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January 10, 2013


Jonathan Macdonald

I'm so honoured to be the first to comment on this brilliant piece. Tomi - this is excellent work and a great synopsis....Well done buddy :)

Rod Banner

I suffer my way through so many articles on engagement that teach me nothing and provoke a sense of mild irritation.
This isn't one of them.
Good job.
I will buy the book and give you a Tweetup immediately.


Fascinating read but it kind of leaves the most important question raised but unanswered: how effective is it?

At first glance it looks like this article is all about amazing efficiency of Engagement Marketing. But that's not really true.

@Tomi: Yes, if 10,000 girls saw that one blouse advertized by Zara in this week's issue, then 4,500 blouses were sold directly from that ad!

This phrase has an amazing "wow factor" but it does not say us anything about efficiency!

Think spam. Yes, this low, despised and awful spam. With redemption rate at about 0.0005% (yes, you need to send about 200'000 mails to get a single response). But to send 1'000'000 mails you need to spend $1-$10 (depends on many factors, but that's typical price). This means that you get one response you need to spend just $0.1-$1.0!!! Are you sure these messages seen by 10'000 girls will be cheaper?

Now, spam has serious flaw: one out of 200'000 will actually call you, but few more will actively hate you and will ignore you in the future. Other "more respectable" ads have no such flaws - but again, to compare these 2% CRT of Adwords with 46% redemption rate of Engagement Marketing we need to know how much these Engagement Marketing advertisement cost and conversation ratio for Adwords!

Note that article itself hints to the fact that it's NOT cheap:

Girlswalker ad rates have skyrocketed and today an ad in the current issue costs more than an ad on television in prime time in Japan. And how is this possible? Each issue has only a few ad slots and they are auctioned to the highest bidder, of course...

That's Ok: it's obvious that 100 more effective tool with has them same price will be "too good to be true", but... we still don't know how effective this Engagement Marketing is in reality.

P.S. And final note. It's funny: I've already seen this 30% number once. That was CRT on Google's Adwords and Overture (now part of Yahoo!) decade ago when they already had millions of users but only hundreds of advertisers. It'll be interesting to see what'll happen with Engagement Marketing when number of advertisers will go from hundreds and thousands to millions (yes, number of advertisers on Google and Yahoo! today is measured in millions).

Agustin Calvo

This is a masterpiece on the edge of marketing evolution.
Communities are at the center and brands will become platforms providing experiences for them.
Superb description on what CMO's should be setting as their priority including the gathering, management and use of digital data.
This is a masterclass for next generation Marketing Leaders despite the fact that it will be criticized and ignored by many current C-Levels who would prefer that things were as before mobile and communities...
As Theodore Roosevelt pointed out: "it is not the critic who counts"


Before Canada gets a 100% mobile phone penetration, providers have to lower rates (much more expensive than in Europe) and offer better services (come on, long-distance and paid incoming calls, limited data, that used to be okay in the mid 90s, but not now).

And as I see here, many people don't feel the need to be reached any time (or just hate phones)

Henry Sinn


It's been a long time between media posts...

Fantastic and detailed article that still tickles the imagination regarding opt-in and getting / seeing / engaging in what we all WANT [sounds familiar doesn't it?]

As I've said to you on a number of occasions: "Why are we all still searching"?

I can't wait for a world of "My Interests" and related offers, available, any-time, any-where on any-device.

More please..

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Jonathan, Rob, khim

Jonathan - thanks, I am always a bit nervous writing about a specific industry sector that isn't my speciality, worrying I get the fundamentals wrong haha..

Rob - thanks! Very encouraging words, thanks!

khim - I hear the skeptisism in your tone haha. You probably missed the number that 2,600 engagement marketing campaigns were run by Blyk in the UK in just one year, that sustained a 29% response rate on average. Thats no longer the pilot project or experiment. But you make a good point, lets see when its one million campaigns, are we still above 20%. I say the response rates edge upwards, not downwards, so seems to be the lessons as the industry learns to be very open and honest with consumers and the consumers learn to really share with the brands..

Finally on CRT and engagement - please don't equate click-through with response rate. Click-throughs are often manipulated and result in unwanted clicks. Response rates are genuine answers by consumers, so they are 'more valuable' than just measuring click-through rates. But yeah, we've seen promises of 30% before, I remember, I was there literally at the start of internet advertising (I personally placed one of the world's first ads onto the internet and was crucified for it at the time for polluting the purity of the internet haha, this was early in my career when employed by the first ISP of New York City and the East Coast of the USA)

Thank you all, please keep the responses coming, I'll post more comments soon

Tomi Ahonen :-)

Get rid of Stephen Elop now

If/when Nokia releases an Android phone a.k.a go with Plan B, I hope the Nokia board grow some balls and fire Stephen Elop first, lest he gets all the credit for a 'turnaround'.

Elop has had more than enough time (2 years) since announcing the 'strategic partnership' with Microsoft/Windows. If things still do not become better after that much time and money invested, perhaps he is not a very competent CEO. Or, contrary to the Microsoft shills, few people genuinely want a Windows phone. Or both.

And it's not just the lacklustre market share. Look at the number of talented, experienced people who left Nokia.... only to be replaced by more Microsoft stooges and sycophants. They either left due to disillusionment, or were retrenched during one of the many 'cost-cutting restructuring' so Mr Elop's performance can look better on his quarterly report card. This brain drain will kill Nokia faster than poor sales.

And sure, Nokia can continue to make Windows phones. Just like Samsung or HTC or Huawei. But please do not make Windows phones the focal point of your product portfolio. That is foolish.



Thank you for sharing this with us.


AR invites people to want to participate. A French website, DirectOptic, has added AR based virtual trials to selling their sunglasses and eyeglasses, to enormous gains. The visitors to the website who use the AR feature have a 41% higher conversion rate than visitors who do not.


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