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November 30, 2012




Does Nokia's Lumia smartphone range in China not include Symbian devices? In which case, it is likely just the Symbian devices that are selling?

At any rate, I personally do not trust those numbers. We will soon see the real numbers at the end of the quarter, and I expect to see WP China numbers as low as ever. This same story has hit us before for WP7 and turned out to be a fabrication - it is exceedingly likely that it is a fabrication this time again.


@Winter & Tester

OK. So do I read you right that we have now

a. killed the argument that Elop's statement is not "bullshit at the batshit-crazy level" and
b. we have killed the argument NO ONE WANTS...

Because over 20 Million in China only is something, isn't it? Not a lot yet, but something.

And is it so now that we end the volume- and market share discussions and start to focus on profitability? ;-)

What about CUC's announcement then?

Do we have Skype in China? Is operator boycott valid in there as well? I guess not - otherwise CUC would never get into anything like this. Or what?



1) That article you linked has an incorrect figure - It lists Android as 72%. This is completely false - Android is at over 90% in China currently.

2) The article lists WP marketshare at "less than 3%". This figure appears to come from these charts here -

Unfortunately, this is not WP marketshare - WP has yet to acquire any marketshare in China. This is still Windows Mobile sitting at 2.4%.

Actual sales figures appear to be as follows: "Barely 100,000 of the Nokia 920 model were sold in China, which now is the largest Smartphone market in the world"


Not again. :(

I don't really know who is more pathetic: Nokia for trying to do this again or the financial markets for falling for this again - or people like CN who seem to blindly believe everything as long as it furthers their argument?

I think we can expand Duke's catchphrase to NOT EVEN THE CHINESE WANT A WINDOWS PHONE! :D




Regarding the "partnership" of Microsoft and China Unicom - this is an identical partnership to those Microsoft had with AT&T and others. Since you cannot seem to translate the business speak correctly, what this says is that Microsoft has paid China Unicom a large amount of marketing money to launch their devices. As in USA and other markets, the expected outcome is for China Unicom to pocket the money, then turn customers away when they come to stores and request the devices (the very few that do). Tomi has documented this exact event a number of times now, and it appears to occur exactly because of the operator boycott.

Also - this partnership as stated is exceedingly bad for Nokia. The launch partner is not Nokia - it is HTC. HTC will be receiving any possible benefit from this, leaving Nokia to try and market their own devices outside of this deal. If that isn't terrible for Nokia, I don't know what is.


OK. Thanks for all. It's clear now that China is another failure for WP and Nokia. I asked for opinion and boy, I got loads of them.

First you sign a deal with China Telecom and that is bad since it's only China Telecom and there's nothing with CMCC. Then you get CMCC and again, it's nothing.

But what I don't understand that how come do those articles I'm reading have wrong information and the ones you give me have the right data...

Tester: what makes you think I believe in something?

Tomi T Ahonen

To all in this thread

The new blog is now up, Android won, Window lost. What does it mean... Long blog, very detailed, you will probably enjoy reading, I will enjoy reading your comments there too.

Tomi Ahonen :-)

John Waclawsky

I also spent 5 weeks in China recently and I didn't see anyone carrying a windows phone. Here is one small data point. I went downtown one Saturday at a huge mall with a massive collection of electronics stores and there was an entire floor dedicated to phones (easily multiple thousands of them) and in this sea of phones in one area was a small Nokia display, about 8' x 8' with some older symbian phones but mostly feature phones and a few windows phones. I watched for a bit then wandered off and returned several time to see what was being sold. All I saw were sales people interacting with customers mainly using the feature phones. There didn't seem to be any interest in any Nokia products beyond that. I didn't see one windows phone sale or even a sales person pick a windows phone. They were behind the glass and hadn't been moved. Lots of activity and sales of apple and android phones (you could haggle the prices too). They even had what appeared to be an iPhone loaded with Android :-) I asked about the popularity of windows phone a few times during my visit and the answers generally revolved around they don't like windows. My report of what I saw in China, take it or leave it.



The month BB10 launches, I expect it to have more marketshare than WP8.
Nobody wants a Windows Phone! It's not launching and appearing in Western markets. It's flat-lining and is DBA (dead before arrival).


Microsoft is releasing the first update for Windows Phone 8, Codename Portico - for the HTC 8X. No date has been announced for a Nokia release.

Dear Nokia, Fuck you! Microsoft.


Android ≠ Google


Quite frankly one of the stupidest, most insipid opinion pieces I've ever read. The asshat who wrote it should be kicked in his face.

Did the twat who wrote this just fall off of a turnip truck? Nokia was bleeding money and market share two years before Elop was ever hired and long before Windows Phone was ever even announced. Elop and Windows Phone aren't the cause of Nokia's problems, they are the result of it.

As for Android, if it was such a savior then why is ever Android OEM, with the exception of Samsung, struggling and bleeding money. Motorola, HTC, Sony, and ever other Android OEM is failing with Android.

As for Tomi, he's a self-promoting twat who is partially responsible for running Nokia into the ground. The fact that he thinks Linux and Meego will save Nokia is laughable. They're a large reason why Nokia was in deep shit to begin with.


"Uhm, actually no (check Gartner numbers). Android was able to overtake Symbian only in Q1 2011... thanks to the helping hand of THT Elop.

You want to spread lies? We'll uncover each and every one of them on this blog.

Go and spread you misinformation and FUD somewhere else."

You're a clueless swine. Nokia was falling off of a cliff and being killed by the competition two years before Windows Phone even came into the picture you dumbass. You're the lying twat.


Wow, if it makes you feel any better, I just purchased a new Windows 8 Nokia phone and decided to put Android to rest. I LOVE this phone and it has gotten so many positive reviews. I spoke to a few people in the mobile phone industry and this thing is selling off the shelves at a high rate. So your write up in my opinion is a FAIL and it's clear you are not a Windows supporter. Windows is making a huge turn around and is gaining market share once again. I suggest you go actually try the phone out and give it a test run before bashing it into the ground.

V-pills Kullanım Şekli

Hey, What is the most positive opinion about nokia righ now..


And the most stupid thing is that here in Denmark the corrupt media is praising the Lumia like hallelujah and we all know it's just paid article's I mean how can be a MSFT bullshit phone be flawless?

Shit is all I can say to that bullshit :-)


>> And the most stupid thing is that here in Denmark the corrupt media is praising the Lumia like hallelujah and we all know it's just paid article's I mean how can be a MSFT bullshit phone be flawless?

What's new here?

In Germany it isn't any better and most of the printed press seems to be under firm Microsoft control. It's hard to find any bad word about them in there.

Buying these things is a waste of good money, not unlike buying the MS products they 'advertise'.


ROTFLMAO! One of the very executives who was driving Nokia in the ground, continues to write BS about Nokia and Elop. Congratulations on your continual self-promotion Tomi. The funny thing is you're almost always wrong.


"Uhm, actually no (check Gartner numbers). Android was able to overtake Symbian only in Q1 2011... thanks to the helping hand of THT Elop.

You want to spread lies? We'll uncover each and every one of them on this blog.

Go and spread you misinformation and FUD somewhere else."

You're the only one spreading lies you stupid twat. Symbian and Meego were both garbage, and largely responsible for driving Nokia into the ground, along with idiots like Tomi Ahonen. Elop and WP are not the cause of Nokia's problems, they were the result of them.

Do everyone a favor and shut up.


Why Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 will fail - ie "will never become the promised third ecosystem" - Ahahahahahahahahahahah. Proved you wrong. Now go hide in a cave.

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