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November 08, 2013


Interested to know

Tomi, the world's been lucky to have you following this mess from the beginning. If only the shareholders would have listened :(

Paul Lee

I bought a brand-new Nokia N9 from eBay a couple of months ago for $249 and have been using it on daily basis with T-Mobile. I have to admit it's quite user-friendly, except for navigation app. It was certainly better than Android and iOS two years ago. But, Elop effectively destroyed it right after its birth two years ago.

I guess if Microsoft wishes to commit suicide, they are free to choose Elop as their next CEO, who is experienced to destroy a big company!

I am wondering why no body can stand up to stop Nokia device units sales. In this dynamic world of smartphone business, Nokia could be saved within a few months or more with its vast IP portfolio. With the Qt (I know it's sold to Digia) SDK and Qt Creator soon be available for Android and iOS, Nokia still has a chance to undo Elop's damage and quickly rises to the front runners of Android phone maker.

Who could stand up among Tomi Ahonen, Anssi Vanjoki, Thomas Zilliacus, etc. to rescue Nokia from falling into the death road of Nokia + Windows = No-Win in two years?

Magnus Jørgensen

This is nice to know.
All the MS fanbois out there telling me that, Elop only did what the board had instructed, where wrong after all.
He acted on his own accord..
Sometimes even without informing the board.

And now we hear that Elop might cut away all the XBox and Bing fat, if he becomes CEO of MS. I wonder if he ever gets a position in that league again...

Interested to know

That talk of Elop possibly considering cutting anything is BS- just like how he talked about giving Android a fair shake at Nokia. This is just the same PR tactics again.

Elop seems like the perfect CEO to follow Ballmer. He's stupid, myopic and comfortable around train wrecks.

Earendil Star

Disinformation is being ramped up before Nokia's shareholders' meeting.

Also price is being driven up to appease shareholders. We'll see the real performance once the shareholders' meeting is over and it approves the sale (make no doubt about it).

Any allegation that THTRH Flop was not in agreement with the board is ludicrous.
If it were so, the Board would have fired him.

No, the Board had made its mind up BEFORE hiring THTRH Flop. Once the decision was made, two outcomes were considered:

1 - Plan A) Nokia adopts WP, and WP is successful (yeah, we know how that played out). Nokia may remain independent, but it is no longer in control of its future. Real profit goes to MS. Nokia limps along as a low margin, captive OEM to MS.

2 - Plan B) WP is such a (P)OS that its (unreasonable) choice as SOLE (P)OS leads to a Nokia crash. Eventually, MS gets up Nokia for peanuts, thanks to THTRH Flop. MS has bought some more time to try and attempt the rescue of the real burning platform: WP. Make no doubts about it: MS has the means to try, insist and possibly be successful in the attempt.

THTRH Flop was just a puppet. He is now reaping the benefits of executing was he was told to do (otherwise he would not have received the pay package he received from MS, nor gone back to MS, and be one of the lead candidates for the CEO post at MS).

Jorma is now trying to hide his responsibilities from what happened. But we know better.

As for THTRH Flop, I really wish him to become MS CEO. This would be a beneficial move for all.
Go Stephen, go.

Sander van der Wal

Selling Nokia's Symbian phones became *more* difficult. Which means that the phones sold badly, and the memo made things worse. It was not that the phones sold brilliantly and the memo sank them, or that the phones sold just below market average and ghe memo made that worse.

Then, apparently it is possible for Microsoft to plan 3 years ahead to get Nokia for a song, and at the same time it is impossible for Microsoft to plan ahead 3 years in advance to make everything else they do a complete success too.

This is very much a tinfoil hat argument. An entity is either brilliant, and all their devious and cunning plans execute to perfection, or they are fallible as the rest of us and the result of their actions is due to luck, preparation and errors.

You cannot say that Microsoft planned this all along and not explain why everything else they did failed completely.

And, you need to take into account the damage that Microsoft is suffering in mobile. For Microsoft to be able to buy Nokia for a song they had to manufacture the WP 7.5 disaster which resulted in them loosing two years in mobile. And which resulted in Apple and Samsung becoming how much richer? 50 Billion dollar? And being better entrenched to boot, the value of which is orders of magnitude higher.

Arbuing for a theory that has the bad guy deliberately loosing that kind of money compared to the competition is insanity.

Pekka Perkeles

Is this ever going to end?

