...' haha... cool.

So yeah in the movie it was the 'Whyte House' in reality its the Las Vegas Hilton. I've seen it on my only visit to Las Vegas decades ago but haven't been inside it so you're ahead of me on that one haha... I actually hope to get some stop-over in Las Vegas on some coming trip (haha or even better would be a speaking gig in Vegas) and go spend the night, as I think its such an old hotel by now, and the way they change in Las Vegas, it may be demolished some day and suddenly gone...

Tomi Ahonen :-)


As I mentioned before, your James Bond location collection is not complete without visiting Contra Dam, Ticino, Switzerland. This is where James Bond makes the bungee jump in Golden Eye. There is now a commercial bungee jumps available there. I want you to go there and I want you to make the jump. I also demand photo evidence. The Bond experience not only about being at the same locations, it is also about doing exactly the same things Bond did in the movie.


Piz Gloria is the name of the restaurant. The mountain is the Schilthorn.

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi At and nobody

At - haha, thanks for the challenge. I actually DO want to make a bungee jump at some point, that sounds like a great idea. The Contra Dam is on my to-do list for Switzerland at some point, because its one of those fake Bond locations, where Switzerland pretended to be the old Soviet Union haha.. So yeah, I do want to visit that dam anyway, and I might well do my first-ever bungee jump from the dam (wearing suit and tie, but not my hat)...

nobody - thanks. Yeah, I gotta go fix that, I knew that but yeah, we want to make this as accurate as possible, for any other Bond Selfie tourists to go find the right mountain haha...

Tomi 007 :-)

Tomi T Ahonen

At - BTW I did visit Contra Dam ie Tusker Dam ie Verzasca Dam on this trip and have my 007 selfies to post from it. I was there just after sunrise on a hurry to return my car and catch my plane. It was also very foggy and the pictures were not as good as I hoped but its clearly the same dam. The bungee jumping setup was there but they hadn't even opened by the time I had to leave.. I took a picture also of me at the 007 sign of the bungee jump spot. I will post when I do the 3rd installment of the Bond Selfies after my vacation is done. But I wanted to post to you that I did visit the spot and tried to get onto the bungee jump too..

(tally of 007 pictures on this world tour in 2015: all 6 Bond actors in 9 films, 8 countries, 12 locations, 26 scenes and 46 Bond Selfies. Includes now some true classics such as Jaws & Bond on cable car in Rio de Janeiro and Bond and Goldfinger at Furka Pass in Switzerland. Pictures will be posted)

Tomi Ahonen :-)

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