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December 07, 2012



There's really no need to argue with Baron95.

It's quite obvious that he's paid for his one sided opinion.

Just too bad that this opinion is not supported by today's data anymore. Last year, yes it was, but now?

Sorry, no. Even the analysts see problems on the horizon, why else has the stock taken a nosedive recently?

So again: Last year Apple had the value segment of the market all by themselves which guaranteed them a position high above the top of the foodchain.

Right now, even in the high end segment, Apple is merely an 'also-ran'. Samsung and others have more than competetive products now, with even more desirable devices (1080p) coming very soon.

The only thing keeping Apple's revenue stream working right now is the headstart they got on the app store.

But you know what? Even that is disappearing right now!

Since I work in development I have noticed the change in attitude over the last 2 years.

2 years ago it was 'Android, sure, if it ain't much work, yes we'd take it'.

Last year it was 'We need Android but iOS comes first'

Now it is: 'We need iOS and Android at the same time.

And daring to extrapolate from here, who knows maybe eventually it turns into 'Android first, iOS second'.
Seeing that the current development has come quicker than anyone expected, I wouldn't rule it out completely - and the stock market seems to agree with such expectations.

The current Apple stock price developments show that investors are not so sure about Apple's continued revenue stream anymore.


Are you planning to comment on Elop's latest interview with CNet?

newbie reader

>>> If Android and Apple offerings were both free, which one do you think customers would want? >>>

Only if I am to choose between *some average Android device,* and iPhone 5, then iPhone.

However, if you say *any* phone for free, right now I would definitely go for some 1080p device. Right now these are HTC, Sharp and Oppo. These are too fresh to own, however: a more conservative and reliable choice, then SGS3.

So, best decision is to wait a bit, and to get SGS4 next year.
King of the hill in 2013 will be SGS4, no doubt with that.

It would be a way better than iPhone, unevitably. That is, the gap between Galaxy and iPhone would grow further.


>>King of the hill in 2013 will be SGS4, no doubt with that.

>>It would be a way better than iPhone, unevitably. That is, the gap between Galaxy and iPhone would grow further.

If the rumored specs found at this will indeed be the must-have phone next year.

The really important question is, how will Apple react? The only way they can compete is to throw every design philosopy they employed in the past overboard.

It's quite clear that another phone with a 4'' screen and less than HD-ready resolution is not going to do it for another year.

Their next phone needs to be different from the current iPhone line in some way because at some point people no longer want to buy more of the same if the old device still works.



I also curios, what would apple react.
The iphone 5 is a proof that their 3.5" (3:4) & 4" (16:9) screen is loosing to the competitor.
Would they increase their phone size to 4.5"? 5"? 5.5"?

I was wondering if they come out with bigger screen would they lost the status of being elite (elite = always right/innovative?)? or it would make their sales number stronger?

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David Hartley

I don't think Microsoft will fade away anytime soon. Unfortunately. Because of the licensing deals they have done withe various phone makers ( HTC, etc) where MS get paid for every Android phone. Android's success adds to their bottom line.

How Ndroid

A small wave of Android tablets is coming to market, giving users a better mobile web experience than smartphones can offer without adding the heft of a notebook.Android Mobile


I am not sure what has been declared as the overall dominant winner: Google and/or Android. (The title of the blog talks only about Android)

And, what comes after Android? And when? There have been to many fairly fundamental changes in a short time to believe that a dominance in the e-world will last very long (e.g. > 10 years).


The author assumes people use their cheap android phones for more than calling, text messaging and playing angry birds. I'm not sure that's a safe assumption.


Even MS Windows 8 were loosing to Chromebook

"We all know now that Windows 8 sales have been.... disappointing. You can blame the hardware. You can blame Windows 8's mixed-up interfaces. You can blame the rise of tablets and smartphones. Whatever. The bottom line is Windows 8 PC and laptop sales have been slow. So, what, according to Amazon, in this winter of Windows 8 discontent has been the best selling laptop? It's Samsung's ARM-powered, Linux-based Chromebook."

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