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September 12, 2012


Reinhard Haberfellner

The judgement here must be taken from a users view and not from tech gadget freaks , and from that view the whole story of iPhone 5 is just great . Usability first , in terms of with of the phone ( one hand usage) , battery life , easiness of use ( new connector ) , speed ( LTE , CPU , Graphics abilities judged together with battery life ) , integration with FB and Twitter ( look at the official video !) just outperforms other phones , thats why it will sell like hot cakes. Looking forward to see the navi in action in Europe , could be very dangerous for third party navigation apps.

Leading Analyst

Strong brand is a buffer that allows a failure in development. Apple just used the buffer - this device is 2 years old at the date of birth. Strong brand will carry it over Xmas, but after that...the cliff?


Yes, iPhone5 will sell like hot cakes.
It's very thin, made of glass and aluminum, great sensible improvements overall.
If you hold it in your hand, you WILL want to have it. It's available now!


People may be disappointed of the no-revolution at today's Apple's keynote, but Apple's strategy actually makes sense :

- improvements little by little is the best way to limit risks, keeping success. See Porsche for example, which improves its 911 little by little, and is still a best-seller even decades after the first model (that's also the leitmotiv of the whole aircraft industry : Airbus, Boeing, Mig, Sukhoi...)

- Apple will sell more Iphone 5 than Samsung and Nokia will sell WP8 because :
* it's available now (next week actually)
* it will be available for all markets (Chinese, Arabic, etc.) as there is no "regionalization" of the soft
* they don't get their current customers upset, as iOS6 is available for older devices... this way they keep their user's trust, and the latter will certainly replace their iPhone with a newer one, now or much later (it doesn't matter when if it's an iPhone)


#apple 5 not impressive at all. Late to the show and dependent on Brand. Watch this space. Enter Nokia Lumia with Windows!


Yes Iphone 5 will sell like hot cakes mainly because of users like Reinhard Haberfellner. They just see everything what apple makes as perfect.
How I see Iphone 5 = it's just old fashioned. First of all 4" screen is pathetic. All competitors have 4,5 to 4,8" and some have 5+ inches screens. 4" was two or three years ago. Who really cares if it's a bit thinner and lighter, who really cares does your phone waight +-15 grams, nobody! But does people care wheter the screen is 4" or 4,8"(S3) Absolutely! That really affects how you can use your phone.
Of course there are some improvements but nothing super cool. I could never justify myself to buy this phone with that price it will have in Europe.


A6 processor is twice as A5 chip?! VOW! - And iPhone has ever been a slow one...


Bigger isn't always better when it comes to screens. I've used a Galaxy S3. It is too big. A 5" screen (such as on the Galaxy Note) is downright ridiculous. I can see Apple making the screen a little wider at some point in the future, but they aren't going to be making a "phablet" any time soon, if ever. There's no need to.


Maybe Apple doesn't invest too much on its iPhone to prepare the after-smartphone era, in 5-6 years...


Has everyone already forgotten the RAZR?

Small, thin, and light has always been highly valued by phone owners; back then, it was mainly balanced with battery life. Today, in the smartphone age, it also is balanced with display size.

I doubt Apple will make future iPhone display's any bigger (unless the average person's hands start getting bigger). Apple's priority is easy one-handed use (as they said at the intro and on the promo video).


With this iPhone5 announce we can see that the mobile phone company is now defunct (this will mostly be small OEMs making dumbphones) most of the other players are at the mercy of either Android or Microsoft. The companies that will do well are the ones which offer competitive services. Hardware won't matter much and will become saturated (similar to the PC market).


i think its not gotta sell that much

specs are very.. 2011, its not a innovating phone.

there not a single feature that make it stand out off the rest.

and samsung lg, htc, even nokia have better phones.

its not bad, but it have no reason to pick it up unless u are locked to apple ecosystem

Leading Analyst

Several mobile phone vendors have collapsed due to lack of innovation, and profiting on their old concepts for too long. With Apple the situation is a bit different and a lot better due to the ecosystem - one who has purchased Apple compatible gear or apps is less likely to make the switch.

It is most interesting to see how click whores (like Tomi) react on this launch. For Nokia it seems nothing is enough at launch. Apple is now testing with how little they can get away with.

The competition has now excellent opportunity to stretch even further ahead of iP5 in terms of innovation and technology. Lets see how they use the given 12 months.

Troed Sångberg

"Neat trick, kind of Apple-ish."

Thanks ;)


Well, the new IPhone is disappointing, to say the least. As a developer, although I'm a Linux and MeeGo Fan, I'm much more excited about the prospects of Nokia an WP8.
I've been diving into Win Metro lately, and I think Microsoft got something there. Combine that with Nokia's services (maps, etc.), I think they might have a winning combination after all.


Yes, we had a panorama software even on Nokia N90. But, it was unstable pain in the ass (it's slightly better now) when you have to follow the frames and move carefully as you're told to by your phone. I can be wrong, but it seems that Apple iPanorama is much more smoother and user friendly. (Well, I can be wrong here. It's only first impression).

Moto RAZR is thin, yes, you can even shave with it. But it's flat and huge in your hand. It's not one-hand-use-friendly as the phone should be.

If your needs is close to 5" screen, may be it's better to consider a tablet?



If you are going to astroturf at least work with your template a little more to spice things up. Must have seen your comment with exactly the same talking points in exactly the same order on at least half a dozen websites now.

One gets a definite impression that MS + Nokia marketing head hunted the best and the brightest from the (former) Iraqi Ministry of Information.


Panorama delivers 28MP pics. Wow! 28 MP! Wait a second...most of the smartphones out there have panoramic apps and it works simply by smartly merging photos across the panorama. Let's see 7MP (the approx. output at 16:9 format) x 4 = 28MP. Wow...that's true innovation. Just don't tell my primary school math teacher!

I do wonder if the large install base of current IPhone 4S owners will jump at a chance to upgrade. For me, the changes are very incremental.


The details are what the iPhone 5 gets right. It has the first Cortex A15 processor, which is faster and more power efficient than the Cortex A9 designs out there right now. From what I've read the screen is gorgeous and the most striking feature is how light this phone is given that it bests the 4S in just about every way. Apple will sell a lot of these. As far as the smartphone market, I think we've hit a plateau until something really radical, like foldable screens, are viable on a mass scale. What will the Galaxy SIV bring besides a faster processor, perhaps better battery life, and maybe some minor cosmetic changes? Likely not much that a casual user will actually notice.

What's interesting is how favorably a lot of "tech geeks" are seeing the Lumia 920. Tomi's comments notwithstanding, I think the Lumia 920 was impressive from a hardware standpoint. It needs to be, since Nokia is fighting for survival. If it were running Android 4.1, it would sell like hotcakes. But it isn't. That's its biggest problem.


Microsoft does a better job of panoramas with their Photosynth application and it's available for Windows Phone AND iPhone!

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