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ashok pai

what is really rankling is that the finnish people have swallowed this heist with nary a word of dissidence. what have we come to ? nokia was a a sizeable chunk of finland's GDP. to lose its crown jewels so easily is a sorry state of affairs. this almost seems like the nation was robbed by a common thief from microsoft

ashok pai

@Magnus Jørgensen,
I wish he gets hired as the ceo of microsoft. they really deserve this idiot as their leader! imagine the ruin he could bring about in microsoft. we really need some good old revenge - it's best when served when its hot!


Thank you, Tomi, for picking up that vital detail in the burning-Nokia saga.

After all I was right too that its Elop himself only doing that. And yet I was wrong on his motivation. Not ego but a 25 million lust. Yet this isn't the main message attached. Ifs not about Elop since we are all aware of his damage mission and now also of his motivation. Its about the processes that made him allowing to execute this mission.

JO, the Nokia BOD. WTF? Elop "forgets" to "communicate"? Skips, no ignores, no powers off, the whole Nokia Board and is free, jobody stops him, in doing whatever he likes to do? How the heck was that possible? What was the reason the Nokia BOD lost efective any control, any power, wasn't able or willig to do its job when Elop joined?

Something smells. I repeat my take that every single member of the Nokia BOD was put on pressure to keep down, close eyes, let Elop do. May it be money they received or promisses to not leak there dirty secrets, collected via NSA, to the public. The Nokia BOD was nothing but a puppet-show during past years.


@Earendil Star

> If it were so, the Board would have fired him.

As it looks that was not possible. The spanking, as in change of some of Elop's stupid decisions, was only applied to mostly irrelevant parts. The main burnjng-strategy stayed intact and was successfully executed. From preventing Nokia to do anything else then WP, Android, to destroying all alternates left, Meego and later Meltimi. From moving away to the most successful Nokia markets, like China and Africa and South-america, to the least successful one, US. From the Skype to the Sales-channel boykot. From ongoing and increasing carrier-relationship damage to shifting from Nokia's device-competition to Microsoft's ecosystem war.

Smoke in the mirrors to suggest that the switch back to the old, before Elop, product-naming was a prof of Nokka BOD still working. No, the Nokia BOD stopped working when Elop joined. Why? That is the essential question.

> No, the Board had made its mind up BEFORE hiring THTRH Flop.

And then had to stick with that during all those years of hard and increasing downfall? Come on. What happened is that Nokia BOD lost control, was not able to do anything any longer. That happened before the memo, so much is clear. It may have happened before Elop's appointment even when stated otherwise by JO. That explains why...

> Once the decision was made, two outcomes were considered:

Those two options where the only options left for Nokia before the burning-Nokia memo happened. The decision was done, Elop executed, Nokia BOD was left to read-only whats going to happen.

> Jorma is now trying to hide his responsibilities from what happened

I question that he had any option to stop Elop's burning mission. I question the whole Nokia BOD had any responsibilities - as in ways to do otherwise, to adjust and change - left.


Thanks Tomi for translating that Finnish piece albeit it is a poor attempt to wash JO and his Nokia BOD. They were either clearly asleep on the job or purely incompetent as Elop flop continued to destroy a great company.

In my humble opinion, Elop flop is criminally responsible for destroying Nokia and JO, Risto and Nokia BOD were complicit or collaborators in those actions. There was no way one could have been aloof to what was happening even when viable projects (N9, Meego, Qt, etc) were thrown under the bus, factories were being shut down, sales channels destroyed and good people shown the door not in one quater but for 3 consecutive years. I can understand some persons may have been incompetent but all members of the board including two chairmen of Nokia ? There was indeed collusion and only some external investigators can get to the real root of Nokia's decline. The idea that Nokia's sale was settled over a cup of coffee between Risto and Ballmer, is someone's pure imagination.

Now regarding the future, somehow I do not see what other verdict investors can give than the writting on the wall. It is the bitter truth. I would urge the Finnish/European anti-monopoly authorities to reject this sale. The sale is only meant to give one monopoly (MSFT) a major share in handset business. The way this sale has been conducted smacks of monopolistic ways of destroying competition and acquring market share. It should not be allowed to go through.

It is also not in the interest of Nokia shareholders to sell the business at such a low price (similar price to what Telefonica is selling its Czech affiliate). Your business is worth a lot more that whats on the table.


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B a r o n 9 5

All is well that ends well.

The Nokia failed WP phone business gets shipped to Microsoft along with Elop. If Elop and WP are so bad, you guys will get your revenge, so cheer on. And Nokia has an extra $7B and the share price gets a 50% bump.

Under the terms of the sale Nokia can buy Jolla and launch Nokia branded smartphones again about 18 months after the early 2014 expected deal close date. And Meego/Sailfish/Nokia can kick Google/Android, Apple/iOS, and Microsoft/WindowsPhone ass and dominate the world.

