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December 24, 2012



Being distant third doesn't make one the "third ecosystem," and certainly wasn't what Nokia or Microsoft were aiming at. Besides, not getting up to third would've been impossible for Nokia in the EU with *any* platform, but it isn't going to save the company.

newbie reader

// Apple achieved over 50% market share (53%) for the first time EVER

Even if Kantar preliminary numbers are true, this is not 50% marketshare.

Apple products have typical peaks after new releases.
Some of these peaks sum /quaterly/ up to double of their real marketshare,

Given Apple current US Marketshare at about 33%,
it is quite possible for iPhone5 release peak to reach 50%

However, this fact differs substantially even froms claiming 50% US marketshare, not to say about real/=world/ Marketshare, the only one that really matter.

newbie reader

// In the canary in the mine, ... US market

There is no data that supports claim that US market is "canary of the mine".

Neither US Market is typical market, nor does it serve as future trend indicator.

WallStreet BULL-shit producing "analysts" need some "good news" for companies like Apple. They use local US market data, and lagging impressions of its past glory, as a source of such bullish news.

Conversely, opposite thing is true.
US Market is a ***very specific market and not typical market for Apple.*** It is somewhat similar to, what Japan market is, for the likes of Panasonic/

1. The key thing is, in US Market, Apple is allowed to do all this "subsidy" game, essentially resulting in carriers /not buyers/ paying some of their income to Apple.

No other country would allow this kind of profit sucking for US company from their carriers, at that big scale.

2. US market is also very non-typically rich market, as it is a market of major reserve-currency printing nation.

3. Also, US is major Apple patent-trolling stronghold, with products from other companies /samsung/ banned, and others bullied /recent case of huawei and ZTE/

These kind of Apple business practices are clearly pretty much limited to US, making US market very, very far from anything like "canary in the mine".


A comment on the Symbian sales going up despite the non-existent marketing and push from Nokia. It's like Symbian is a competitor to Nokia LOL! It wouldn't surprise me if Elop saw it that way.

We are all happy about the release of 808PW with 41mpix wonder from Carl-Zeiss. Got mine last month and couldn't be happier.


Desoeration shows. Clearly, MS shareholders get out the champaigne. 5% new sales with old people. In some markets, rich markets, were young people spend money. A new monopoly is on the horizon.

And you are gaming your blocking. How desperate can you get as a troll.


Why Windows Software was and is a failure. 2 funny and interesting rants

Why Windows Phone suck - in this case WP 7 but MS didn't make major changes so many will still be relevant:

and why the Zune suck - which is a central software piece for Windows Phone 7 and 8

B a r o n 9 5

Everything going according to plan and the 2010 prediction.

Apple - dominating the well to do, credit worth, credit-card backed iTunes users that actually use the devices and consume paid apps and content.

Android for the low margin, hordes that can's pay plus a chunk of the "I want to revolt against the Cupertino dominance" crowd.

RIM, Symbian, Bada, Meego cratering or still born.

Microsoft+OEMs pouring money on it to try to get a thrid thing going, with at best niche success.


@B a r o n 9 5
You have been a commenter for so long, but it seems you don't ever bother to read what Tomi writes. Of course not the US, but instead Japan is where the new technologies emerge, this was posted in many articles. Though a shift to China can be observed now.

Nokia was never very successful in US, actually their total market share remained quite stable over the years (in low single digits).



>> You have been a commenter for so long, but it seems you don't ever bother to read what Tomi writes.

You have to understand. That's not his goal. His only objective is obviously to hammer into people's heads that Android is for losers and anyone self-respecting buys Apple and nothing else.

I think it's quite obvius that he's merely a paid shill.


@tomi "including pulling the HTC 8C from many markets and not launching its large screen Windows Phone smartphone."

Rumor has it, that WP still has resolution requirements that disallows phone makers to compete on the market. Maybe HTC really wanted to try the market but they were helpless since Ballmer said no-no.

"HTC has given up on producing a large-screen Windows Phone-based smartphone, Bloomberg reports citing a source familiar with the project. The reasoning behind this decision lies in Windows Phone 8's maximum allowed screen resolution: 1280x720 pixels. "


I'm surprised about the high number of Symbian sales as the Nokia has no new models left. It is only 808 PureView and that's it and a bunch of older Symbian models which shouldn't be manufactured anymore.

What is obvious is that the OS from Jolla is dead on arrival. Despite it will good, Jolla simply have the capacity to leverage the OS. Meego was the last chance of Nokia and there will be no more room for any further Linux derivative now. We have a bunch of them already, Bada, Firefox OS, Meego, Tizen. All of these have minimal market share and the only successful Linux based OS is Android. In practice we have four players now, from biggest to smallest, Android, iOS, BB10 and Windows Phone. After these 4 there will be minimal room of other players. Even Windows Phone will be small compared to the other 3. There will be a fierce fight between BB10 and Windows Phone which BB10 will win. Android will no 1 by a great margin while iOS will not move by any greater means in market share.


@ Bokkelman, Ballmer said the same thing some two years ago too, how WP7 was gonna be a game changer in the mobile world, how it was gonna capture 15% of the market, yada yada yada. It has not happened. Judging by the WP7 record of capturing a measly 2% market share, it is difficult to believe that all of sudeen WP8 will turn the tables around.


Looking at the chart in absolute numbers, WP grew 0.91% to 0.95%. WP world domination just around the corner. LOL



Similar blind optimism has been shown by numerous people just in the comments of this blog for almost two years, yet nothing has come out of it. Nokia will be popular in Finland until it's demise, but that won't save the company.


