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June 30, 2014


abdul muis


What piss me is, this company (IDC) can still have a straight face to say it again and again and again and again... and none of the reporter who just lazily re-publish the report remember the past...


"And you honestly believe that MS and Apple do anything different with your data?"
Where in my (FUD*) tirade do you see any endorsement of any of the current front runners, or Microsoft? They're all evil assholes. Repeat: They are ALL Evil ASSHOLES,
The only obvious non-assholes are THE up and comming platforms, such as Firefox OS.
Firefox, given enough time to sort things out could bury Google. "Do no evil" has moved to doing nothing but evil. -uck them and all of their offerings. What they offer could be duplicated with any on-board program that queries any number of data bases quite separate from Google. Get your head out of Google's ASS.


@go-on/ fts or whatever:

For me Google currently has the Best platform, because it is the most flexible. I can buy unlocked (or at least unlockable) devices where I easily can flash different ROMs. I can also root easily, so I have full control over my devices. You even can sideload apps per default. This is clearly superior to the offerings of MS and Apple.

Of course you can also flash some AOSP ROM without the Google Apps, then Google gets (almost) no data from you.

But this means no Play Store, no Maps etc. Just try this out, I did. I quickly installed the GApps package afterwards, it's just too comfortable to miss.

Google's business model is to collect data while simultaneously offering services for free, so you are the product, not the customer.

If you don't like this, use Firefox/ Jolla. This is your right as a paying customer.

But stupid 'Google is evil'-rants are out of place, Google is here to make money after all. They don't exist to fulfill your childish dreams of a better word.


Posts with classic microsoft talking points of demonizing google! It just doesn't work and never did fact to remember: NO ONE WANTS A WINDOWS PHONE OR TABLET!

abdul muis

WP is dead!!!

Microsoft to introduce Android by Microsoft device in the upcoming lumia device. (really??")

abdul muis


What do you think about the comment by the finnish PM that think iphone responsible for nokia dead.


@abdul muis "Microsoft to introduce Android by Microsoft device in the upcoming lumia device"

I doubt if 'Bingdroid' is going help Microsoft. It will be a flop. As Obi Wan once said, "these are not the droids you are looking for." :-)


Some windows phone store analysis can see how much the developer community "embraces ...ahem" WP


... and that may be the reason why they are exploring other ways.

With an Android clone for many apps, all they need is a submission of something that already exists.

baron99 obviously did not read the article (

"As I have pointed out in past articles, there is also the problem of the so-called feature gap between Android, iOS titles and Windows Phone counterparts. While developers may release their apps on the third-most popular platform, those titles are, quite often, missing the feel and features users on the two other platforms get to enjoy. It is a sad practice, and one that does not appear about to go away with time."


BTW ...I love the picture. It precisely captures the situation IMHO:


... and you obviously did not understand what I was hinting at.


Ooops. Ouch ! It has not been addressed at all, Samsung peaked and starting to bleed and winning the race to the bottom

(Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) on Tuesday issued unexpectedly weak quarterly earnings guidance which put it on track for its worst results in two years and cast doubt on the smartphone leader's strategy against cheaper Chinese rivals..

"The earnings deliver a harsh reality check to Samsung that it is not Apple, but Samsung. Its strategy of selling phones at expensive prices will not work anymore, as Chinese rivals also offer good enough phones at much cheaper prices," Lee Seung-woo, a technology analyst at IBK Securities, said.



I would not laugh if I was Apple's CEO, because they are next.

Sure, there will always be people who choose iOS despite ofits pricy devices, but how much customer will do this? 10%? 50%? 80%? I don't know, but >50% seems unlikely for me.

I had a cheap Huawei phone in my hands recently, and I was surprised how well it works. It is not nearly as fast as a flagship device, but it costs only €100 or so (without contract). For this, you get a phone which is perfectly capable for phone calls/ SMS and light Apps.

Google Maps - and especially Earth - lag and stutter a little bit, but they are usable. 3D games are another matter, but a lot of people don't game and hence don't care.

Soon the days of €900 mass-market phones will be over.


"I would not laugh if I was Apple's CEO, because they are next."

Apple's profits are yet to go back up to their 2012 heights.

eduardo m

Baron 95

Ben Thompson agrees about Samsung being in trouble

Henrik Nergard.

There are rumours that Microsoft will porting Android apps to the Windows Phone marketplace and to Windows RT, so it be a sort of combined Windows store and Android store in one so to speak.
I suppose it will be the apps from the Nokia X store that will be ported to work with Windows.
(Tom Warren from The Verge)

And I read that maybe they even will make a Nokia Lumia (high end handset) with Android AOSP.
I suppose that will close the app gap in the platform.

Would be interesting to read Tomis view on this.
If this is thrue the Microsoft under Nadella are totaly different from Steve Ballmers Microsoft.



This is not about fan boys, please read carefully and seriously. Several times i have commented about Samsung wining the race to the bottom, following the same fate as those companies that pursued a market share strategy and about Tomi's inability or lack of understanding of the consequences of conquering markets while bleeding. Now, Tomi is a well informed person but clearly not an entrepreneur, and is blinded by Samsung's short term success but business survive and thrive if the company makes money, not if the sell more than their competitors while loosing money and hiding or manipulating financial information and inventories.

I don't post here because my choice of phone ( blackberry), i post and read this blog because i am part of the industry ( distribution) and find some compelling arguments, some not so and some utterly absurd but most shocking, Samsung's justified winning strategy at all costs and without a shadow of a doubt, Tomi's weak spot that somehow I find funny as it is so evident that it leads to disaster .



Soon the days of €900 mass-market phones will be over.

Umm that is what Rolex, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Loius Vuitton, Beats, Lexus, golf green fees and the list goes on and on ... Were told.

If people are willing to pay sometimes twice per day, 4 dollars for a coffee (Starbucks) why wouldn't the pay less than 1 dollar a day for a pocket computer that lasts for at least 2 years ? In the same period of time you pay 7 times more for coffee than for a life organizer.

If your argument would hold we all should drive cheap Lada or Tata cars, they would be the most beloved cars in Europe and the USA, just go to Moscow or San Pet. If you want to be proven wrong

In this case apple needs just what they have or can get, 15-20% of the market, a one billion users ecosystem is self sustainable, profitable and loyal.

And the average price is 650 euro unlocked and a lot less with a contract, a small sum in reality.



"Umm that is what Rolex, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Loius Vuitton, Beats, Lexus, golf green fees and the list goes on and on ... Were told. "

It looks to me that you missed the term 'mass market'.
I'm sorry to tell you, but most people do not operate like you assume. They see a high price tag and instantly look elsewhere.

Nobody is denying that Apple may remain a powerful player in the high end segment of the market - but as cheaper phones get better every year and closer to the high end, the high end will eventually thin out and become what it's supposed to be: a niche market of expensive products for people who really appreciate superior quality and are willing to pay for it. That still doesn't mean 'mass-market'.


When Apple entered the market, they could ask what they wanted, because the competition was a joke.
And even two years ago, when you were looking for a €200 phone, it was most likely an underspecced thing that was good for the mere basics but nothing else.
Right now we are at a point where for little more than €100 you can get a decent phone.

But I wonder what will happen if you can buy a feature-rich and relatively powerful Android phone for €200. This will happen in the next few years. And that's when things will really get interesting.

Also, even if for you €650 is 'a small sum', for many people it constitutes a significant investment that requires some thinking to be done.
For me it's simple: I could afford a new phone with that price tag each year - but I really don't need it, I'd rather save the money for a nice 3 week summer vacation - and you can be sure the same goes for many others, too.

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