So - why aren't you guys happy and cheering?

Nokia gets rid of Elop and WP, Nokia has the $7B to invest. Nokia re-launches Meego, who is being improved by Jolla.

Nokia takes over the mobile world again? Awesome right?

Except for the fact that you *know* that Microsoft and Elop will make Windows Phone a great third ecosystem and Jolla/Meego has no chance.

That is why you are upset?

ashok pai

@B a r o n 9 5
"Nokia takes over the mobile world again"
that's a stretch, even if you were *sarcaustic*
could have been done now than later! it's like throwing away the baby with the bath water and say we could make a few anyways.


@Baron95, with this deal, MSFT is getting away with anything in the company we know today as Nokia: just name it - Elop has sold off most Nokia properties, and I would not be far from the truth to say part of the money to pay for Nokia comes from those proceeds. MSFT is taking everything, including feature phones, Nokia brand on phones, All employees, kadre even HR department (whole sale). What Nokia built over decades, entire departments, sales channels, all gone in one stroke of a pen.

Flop was not stupid, an argument that has been pushed by some to excuse his plunder of Nokia. He was sent on a mission with a handsome bonus of 25 million (partly paid for by Nokia) to top it up. This bonus defended clamsily by Nokia chairman, and you say, Nokia BOD were not partners to the crime ?

Ok, why doesnt MSFT take their THTRH Flop for CEO, Nokia can sell them Lumia range at market rates but leave rest of Nokia to find its own destiny ? The gains in kind for the Lumia range are a major achievement for MSFT that has had little success in this area. Nokia on the other hand should close this dark chapter and review future strategy inline with current market.



Yes, Microsoft is taking everything - even the feature phones.
Think about that last part for a minute or so - even the feature phones! - a part of the Nokia operation they have no interest in whatsoever because it won't help them keep WP afloat.
Can't you just imagine that Nokia themselves know that this is a dying business that will take immense costs to wind down?
So why did MS buy it? The only answer imaginable is that they couldn't get the parts they wanted without it. So much for a one sided deal.

Let's face it: Nokia's mobile business is a loss making operation. Microsoft needs it, though, because without it they'd be out of mobile. It has been also shown time and again that it was an inflexible monster. If Nokia really wants to continue in mobile, it's better to start fresh. The stuff they just sold won't help them get back up again.

And whether Microsoft can make it a success remains to be seen. Microsoft has the money, yes, but since so much depends on the Nokia brand it may easily crash and burn since MS is a highly unpopular brand.


1) I believe Elop was fired from Nokia's CEO position and the 25 million dollars is a severance payment.

2) And Nokia cannot get better price for its smartphone business until the Windows Phone exclusivity contract with Microsoft ends. It is very likely that Nokia will have to pay Microsoft a lot of money to break it prematurely.

BTW The HS article reminds me about some ADHD people that I have met and that are very difficult to control.


@RottenApple, Can you imagine that those "dumb" feature phones made a profit this last quater ? Please note that they are the only Nokia phones with a keypad which for most people in developing world who need a basic phone, dual SIM and mobile money (very popular in Africa) it is enough. It has been argued here that there is a market for Querty keypad equiped phones and Nokia has made very good ones. MSFT has seen that leaving this part of the business behind might just give Nokia a lifeline and Flops mission would remain incomplete. The deal shows clearly that MSFT has no wish to see Nokia resurgence. Even though MSFT does not need this part of the business, they wish to make sure Nokia has little chance of a comeback in handset business. See how smaller handset makers have struggled. And Brand is everything in this business just ask HTC, Sony, HP, or even MSFT.. It is a hard market for unknown brands. There was a very good article in HS by a fomer Nokian who set up Benefon.

I therefore do not think starting a fresh is as easy as it sounds. The key personnel experience, skills and teams developed in 3 decades cannot be replaced overnight especially when there is such limited cash and all properties sold at throw away prices - even Nokia HQs is now rented. Makes me conclude that there was systematic and deliberate action to destroy Nokia by CEO Flop. The Nokia Chairman and Executive board have been either incompetent or working in collusion with Flop.

MSFT will start to downsize, fire emplyees as soon as the business has moved over to their side. It will be theirs and there is no reason to keep extra weight that "add no value". It may not succeed but it is the one and only chance MSFT has in the smartphone wars. So they will stickout for the long term even if it means buring cash for now. Nokia on the other hand has not that time. Nokia needs fortunes to reverse Now.. This deal had to be but why agree to such conditions and allow MSFT take everything ?

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