A new crop of shills. Recognize the optimistic outlook with a complete lack of reasobs for optimism:
- Who are the target markets?
- Why would they prefer WP8?
- What actually is the competition?
- What makes WP8 price/performance superior?

We can spell these out for iOS, Android, BB, bada, etc. But how about WP8 or Lumia.

Yes they are expensive, yes they are cluncky, yes they have less apps, yes there are soft/hardware problems, yes they are not available.


How does WP manage to raise its marketshare in some isolated countries, like Italy?

Actually quite simple: They are tossing out all their unwanted phones at bargain basement prices in one single country to get some good news that way.

Who cares that these customers are not the most desirable (most likely non-tech-knowledgeable ones) and that such an operation comes at a collossal financial loss? Regardless, such marketing efforts are not sustainable long term. Even someone like Microsoft has to pull the plug eventually.

newbie reader

// Lumia 920 is the most advanced smartphone now

Let's check your Lumia 920.

1. Screen: 720p screen

SGS3 had it half-a-year ago, in mobile industry it is rather "old as hell", or "industry-average", and most advanced now is 1080p.

2. CPU:S4 MSM8960 2-core 1.5 Ghz Krait

Check this page

to see where this MSM8960 CPU stands.
It stands in older "S4 Plus" family, while "S4 Pro" family and "S4 Prime" families are most advanced S4 CPUs. Most advanced Krait CPU now are 4-core APQ8064 /hidden smile here/ And also Kraits are now in fact yielding to new A7/A15 family CPUs.

3. RAM: 1Gb.
"most advanced" now have 2Gb. /see e.g. recent ZTE Nubia announce and all others/

4. Flash: 32Gb, no SD card.

Most top models have 64gb, 6month-old SGS3 has 32Gb+64Gb.SDcard=96Gb flash. /and how much of these 32Gb Lumia flash are really free from W8/

Four failed points of four.
As we see, that stupid MS Troll could not even read some simple Wiki pages, and yet he talks trash, like "if your knowledge is so low, I doesn't make a difference to spell the basics for you".

All he can read aloud, is that MS Slogan, "most innovative phone".

Most "innovative" and shameless promo campaign, that's what it really is.



>>Lumia 920 is the most advanced smartphone now, many reviews say the same.

Yeah, sure. Most likely those reviews that got 'sponsored' by the Microsoft Mafia.

>>And it's selling very well.

LOL! Proof, please!

>>It is quite an expensive phone and you won't find it for a bargain basement price.

... and according to statistic it makes up a measly 3% of all WP sales. Which is kind of odd, considering that even for Android the high end Galaxy S3 is the most popular device.

Conclusion: High end customers do not buy Windows Phone.

>>And it got a deal with worlds biggest operator, China Mobile. Something that Apple and iPhone couldn't do.

Let's talk again in a few months when we know how little effect such a deal has.
Exclusivity does not equal success.

>>Times are changing.. You guys just don't know what you are talking.

Yes, times are changing, indeed. For the first time in 3 decades we see Microsoft not being able to shove their product down the customers' throats.

>>You will see, Nokia smartphones will bounce back in 2013 as profitable business. Then you will know what you were told.

Dream on! There's no numbers to find anywhere that may hint at such a scenario. Nokia would have to move 10x as many phones as they sell right now and on top of that need to find customers who actually WANT their stuff, not those who buy it because it's cheap.
I think before that happens a delayed Mayan apocalypse may appear, the likelihood of that is higher.

The writing is clearly on the wall, that NO ONE WANTS A WINDOWS PHONE, and that the only 'successes' in the market are heavily sponsored and discounted promotions that generate significant loss.


You know what:

It all doesn't matter!

First, many of these so-called 'reviewers' have to be positive, no matter what, about anything Microsoft.

Second, it all doesn't help. The market has already spoken: It doesn't want Windows Phone! It wants Android and iOS.
So, put up 2 phones with the same specs, one running on Android, the other on WP8, the Android device will win by default.
And the Lumia can't even compete with Samsung on much more basic terms: It's too clunky and too heavy.

Last but not least: IT DOESN'T SELL! Statistics have clearly proven that even among WP devices it's a minor player.

So say what you want, if people really wanted to own this thing the numbers would tell so. But if you look at the sales charts of large retailers like Amazon the Lumias rank at the bottom of the pack. Which clearly tells us: It's not a success, people do not want it, the reason they don't want it is Windows Phone. Specs are irrelevant in such a situation. Reviews are also irrelevant. As soon as the review mentions Windows Phone the rest has no meaning. People are not that dumb to voluntarily buy stuff from the same company that has screwed them over with Windows countless times over the years. Not when they have an alternative.

newbie reader

A selection of paid and rather clueless reviews.
And examples to see, what fake user comment feeds looks like.

As for Woz, it was just his sidewalk comments on WP 7.5 Mango.
It didn't help much to WP 7.5

BTW, I forgot one other important spec, weight/thinness/battery.
(battery is here, because two other specs in fact make no sense without batt. spec)

Lumia 920
185g, 107mm, 2000Mah, non-removable

133g, 86mm, 2100Mah, removable

iPhone 5,
112g, 76mm, no manufacturer data

As we see, Lumia is ***rather bulky phone*** with a bit lower battery capacity than SGS3. And I suppose, that WP8 is most power-hungry OS of the three, given its W7 heritage.

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