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August 27, 2013



You know what could be funny Tomi? It could be funny if sailfish os becomes the third ecosystem in one quarter. I.e. if sailfish os outsells WP in one quarter and thereby totally undermines the credibility of the worst CEO ever.

Giacomo Di Giacomo

"On the surface, Elop seems like an excellent candidate to run Microsoft."
Pun intended?


Some media outlets suggest that the new Microsoft CEO would best come from one of their big enterprise customers. They compare this with former IBM boss Lou Gerstner, who came from American Express and knew which of IBM's products were strong, which ones needed improvement and which ones were beyond hope.

If Microsoft were smart, they would hire someone from the large PC makers, maybe even a current or former CEO. The relationship between OEMs and Microsoft turned sour after the launch of Surface, and this badly needs fixing.


@Sheila: It would not happen...

Nokia sold 7+ mio Lumias last quarter and Q4 is naturally the strongest one - so, expect more. Not to mention vast majority of that Lumias are dirt cheap L520 and first Sailfish phone will cost ~300$...


@Tomi: "Anssi Vanjoki would be a perfect candidate for that job" - life certainly has some sense of humor but that would be too much... ;-)

Failing in the race for being Nokia CEO - god know for what reason - and the being a M$ CEO - wow... ;-)

He could move Microsof HQ to Helsinki! :-D

Paul Ionescu

@Tomi: "Anssi Vanjoki would be a perfect candidate for that job"

Does one really think seriously that Microsoft would have the courage to hire someone who has been so long at Nokia after Microsoft damaged Nokia so badly? Really?

I guess that Microsoft would not even consider this because they would be afraid that there would be some hidden grudges/agenda to damage Microsoft as a payback!


I wonder if Gates has the insight to change the staff stack ranking system at MS and fire some of the people who instituted it, besides Ballmer. It seems to be the number one complaint of MS employees by far, and it has apparently driven out hordes of talent. Gates seems to be quite aloof about these sorts of issues. He's famous for yelling at employees himself.


I suspect that the next CEO maybe Bill Gates again. It will be hard finding someone who could pull the troops together, has a handle on the diverse nature of the business and wouldn't have a steep learning curve in the business. There would also be a certain amount of ego involved.




How about the come-back of Steven Sinofsky? :)

joe belfiore


I see that Joe Belfiore name is also mention a lot in the web as he's one of the mastermind behind the metro interface. with your statement that bill will chosse anti balmer i think you also mean that JOE BELFIORE is not a candidate. right?

joe belfiore

@paul lonescu

only apple has the guts to hire someone who hate apple so much after they fired him and let that man turn apple upside down



Is Microsoft Connection really ruining NSN/Nokia chance in China?


Nokia paid Microsoft 2.5 billion in licenses for those few million phones they sold. Yes, 2.5 billion was sunk in trying to buy market share for WP, but it was Nokia's money. Microsoft was able to get a *competitor* to destroy themselves trying to prop up WP. It didn't work and was a huge opportunity loss, but that's not the same as a real money loss (at least not for Microsoft). The WP fiasco is a disaster but it's Nokia's disaster. Microsoft (especially Ballmer and Elop) probably laugh about the whole thing.

Buy 4% market share using Nokia's money, don't put much effort into working on the OS, kill the former 3rd ecosystem -- seems like a success.


Wow.. that was fast...


The Guardian also mentions Elop has a high chance. But then, they also write " He (Elop) has intimate knowledge of the mobile market that is key to Microsoft's future..."

Yeah, right!


Sure, Elop's name will come up in any speculation. But as always I got the feeling with the US press (tech and financial) that they are idiots and just write this stuff for the sake of writing this stuff.

I have to agree with anybody saying that if they want Elop they wouldn't have gotten rid of Ballmer in the first place.


@Tester: "they wouldn't have gotten rid of Ballmer in the first place" - how can they get Elop then?

If not as CEO then head of Microsoft mobile division - oh, wait, that would have been Nokia's Smart Phone bussiness line. But that ship has gone(?)...

So, who knows, maybe Elop will be chosen. Or not...

The interesting question who will lead Nokia if Elop goes back to M$? Would Nokia continue WP exclusivity or would it widen its portfolio?

Those questions are far more interesting to me...


Anssi Vanjoki??? please.. he signed the deathknell for nokia while being at the helm... confused Smartphone strategies in 3 years.. first S3, then S4, then Maemo, then Meego.. nothing worked well....


At those saying it would be funny if sailfish outsells wp within a quater: that's not really realistic, since the numbers they plan to produce is not even close to 1 % of the world market share. They don't target those markets.

For Elop - I don't give him much chance to become CEO of Microsoft as well, and I don't give him much of a chance to survive a lot longer at Nokia because one day the board will wake up and blame him for all he did.

It was not essentially a bad thing that they actually did provide windows phone, but the "burning platform" memo and communication that all their technology will be abdoned in forseeable future is the WORST damn mistake a CEO could ever make. You do that the "silent" way, introduce a new phone, look how it goes, and slowly provide less or start to provide no phones with the old ecosystem without announcing it, when nobody buys the "old stuff" anymore you declare it dead.

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